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Monday, 21 January 2013

Levy and AVB at odds over signings.

 Manchester Pensioner alleges 'robbery in the snow'
 on Tottenham High Road.
'A Very Sad Case' say police.
The Jimmy G2 Column
 ' Who are ya? Who are ya? Can we play you every week?' Gloaty and triumphalist? Moi? Surely not. Well I would have been if our possession and chances had been converted as they surely would have been if we had a striker of class rather than an hit and miss opportunist whose skills don't quite match his focused dedication to his own statistics.

 One goal in seven from the main man is just not good enough. Fortunately our colonial back up man having spurned decent earlier chances scored in 'Fergy Time' to bring some element of justice to a game which we certainly dominated with anything from 52% (BBC ) to 63% (SKY) possession and 18 shots to 4 on target.

De Gea was responsible for several saves with various bits of his body and for the weak punch to Benny's cross which set up the late equaliser. When the opposition's keeper and their centre halves are their key players and they score from their only chance it's not hard to work out that we deserved at least a point.

Four out of six points from the league leaders and probable Champions is by any calculation a more than decent haul. AVB argued that we drew confidence and strength from the earlier victory at Old Trafford and it is highly likely that we will do the same from this performance for the next crucial 15 (edit) games.

Lennon deservedly got an assist for the equaliser as he had been a threat all game. Now on an injury free run he is playing with more confidence and enjoying playing in Bale's reputational shadow.

 If Bale is double and triple marked as he was on Sunday then there is clearly more space elsewhere. The Urban Spaceman as Lennon is known here at the 'Musings' made hay while the snow fell.

 Sticking pins in the Lennon voodoo doll is clearly not working Patrice. Send it back and just accept the recurring nightmare of Aaron speeding past you. Dembele played increasingly well and set up Dempsey for a couple of chances. Defoe ' ran around a bit' without much success and could be said to be the only poor performer.

Walker lost van Persie for the goal and Lloris beaten at his near post might have done better. Walker seemed to realise the danger of the Cleverley ball to the far post but couldn't think what to do about it. Apart from that I don't remember Hugo making a save apart from a couple of dashes to the edge of the area, probably  more to keep warm than anything else.

Vertonghen was ill but tweeted congratulations to the lads for their performance and so Caulker played alongside Dawson and both gave what we used to call 'stalwart' performances. Probably 'well good' in today's argot but I stand to be corrected on that. Against the League's leading goalscorers this was a very good defensive showing.

Behind for an hour we played better and better. And with Dawson and Parker on the field heads are not likely to drop. Sandro will be missed but not too much if Scotty stays fit. Benny clearly in need of more match tuning made a late appearance for Kyle Naughton who was reliable without being positively good and who has yet to form a creative relationship with Gareth.

We got away with a possible/ probable penalty shout when Caulker tangled legs with Rooney but even on MOTD the experts were divided after several hundred slow motion viewings. 'I've seen them given' as they say.

We deserved a draw at least whatever the Manchester Grump may say about the evident bias of the anti Man. Utd linesman who apparently has form. But then who doesn't in the wonderful world of 'futball' according to Sir Alex. This was a case of a carefully planned raid rather than a smash and grab. If we had scored earlier we could well have won it.

 Let's hope that he enjoyed a relaxing glass of Portuguese 'Quinto da Romaniero Reserva Douro' (£42.50 inc.VAT) after the match with wine buff Andre. Both men may have been well happy with the draw in the end. Rio Ferdinand admitted as much in after match interviews

Spurs are ensuring that this vintage is available at the new Sainsbury's on site. It's cheaper by the case Mr. Boas Villas. Get plenty in for future celebrations.

All in all a satisfactory afternoon's work after the heroic efforts of the ground staff. Unbeaten in 7 in the league; 1 defeat in 11, a visible gap between us and Everton and now a breather, until we face Norwich at the end of the month. Just Leeds in the cup before then. No visiting your old haunts until after the game Aaron.

Transfer guesswork/insider ITK.
Just vague outlines on the horizon just yet, the usual definite possibilities. Got a spare five minutes and an envelope? I'm sure you could make your own credible list.

 Do we need them? Time will tell but you  could say that Spurs have made the case recently for sticking with what we have. After all Adebayor will be back in a month, hopefully a new man in the absence of an actual new man. We fans live in hope but it's not our money after all. It just feels like it.

