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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Not Quite the Old, Old story.

 Depend on it.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Well at least our unbeaten run came to an end at the hands of a top team in the top competition and not on a wet Tuesday night at Wigan as they say. Doesn't help the way I feel but makes it easier to find some positives.

We stormed our way out of the Group of Death and fell at the hands of Italian Royalty and European Elite in the shape of Juventus. The first 8 mins over there and 3 minutes on the hour over here sealed our fate.

Pochettino is getting stick for not responding quickly enough to Allegri's changes and Chiellini is digging up the old lack of mental strength line: twisting the knife somewhat unnecessarily.

If he means  that we don't do body-checking, fouling, trampling stamping and shirt pulling and that means mental strength then so be it. A little naivety in defense and sloppiness in attack are the real reasons.

They had 3 shots on goal and scored twice we had 6 shots on goal and scored once. Says most of it for me. We stood toe to toe, played well and went down tiring but fighting against one of the best teams in Europe.

Allegri is hugely experienced at this level, they are one of European elite now and historically. They have veterans used to this level of intensity and some gifted young players..

We are on a steep learning curve and will come again next year. We took them on and over two legs, but for some poor finishing could have won easily.

'Forza mentale, il mio culo'  which is 'mental strength, my arse' in Italian. The relief of Buffon and Chielline during the last 15 minute siege tells the real story. Harry's late header beat them both and Lamela too on the rebound off the post.

They have lost two recent Champions' League finals so the finger pointing at us is a deflection exercise from their own mental strength frailties and says more about them than it says about us.

Danny Blanchflower used to say we were going to equalise before they score. In a sense that's what Managers have to do. They needed two goals after Son scored the opener with a real mis-hit bobbler.

They had to come out and we were naive to maintain such a high line against their pace for so long. It was inevitable that under pressure individual mistakes would happen and I'm not inclined to point the finger at individuals in defence.

If Kane had scored a relatively easy chance when he rounded Buffon and hit the side netting, or if Son, Dele, Dier or Eriksen had connected cleanly with good opportunities we would have been away and clear.

We got lucky with the Vertonghen penalty decision and Son's goal was fortunate but they scored two quality goals in among some awful tactical fouling some of which was brutal rather than just technical and in the end there was not a lot in it.

Dele was targeted, Son was lucky to emerge in one piece and Harry danced intimately all night with Chiellini who was named MOM. His positioning honed over many seasons is good but he is not my idea of a gifted footballer.

I am immensely proud of our performances in the Champions' League and of our progress under Pochettino building a team the right way and playing in the right spirit

.'Forza mentale, il mio culo'.

It is hard following such a defeat to balance disappointment with positivity but this is the new Spurs, a bit like the old Spurs admittedly at times but not so much lately. The old story is being re-written.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
We're not playing until Sunday so there's plenty of time to play this six hrs of soothing music and restful pictures. Chill my fellow fans,chill. Six hours. I'm really spoiling you.


Anonymous said...

All too true, we really lost the game in the first half when we failed to take at least two more chances. Never mind, just hope we have a good day at the seaside on Sunday. Cheers COYS

Michael Hosking said...

I totally agree with you. After lasts years performances in the Champions League we have moved on a long way. We have eventually lost to a team that were a bit more savvy then us in this situation but not overeral better then us. We will learn from this and be better the next time around>

Ashley Collie said...

Well said, so much malarky and rats jumping ship, out there. Then again, rats not wanted. il mio culo!

JimmyG2 said...

Thanks all.
Feeling a bit better now. Writing the blog helps.
'Forza mentale, il mio culo'.
should feature on the tiles at the new stadium.

Little Boxy Bird said...

Against quality opposition Trips and Davies are a tad questionable in defence in a back 4. Their frailties are less exposed in a back 3, and that's what I would have liked to have seen in the second half. A touch of what we did to Dortmund and Real in the early rounds at Wembley. Alas, it was a good run anyway.

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