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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Tottenham all at sea..

Football? What football?
The Jimmy G2 Column.
Shall I bedazzle you with the positives about Dele and Son's first  goals of the new decade and explain how the return of Hugo and scoring twice despite not keeping a clean sheet are all good and bright omens for the future?

Or shall I just  highlight Giovanni Lo Celso's performance, a light-house in an ocean of dross, and leave it at that? We struggled at home in our wonderful 1 billion stadium to one of the doomed bottom feeders of the league, Norwich.

But we won and 3 points trumps everything doesn't it? Aurier wasn't bad either. The travails of United, Arsenal and even Chelsea give us good cover to whistle in the dark and pretend that it's all going swimmingly.

But it's not is it? The Mourinho effect is lurking somewhere and we are up to 6th. and have cut back the distance to Chelsea in 4th place to six points. I'm nearly convincing myself here but it's the football stupid.

The Mourinho dividend hasn't quite kicked in and we are floundering. Jan is going down for the 3rd. time;  Son has mislocated his water wings; Dele is doing fancy tricks from the high board but has to be rescued from the pool.

Lucas Moura is more drowned rat than centre forward; Lamela hasn't quite made it to the deep end yet. Winks had just got half way to his team-saving badges and then went under again..

Lo Celso realised that he was drowning, not waving, and arrived with the lifebelt just in time. All the best bits of the game involved Giovanni.

We have a pool of talent but it's not exactly synchronised swimming. Jose is struggling with the after effects of the Mauricio tsunami and it's two strokes forward two strokes back at best. We are fighting just to keep our heads above water.

Sessengnon is not a left back, shades of Bale, and suddenly remembered last night that he forgotten his swimming trunks. Dier belly flopped again. New additions to Mourinho's 'family' look promising but have yet to complete their proficiency badges.

All waters look choppy at the moment and whether we sink or swim; have a gala season; spend life in the fast lane or end up swimming against the tide and clinging to some piece wreckage is currently not clear.

My guess is that with other teams beginning to run out of oxygen and our situation improving we will make the Europa this year. In any case it would be much too expensive to send Jose to swim with the fishes just yet.

Many rumours about strikers are floating around from Llorente to Brazilian striker Willian Jose  and  Cavani but we could do worse than sign Pukki after we give Troy Parrott at least a couple of practice lengths.

Would you believe it (New feature)
Dele Alli's opener for Spurs was their first Premier League goal from open play since he netted against Brighton on Boxing Day; six hours and 55 minutes of game later. (BBC)

A vacancy has occured in the Musings back office for a Happy Clapper while Jimmy takes a sabbatical from this role for a short period expected to be about two months or possibly longer.

Next Up.
FA Cup 4th. Round: Away to Southampton next Saturday, 25 January at 3pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Just 2 minutes 14 seconds which is probably more than enough. Dele and Son coming up for air for the first time this year. They're not the Messiahs but Son at least is a very lucky boy.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Tottenham Very Close..

Worth another look Jose.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Talk of clear-outs and rebuilds grow as the season trundles on and there is no signs yet of a major Mourinho dividend. Fears increase that we will hover just outside the European places for the duration.

That would suit some people: a clear run at the Cup and League without distractions. A sort of Tottenham Mini Brexit but it wouldn't suit the suits. It would seriously dent our income and of course our prestige.

So the financial chatter continues and one way out is to sell sell sell and then perhaps buy. Eriksen is already going for a song probably but attention now turns to Dele, Dier, Moura, Winks, Rose, Vertonghen, Lamela and any other leftovers from the Pochettino era.

Except Harry of course who  would solve all our financial problems at a stroke but at what cost to effectiveness and morale.

That lot might raise 150 million or thereabouts and with the new signings settling in (Lo Celso, Ndombele and Fernandes) and another youth, Tanganga, found down the back of the Academy rest room sofa we might have the basis of a spree  and a rebuild.

Skipp and Parrott too are still hiding in plain sight and with one or two youngsters out on loan catching the eye especially Jack Clarke (see video) at Leeds (now QPR) the clear-out too is taking shape before our very eyes. 

Even the new cuddly Mourinho will have problems being patient under Levy. who doesn't do sprees or rebuilds. Remember the disappointing aftermath of the Bale money 'investment'? The so called Magnificent Seven'. Daniel certainly does.