It would certainly suit Daniel but there are mutterings that it might be causing a rift with AVB especially after the Moutinho fiasco in the summer. He is still AVB's main target along with Leandro but Levy sees little prospect of signing them in this window. Relationships are tetchy by all accounts with just 10 days to go.
The scheme to bring in Holtby early for a couple of million to bolster the midfield after Sandro's injury seems to have foundered. That particular deal was never likely to appeal to Daniel anyway. Two million for four months? I think not.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
3 minutes of homage to our widemen. Blink and you'll miss 'em. Very fast and even faster. Proper Spurs they are. One slightly overated and one definitely underated.


Anonymous said...

I still feel that although Walker was slightly at fault, Dawson was in fact the main offender. Watch from 30 secs before, our defence was all over the place and one back into something seeming like shape, we switched off to the fact that Walker had 2 to mark at the back post. Walker could have done better, but you cant expect him to deal with 2, especially of that quality.

Anonymous said...

Nice article. Well written. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Walker didn't lose anyone, RVP was always Dawson's man but he just stood around looking gormless marking no one.

Sid said...

Old red nose may be a great manager and his record speaks for itself but he is a poor excuse for a human being.

Seth Kahn said...

If Walker weren't consistently making those kinds of mistakes, I'd be a lot more inclined to forgive him for this one. But once or twice every game he's losing concentration and against elite players, those will cost dearly.

JimmyG2 said...

Ist Anon.
Just watched it again and you are absolutely not wrong. We've got two marking nobody and Walker marking two.
Good move by Utd. though.

There's a lot of them about.

Seth Kahn.
Yes, when in doubt blame Kyle Walker. I'm afraid I succumbed to that tendency.

Anonymous said...

i thought we had only 15 games left!

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 20;11

You are correct. duly edited. Thanks.

clint o said...

we murdered you,strawberry konk.

Anonymous said...

what are you basing the "rift" ITK crap off of? the "Spurs community" forums by any chance?

ITK's My arse....Doesn't take an ITK to guess that IF a manager wants a player and there is resistance then there would be tension. the key is IF, AVB has been saying all window it is unlikely we bring in anyone, we are not looking to buy just for the sake of buying, its hard to believe that Levy & AVB would not be on the same page so early in their partnership.

The Moutinho deal fell apart not because of the 24 mill but the 3rd party ownership that wasn't disclosed until the last minute.

ITK's My arse

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 22:16.
Is that ITK about the Moutinho deal or guesswork? Why hasn't this deal been sown up then by now if it was just four minutes from completion in the Summer.
'3rd party ownership not disclosed until the last minute' my arse and yours as well.
ITK is just gossip and different sources contradict not only others but themselves as well.
My attitude to it is clear but rumours of tension are all over the internet forums including Spurs Community and as you say could be guessed by any interested Spurs fan.
This is ablog not a legal deposition.
My guess is as good as yours and vica versa

BartSpur said...

As a long time Spurs fan it was wonderful watching our boys totally outplay MU. Spurs dominated the possession, had far more shots on goal & were the better side. As AVB rightly said, we DESERVED to win.
Now I wait to see this form translated into the rest of the season & we'll definately be in the top 4. COYS!

Anonymous said...

i thought naughton lost his position choosing to dash into the centre instead of going to the ball and staying in the left back position. Cleverly had too much time on the cross and parker was the one to close. naughton should have stayed left back then he doesnt allow the cross.

Anonymous said...

My God. How much space has been given by the media to Ferguson being peeved when a decision did not go his way. I thought Sky was going to have a love-in to compensate. Oh yes they finally did ask AVB for his thoughts.

I feel sorry for Fat Sam who last week was deprived of a clear penalty as the Hammers lost to Man utd but he barely got a murmur of support and a rap from the FA when he complained. Clearly not all cats are equal!

The bitter truth was that Utd were lucky to get a point ---look at the stats---and the so called penalty claim was 50-50 at best. I thought Caulker played the ball first then RoOney seemed to fall over with his arms in the air to appeal..

