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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Spurs plans go seriously wrong.

The Sea-food Platter won.

The JimmyG2 Column.
Away for a long weekend in Galicia, Cornwall on turbo charge, everything was carefully planned to enable me to slip back to the hotel and watch the game after a late lunch in a seafood restaurant just up the coast.

At kick off time I was precisely 30 kilometers away only half way through the first course of hot Mussels and furtively following the game on the phone. A practice I've never had to resort to before and which I don't recommend.

The facts coldly relayed were that we seemed very lucky to be only a goal down after the first half-hour. Then Harry got injured, exact prognosis still unknown as I write and we recovered before half-time to be level at 1-1.

The restrained fist pump caught friends and relatives by surprise and I had to come clean. Friends were amused and understood: family certainly did not. I gave up plans to make a dash back to the hotel at half time.

The gastronomic mariscan delights of Galicia would have to suffice over the International servings of  Son and Dele Alli with a side dish of Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela.

By the time the two huge seafood platters arrived we were 2-1 up courtesy of the deadly duo Dele and Son. A goal for Son and a goal and an assist for Dele and some Langoustines and clams for me.

I'd given up hope of getting back in time to see anything live, the boys were going to have to do it all on their own. And they did. A late breakaway goal by Son and an even later header by Aurier with an assist by fellow full back Trippier via Bergovic.

Four goals from a goal down.  This eventful afternoon  raises a few questions. Firstly should I follow the remaining Spurs game by phone to ensure success, or can I watch as long as I do so with a plate of seafood in front of me?

Secondly how can such a quiet Southern seaside town full of retired folk inflict so many injuries on our boys; Danny Rose, Harry and Dele all went off injured. We are still waiting on updates.

As far as the game went the first course served up was definitely not to out liking and it took us half an hour to shake off the ill effects and regain our appetite. After that we swallowed them whole like oysters.

Our heads were dropping into the soup until Kane's injury forced us to look again at the menu. Bournemouth had the pick of the canapes and hors d'ouevres but the main course prepared by Christian was too much for them to digest.

In the after-match interview Eddie Howe thought they played well for 80 minutes, like us against Juventus in each of the two legs you might say, but 4-1 sounded pretty decisive, even on a phone.

The victory takes us up to third above Liverpool the only team in the top nine to lose. Son is on a roll with 7 goals in his last four games. Dele despite all the criticism he gets has more goals and assists than Eriksen overall.

Injury Update.
Rose (cramp) Available for Saturday.
Dele (groin)  Possibly available for Saturday.
Kane (ankle) Too swollen to scan at the moment. Weeks, months, season, anybodies guess at the moment. And there are plenty guessing.

JimmyG2 rule of thumb(ankle)
Normally twice as long as first serious estimate less two weeks in Harry's case for his determination and application.

For the Record: (Courtesy of the Official Site)

''Our last loss was at Manchester City on 16 December last year and since then, we've won nine and drawn three matches.

We came from behind on Sunday to make it four wins on the trot in the Premier League.
Our best unbeaten run in the Premier League era is 14 matches between 16 August and 13 December, 2015. (two to go)

In the top flight, our best unbeaten run is 20 matches in the old Division One between 21 January and 29 August, 1967''.

Time and games to spare boys; Chelsea and Man. City notwithstanding.

Jimmy's Video spot.

For your benefit and mine all the goals. They had chances  and 4-1 probably flatters us a little after a poor start. But the proof of the pudding is in the result. Bon appetit or 'approveche as they say in Spain.


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