Of these only Eriksen remains and Lamela. We've certainly had our money's worth from Christian even if he goes on a free in the Summer. Some went on to success elsewhere  (Paulinho)  and some still hover around (Capoue)

Liverpool sold Coutinho to finance their re-investment programme  but who currently do we have that we won't sorely miss who would raise such money. For most fans currently that would be Dele but the form/class equation comes to mind.

Anyway this is all brought to a head by yet another non- win, our fourth in a row, against Watford who not so long ago, pre Nigel Pearson, were one of the  Premiership punch-bags. They are unbeaten in five and we sadly are not.

Jose said we were unlucky not to win I judge that we were just as lucky not to lose. We had a Lamela scrambled effort effort kicked off the line, millimetres from victory and Gazzaniga saved a poor penalty by Deeney.

 How close? This close.

We played some enterprising football occasionally but Son and Moura contributed little. Lamela and Lo Celso had their moments and Dele was more involved this week and mightily pissed to be subbed for Eriksen on 73 minutes.

We were borderline average for much of the game without him but he's off so we have to get used to it and plan accordingly.

The defence kept a clean sheet which is worth recording in itself. Tanganga popped up at left back  and though on a yellow from early on stood up well to the speedy Sarr though he was occasionally  roasted. Winks had another useful game.

Aurier on the other flank had one of his better games and because no-one else really shone was arguably our best player which shows how poor we were overall. The Belgians stood firm against Deeney and Jan was unfortunate to concede the penalty. 

We failed to score for the third time running for the first time since well before Harry Windsor met Meghan Markle and it was our first 0-0 draw for 93 Premiership games. 

We have failed to score in four winless games out of six without Harry Kane who medics predict is  out for the rest of the season. Fortunately Doctors' prognoses are not always correct and my second opinion is that he will be back for the end of the season.

Our second substitution was newcomer Gedson Fernandes, excused the normally compulsory six month conditioning and integration process, for a ten minute cameo and the signs were promising.
Using only two subs seems to be increasingly a Mourinho thing. He could have flung on Oliver Skipp for 5 minutes as he once again sat out the game.

I liked Mauricio and the 'Project', buying them young and keeping faith with our own. It was rewarding in terms of progress and achievement and deeply satisfying to one who hates shopping.

Build it: don't buy it. I have never felt so involved with the team since the Glory, Glory days as I did whilst the 'Project' progressed.

More importantly it worked. OK it fizzled out in the end but there is no reason why under Mourinho we can't start again but from a higher level than before. Have a very close look at what we have before we discard them prematurely.

Next up.
Premiership: Home to bottom of the league Norwich City  on Wednesday 22nd at 7.30 pm.

FA Cup 4th. Round: Away to Southampton on Sat. 25th at 3pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
This boy can dribble, pass and chew gum all at the same time and he's definitely ours. Might be the answer to some of our prayers. 5 minutes of future hope. If they're good enough they're old enough.


Thursday, 16 January 2020

Spurs Manager. Yet Another Family Affair.

Happiness is a Clean Sheet.
There's only two in the airing cupboard this season so far.
The JimmyG2 Column
Argentina: land of the Tango and Evita Peron; Osvaldo Ardiles, Ricardo Villa, Mauricio Pochettino, Eric Lamela; Juan Foyth; Paolo Gazzaniga, Giovanni Lo Celso and not forgetting Mauricio Tarrico George Graham's first signing.

Rosario in Argentina was the birthplace of Che Guevara, Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and our very own Lo Celso so big things are expected of the boy now that he seems to have settled.

Our latest Argentinian is well on the way to joining this illustrious band, given enough time, with his second Spurs goal within  two minutes of the start of our cup replay against Middlesborough.

He seized on a poor poor pass out by Borough keeper Mejias beat a couple of opponents and one of his team-mates, Lucas Moura, to side-foot home and send us on our way to the 4th. round against Southampton.

We went 2-0 up when Eric Lamela, who was not born in Rosario, added a fine individual goal on 15 minutes and we dominated proceedings thereafter, despite the press trying to talk up a  Middlesborough comeback.

It was but a poor thing; a goal on 83 minutes which Gazzaniga could only push into the corner of the net from late substitute Saville to sully and despoil once again our clean sheet record.

But it was neither sustained nor really threatening as I repeatedly told myself for the remaining 7 minutes

By then we should have been out of sight and half way to Buenos Aires, several players failing to score when well placed: Tanganga who played well again, Dier, Moura and Sessengnon all pleading guilty to a charge of ' dereliction of goalscoring duty'.

