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Monday, 24 December 2012

Spurs Missing Link

They spend more on parking fines
than they do on wages.
The JimmyG2 Column
 Relief all round then. We didn't lose, we kept a clean sheet, no limbs were broken and we all got out alive. What more can you ask for against one of the top defensive teams in the whole of Europe, apparently. They have patented and 'refined' their own brand of football in the Premiership and we don't currently have clever enough players to break it down.

If you can't play the game properly yourselves then the answer is to stop the other team playing by fair means or foul. Stoke incline to the latter tactic. But it's been a common problem at Spurs for a while; dominating play and not creating enough chances or failing to take them when we do.

And so it was on Saturday. In the end we gave up trying to find our way through and resorted to shooting from range: badly. Bergovitch was only inconvenienced once by a deflected shot from Bale and then an injury time header by Siggy from a cross by Sandro that almost snatched the points. The keeper did very well to get down to and scoop it away.

Sigurdsson nearly made the points safe against Everton with a shot that hit the bar and might be worth a try behind Adebayor now that Defoe has lost his scoring touch. Otherwise it all went to plan, Stoke's plan unfortunately and Pulis went away the happier man. If watching that sort of thing every week can make you a happy man.

Dembele played well bringing the ball out of midfield but we need a Van Der Vaart figure further forward who can exploit gaps between the lines. At the moment the missing link unless Dembele can play further forward. Adebayor might be better employed closer to the goal no matter how skillful he is down the left channel. Otherwise our play is a little cumbersome and the build up at times too slow.

Sandro's touch and passing were clumsy and too many moves broke down under little pressure. AVB's choice of Dawson and Caulker worked well and Dawson even when he didn't win the headers denied Jones the space to bring the ball down, turn and run into space.

 Crazy Kyle nearly put us one down in the first minute with a ridiculous cross field ball that found Kenwyne Jones on the edge of the area but he put his shot well over the bar to everyone's relief.

In the second half they gave up any intention of trying to score and Lloris was pretty much a spectator. Eventually we gave up too and apart from a couple of poorly directed headers by Bale and Adebayor we hardly threatened. Lennon and Bale's flame flickered and finally expired and I would liked to have seen Townsend given a run on 70 minutes.

So, a poor game, poorly refereed, poorly responded to by the White Hart Lane faithful by all accounts and not even a goal to stand, applaud or cheer for. With Chelsea, Arsenal, West Brom and Everton all winning the field is bunching on 30 points in the competition for top four as we approach the half way stage.

Away to Aston Villa on Boxing Day we need to take advantage of their post Chelsea depression to secure the points. Speculation is rife that they want to banish all memories of their defeat by taking the game to Spurs and erasing the memory of Stamford Bridge.

This will suit us more than if they attempt to park the bus, a manoeuvre that their defence will struggle with in any case, and I confidently predict a Tottenham win. Adabeyor, Sigurdsson and Townsend to start.
Spurs 2-0.

Jimmy's Video spot:
Not Spurs related but a Xmas treat. 10 minutes of football genius. All Messi's 91 goals this year. Cheeky bid in the January window perhaps? It's either sign Lionel or build half a new stadium?
Tough choice.


who framed ruel fox? said...

Fine read, Jimmy, as per.

Wishing you a prosperous and happy festive period.

JimmyG2 said...

Tthankyou. Prosperous I doubt, happy almost certainly. All the best to you and your blog.

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