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, Villas-Boas is the one who is upset as Levy is NOT keeping his word on investing upon players that Andre feels are essential to further the team. We all know about levy's brinkmanship(maybe he has a horrow or premature ejaculation) but just once he should actually do what he has promised as that wa sHOW he roped in Villas-Boas, by making a promise.

Anonymous said...

Walker didn't know they were there till too late - he got caught ball-watching. It's a fault he has but I expect he'll cut it out in time. Both he and Ekotto switch off once or twice a game and occasionally it costs us. But I love watching the pair of them.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

Good stuff as ever Jimmy.

My first thought was that Lloris may have done better with the goal, due to it being near post and maybe he could, but I ultimately decided it was a fantastic header, so much power generated with so little back(head lift), so absolve him of blame.

I haven't always been a big fan, but we are lucky to have someone as good as Parker to come in for Sandro. I like Livermore and Hudd too and am fine going ahead with these fellas. I'd like another forward, but then I'm not overly enthused on a consistent basis with our first choices anyhow.

Disco Benny was shocking on coming on, bless him, though he did provide the pivotal cross, with some help from De Gea, Vidic and Caulker.

Lennon super again and Dawson too.

One up top and one off at the apex of the midfield five works best and Dempsey was and often is a real goal threat (more than Defoe or likely Ade are when playing two up) imo, throughout even if he lacks the creativity of Van der Vaart.

WHL was in ferment at the end, it was lovely.

IKnowAlanGilzean said...

I also felt the two centre halves a little more culpable than Walker, though Man Utd switched the play and players well in the move, while Naughton didn't do enough to stop the cross. But, all told, Van Persie is brilliant and he's going to get away at least once in a game. Otherwise Daws and Caulker did excellently.

Anonymous said...

No they are not. AVB is quite happy. You read to many newspapers.

JimmyG2 said...

Anon 04:38
That's more or less how I read it from various sources.
On 'premature ejaculation' I bow to your clearly superior psycho-sexual expertise.

Anon 09:30
Walker will improve with experience but I can't see Benny changing now.

I thought we'd agreed not to mention Van Der Vaart again. Doh!
Upsets me just thinking of us letting him go.
Is the Lane coming back to life again? Sounded like it.

Anonymous said...

Think RVP is Dawson's man really, though Walker could have done better. The real culprit however to my mind was Bale, how much time did Cleverly get to cross the ball while he was not bothering to even attempt track back? His workrate compared to Lennon is becoming a joke.

Anonymous said...

One sided media is of course saying Manchester dropped two points, De Gea was brilliant and they should have had a penalty. Translating that all into English, WE dropped two points due to some very poor finishing, De Gea got lucky (bad finishing and some rebounds off his feet), and if that was a penatly, then Defoe being hauled down by Ferdinand and Vidic blocking Dawson a la American football means we should have had two! Also, how did Evra stay on the pitch - should have been sebt off for the second 'professional' foul on Lennon after being booked earlier. Agree with most of the comments about their goal though - no-one trying to block Cleverley's cross and no-one assigned to mark the ex-scum. Is his secret to figure out where the edges of each marking zone are and wait there? For me, you man mark someone like him and to hell with zonal marking.

Anonymous said...

Walker losing the ball to Mata,passing across his own defence,turning his back to the ball and jumping into the air not knowing where the ball was for United's goal,clueless doesn't even come close to describing him.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the results spurs just announced, it might explain why levy is reluctant to spend big.. We need a bigger stadium and champions league consistently

Anonymous said...

What ever way you slice and dice it, it was a great result against a side I've been long convinced that we can't possibly buy a result against over the years....

Truly proud of the team, and very pleased for AvB more so...his celebration of the goal is really endearing and I think he is starting to get the appreciation he fully deserves. So many have, especially the media, have been hideously negative towards him given the circumstances.

Yes the Financials, while not too bad (some Clubs would love to have our numbers...), does suggest that DL will be very reluctant to spend big in this window. I agree he won't be teased out of a few Mil to bring in Holtby early unless there is some real sweetners in there.

This is a damn shame as I really think Holtby would give us great options and cover for any further midfield injuries and help break down those "park the Bus" teams that come to the Lane which we struggle with presently.

All in all though, the real test is whether we melt down like the last two seasons. If we don't and we seal 4th (nay, lest I dream of 3rd !) then AvB will have achieved a minor miracle all things considered.

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