The Argentinian hit squad were well up for this and followed up their Liverpool performances with some quality football as well as the crucial goals.

Sanchez gave us a few nervy moments early on and Gazzaniga made a couple of good stops and several clean catches and interceptions but it was not an even contest. Eriksen, Moura, Lo Celso and Lamela played some excellent football.

They were well well supported down the flanks especially by Tanganga; Sessengnon was a little more tentative but clearly has the skills to make an effective contribution soon.

Harry Winks was busy in midfield and none of Jan Vertonghen's weaknesses were exposed. Dele's five minute cameo is best forgotten. He ignored two chances and Lamela when the goal gaped.

Dier was like one of those kids' 'bump and go' vehicles that change direction when it hits something. He trundled about somewhat aimlessly occasionally intersecting with the ball or more often an opponent.

Eriksen started again. Why? When asked if Tanganga had signed a new contract Jose said why would he be playing him if he had not. Apparently this does not apply to Eriksen. Why ever not Jose? It's not as if he's playing that well consistently.

Rumours persist that Inter have offered a 4yr. contract and a fee of 7/8 million. Levy is said to be thinking in terms of double that so who knows. He is neither use nor ornament in his present mood.

Mourinho is following the current Tottenham Managerial policy started by Pochettino of stocking up with fellow countryman.. Our first signing under Jose is midfielder Gedson Fernandes from Benfica.

We are rumoured to be about to proceed with our second January signing, Porto striker Ze Luis who is awaiting a work permit from the Football Association. Eric Dier has a nice little earner, teaching Portuguese recruits English.

Musings thinks that this signing is unlikely. Almost 28 and from Cape Verde though he plays in Portugal and speaks Portuguese. Work permit? Your guess.

Ronaldo is not at present thought to be making the change nor Bernardo Silva. Eusabio and Maradona pleaded  prior engagements when contacted, but Gedson is on an 18 months loan with an option to buy at around 55 million. (See Video)

We should know by the end of next season whether he is any good. You can't always tell from edited You Tube highlights. Make that never.

Musings Question. When will Skipp get his chance? Always the Bridesmaid... at the moment.

Next Up.
Premiership:  Away to Watford on Saturday 18th. January at 12:30 pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Welcome to Spurs.10 Minutes of quality. If he's half as good as this I'm going to like the boy. But they rarely are especially when coming to the Premiership where he won't get as much time and space though he does a neat hand-break turn.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Wild cards, Jokers.and Busted Flushes.

 Sorry Jan. New Academy kid on the block
Super Tanganga
The Jimmy G2 Column.
A narrow loss to the 'Best Team in the Universe' is a definite step up for Spurs. We discovered a new Academy star shining in the firmament, played with some new found spirit and all but snatched a draw.

In fact with a little more composure from Moura and Son, twice, we would have matched them. Throw in the extraordinary miss by Lo Celso when scoring looked the easier option and you have a platform on which to build.

Tanganga our wild card, who has been hiding in plain sight for some time was key to Mourinho's decision that speed was the element required to face down Liverpool. It accounts for the decision to include Rose and Sanchez and the exclusion of Vertonghen .

And it nearly worked. Danny unfortunately is essentially a busted flush though Jose probably thought a little pointless aggression might be useful.

Hopefully Inter Milan weren't watching or their 20 million offer for Eriksen who cashed in his chips a while ago might be re-considered.

It could easily have been all over within two minutes but for interventions by Tanganga to block Firmino's shot and deflect Oxlade-Chamberlains's follow up onto the post where it was grabbed by Gazzaniga who played well saving at point blank range from Van Dyke.

A fiery baptism indeed for the boy who in the switch from right to left back faced Mane and then Salah. But he seemed to thrive on it and played well wherever Jose played him.

His Bam was well Boozled for the goal by Firmino just before half time but more experienced players than him would have bought Bobby's slick side step and finish.

Jose shuffled his pack, spun the wheel, rolled the dice before and during the game. Lo Celso and Lamela made a big  difference again but the substitution of Eriksen and Rose and the switch of Japhet might have come 15 minutes earlier.

All three could start next time out and perhaps Skipp and Parrott too. Sanchez added some zip in the back line. and we chased them most of the way home. Jose will be pleased with less than 40% possession but more shots and corners eventually.

Dier and Vertonghen sat this one out in favour of more mobile younger players but I don't expect we have seen the last of either of them. Next Tuesday comes to mind against Middlesborough. Jose may go all in to win this one as a feasible target for a trophy

I feared a bloodbath and hoped for the best and hope won even if Spurs fell short. Jose rightly thought we deserved something from the game.

Lady Luck dealt us a poor hand with recent injuries to Harry K, Ndombele and Sissoko but Jose played his remaining cards shrewdly even if he just failed to take the pot.

Dele worked hard but is still playing his cards close to his chest these days and achieved not very much.. He also failed to score when the opportunity arose. Both he and Aurier found Alison rather than the corner of the net.

Winks did OK in a hectic midfield, Son struggled but Moura our wild card ran at them with gusto. Serge our Joker at times in the past relieved of some defensive duties played pretty well and should have had at least one assist.

This looked like a typical Mourinho game plan but it was justified in the face of a rampant unbeaten Liverpool and the absence of Harry Kane.

Benfica midfielder Gedson Fernande (21) stolen from under the noses of West Ham undergoing a medical today on an 18 month loan deal..(Allegedly)

Christian Eriksen for 20 million to Inter this month. Best for everybody in the circumstances. I think we had the best of him for 5yrs and might even make a profit.(Allegedly)

Next Up.
Home to Middlesbrough in our FA Cup third-round replay on Tuesday, 14 January 8:05 pm.

Away to Watford in the Premier League on Saturday, 18 January 1:30 pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Some debut, recorded for Posterity. Tangangnam style .

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

A drowning man

Clutch at one of these.
The JimmyG2 Column.
It could have been worse. You might even argue that a draw in a tricky away cup-tie to an in-form Middlesborough was a positive and as you know I like to find some positives where I can.

But I can't do this with a straight face. I have never spent so much time shouting at the TV. Mrs JimmyG2 poked her head round the door and said 'I thought you were never going to watch them again after Southampton'.

Technically she's correct I may well have uttered some such spur of the moment, hasty comment but obviously I didn't mean it. Everyone deserves a second chance, or even a third or fourth. Spurs have had many over the last year, but who's counting.

As a drowning man will clutch at a straw, Spurs fans will spot a lifeboat in the shape of the FA Cup offering  a decent chance of rescue under Mourinho for our long and  trophy-less journey given his reputation for Cup excellence.

But failure in the cups could be the final straw, the one that breaks the camel's back. Jose might turn turn out to be a straw man, that by taking on Spurs might be said to have drawn the short straw.

A straw poll amongst Spurs fans might indicate a whole range of suspects in our current situation from Levy and Enic to Mauricio and even Mourinho himself if things don't turn round quickly enough for our allegedly fickle fans.

He will need to keep an eye open for any straws in the wind that indicate his future from players, fans and his employer. But at 15 million a year he probably doesn't give a straw.

Some would argue that without the necessary basic elements for a team we aren't going anywhere soon. And if we haven't got them we need to buy them. After all you can't make bricks without straw.

Ironically Middlesborough are managed by Spurs icon Robbie Keane assistant to Jonathon Woodgate who scored the winner  for Spurs in the League Cup Final in 2008 against Chelsea, our last trophy.

We conceded first again for the 8th. time in 12 games, from a simple through ball and equalised from our only really fully co-ordinated piece of play in the whole game. Lo Celso found Aurier free on the right and for once a good cross was converted in style by Moura.

The number of misplaced and overhit crosses from Aurier make me suspect that this was more luck than judgement. He should have buried a late chance to win the game but instead sent it into orbit. By his low standards he had a good game.

Not that we deserved to win it. But only 2 subs again. Is that a thing? A ten minute run out for Parrott would have pleased the fans, might have turned the game, got Brownie points for Jose and surely couldn't have done any harm.

But Mourinho might have thought it smacks of desperation and wasn't prepared to  risk the blow to his reputation. Why put him on the bench then? So many questions so few answers.

Lamela and Lo Celso had an impact on the game and this time the substitutions were made early enough, before the hour mark, to make a difference. Generally speaking we were pretty ordinary most of the time if not actually bad.

We dominated all the stats.except shots on target. Vertonghen, Son and especially Dele were borderline awful. The rest were extremely meh but we live to fight another day. Eriksen added a bit of style at times as we pressed.

The tempo was too slow again, too many passes went astray, players who found some space were ignored, too many touches were taken and the moment was gone.

 Relax we've got this at home. What am I saying! The Stadium will blow them away even if we don't.

The future is not as bright as it sometimes has been. We've had the new manager bounce but Jose has got his hands full on this one. The problems which dragged Mauricio down remain

This icludes an ageing and seemingly dispirited squad; youngsters apparently not good enough to step up; a tight financial policy; an ill assembled  squad not suited to our current needs and a new manager unused to such requirements.

It could be a long and frustrating season. Head down for the long term Jose. But Jose doesn't do 'long term'.

Replay. At NWHL on  Tuesday, 14 January - the time (tbc). Awaiting TV schedules.

Next up Liverpool on Saturday 11th. at 5:30 pm. Serve lasagne for the pre-match meal and play the kids. Desperate times: desperate measures. Well not that desperate. It could be our moment.

Jimmy's Video Spot.

Think positive. The coming man. Click on you Tube to view.

Friday, 3 January 2020

Can Jose fix it?

Sorry Jose, We've run out of lipstick.
The JimmyG2 Column.
It's been a good decade and a good time to be a Spurs fan and blogger. In typical Spurs fashion though it only lasted 5 years, but half a decade, half a decade, half a decade onward is better than no bread.

It seems to have come to an end just as the new one begins despite the arrival of the Mighty Mourinho. Spurs would appear to be a club too far for even his powerful magic but at 13/15 million a year I'm sure he'll stick around.

Southampton away re-inforced a couple of recent trends: we can't keep a clean sheet and for the second game running we can't score from open play. A deadly duo of afflictions for an out of form ageing team who are also struggling to pass to each other.

The nearest we came was when Harry Kane scored an equaliser from an Eriksen free kick which was ruled out for offside by both linesman and VAR and in so doing tweaked a hamstring and went off to reappear who knows when.

Players that once had it have lost it: Verts, Toby, Dier, Rose and Eriksen. Some had it very briefly but keep mislaying it: Moura, Sissoko and some never had it in the first place; Aurier.

Some have got it it but injuries only allow them to display it infrequently; Wanyama, Lamela and Ndombele. Some may have it but the crystal ball has yet to clear: Sessengnon, Lo Celso, Skipp and Tanganga.

Some have it but probably not enough to make a real difference: Gazzaniga, Foyth and KWP. That just leaves Harry K, Son, Lloris, Davies and Sanchez and any of the lost sheep  who might wander back to fold to fight for mid-table glory. Dele hopefully.

I am not angry any more, resigned in the main though Southampton was possibly the worst we have played in appropriately enough ten years. It is what it is. I'm sad that we didn't manage to win something when we were good but it has never been my priority.

It's certainly broke but can Jose fix it?  He is reverting to type off the pitch, booked for insulting the opposition bench and ball boys on Wednesday about time wasting.

He at least he stopped short of poking the opposition  coach in the eye. That was nearly a decade ago so progress of a sort.

He will start to do the same to the squad in the hope of a transfer bounty from Levy. An example of the unstoppable force meeting the immoveable object which can end in tears for everyone concerned.

He played nice with Dele but hasn't extended the hand of friendship to Ndombele. Shaming didn't work at United with Pogba and Rashford and others and probably won't work at Spurs either.

Against Southampton the tally of poor passes and long balls gobbled up by the their centre halves went well beyond my pay grade to count and we were disorganised from front to back.They successfully broke up play with time-wasting and fouls.

But they probably didn't need to as they were easily equal to us in every department especially with the on-form Ings who turned Toby to score after a simple ball over the top. Toby of last season would easily have coped.
Willing youngsters were on the bench and I would have liked to see them used. Apart from the enforced replacement of Ndombele by Lo Celso before the half hour no substitutions were made until the 75th. minute when Lamela came on for Kane.

Both substitutes made an effort but why let the game drift for so long unless Jose is trying to prove that this squad needs an urgent re-build. We've been offered 17 million by Inter Milan for Eriksen (allegedly) but that won't go far.

Eriksen's return to form didn't last long, if you blinked you missed it. Most fans would happily. contribute to a whip round for his fare, first class, to Milan. Christian and Harry  Kane have been our best players for years but that was then..

Southampton are a good team, well managed and with several decent players. They have been down on their luck but are on the rebound. Mourinho has improved our results but the problems remain
and the football is hardly expansive.

He has an impressive record but has made some notable mistakes : Salah, de Bryne, Carvajal, Lukaku, Depay, Bonucci, Czech, Bertrand, Luiz, Schurrle, Mata and Romeu is a roll call of players rejected by Jose who went on to make their mark elsewhere.

 Next Up.
FA Cup. Sunday 5th. January, Middlesborough (Away) 2pm. Our chance to concentrate on the Cup

Premiership. Saturday11th. January. Liverpool (Home) 5:30 pm. Our chance to make a mark in History. Bet wisely.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Classic Jose. He's not far wrong though is he. But this is all distraction from our real problems: team building in an age of restraint and the best use tactically of the currently available resources.

Only using one sub very late and deflection to peripheral matters is neither.
Picking Aurier again is wilful self harm. Not using all the subs is picking at the scab .

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

French and Argentinian Connections and Surprises Ahead

 The Greg Meyer Column.
New Years Eve 2019.   

The French Connection. The Argentinian Connection. Surprises Ahead.

This special Australian flavoured edition comes to you from the Canal Du Midi. Not too far from Carcassonne to be precise. A region providing some of our toasting fuel for our Spurs French contingent.

Raising a glass or two in remembrance of our "departed" albeit disabled French capitaine, good old Hugo Lloris. Remember him. Due back 2020 February perhaps.

More recent and now a celebration for Tanguy Ndombele we moved on to a luscious Beaujolais. The wine you can drink almost like water. And we do. Ndombele will be a Premier League star. If and it is the only if ... he stays fit.
 Manager Mourinho stated his Norwich performance as "phenomenal". Cheers Tanguy but not forgetting the athletic enigma that is Moussa Sissoko.

In recognition of Argentina's finest we have set aside a bottle of Schroeder Alpataco Pinot Noir 2019 currently rated as Argentina's top red. Reserved and wistfully so for Argentina's current number one manager, our own Spurs legend, Mauricio Pochettino.
Mauricio was born at Murphy, a very long goal kick from Rosario. Rosario, where Lionel Messi was born, went to school there and funnily enough is the current local hero.
Rosario, Angel Di Maria country, Marco Bielsa's hometown. We could go on but more importantly Giovani Lo Celso was born and raised there. Another forthcoming Spurs star. Curiously he is also of Italian heritage holding an Italian passport. Perhaps the first name does give it away.

Our Argentinian salute does not end there. Juan Foyth, still an unproven product, Erik Lamela (if he could forget the doppleganger with Darren Anderton he would be a great Mourinho fit), and of course every Spurs female fan's plus lots of fellas favourite, the incredibly good looking Paulo Gazzaniga.
Paulo despite his film star looks  has deputised for Hugo in a 7 of 10 fashion. Still young and may yet blossom to a real number one.
Continuing our random musings on the year ahead our pub clan think Ryan Sessegnon a keeper. Played like a deer in the headlights against Norwich. Stage fright? That's in the footlights. Received criticism for not taking his full back on.
However his direct opponent was either the  impressive Max Aarons or Sam Byram, both possessed of pace to match Sessegnon. Hence his reluctance and over cautious approach.
He will grow in confidence and provide us with much needed pace.

Meanwhile at a Canal Side Pub.

Surprises ahead.
No surprise that Christian Eriksen is off in January. The only possible surprise his ultimate destination. Manchester United. Real Madrid or PSG all in the frame. No surprise that the surprise landing of Gareth Bale landing at White Hart Lane will not happen.

Big surprise if we sign anyone of quality in January. A possibility if we offload the likes of Rose, Wanyama and Walker-Peters.

And so to the Channel side city of Southampton. Another tough nut a la Norwich. Given we win then our top four prospects continue to rise. Shame that Sheffield United, Manchester United, Chelsea  and Wolves are all snapping at and around our heels.

Perhaps we should raise our glasses and salute our North London neighbours Arsenal. Thank you for your season to date.

Cheers .... Happy New Year ...  Greg Meyer.*   Coys.
JimmyG2 writes,
G'Day and Happy New Year to our long-time Musings Associate from Oz. Gets to the Stadium regularly but has to set off early. Currently surviving the heatwave in Tasmania keeping one eye on the forest fires but never taking the other one off Spurs.