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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Spurs not Spursy Now.

 Spurs the Stealth Bombers of football.
 The JimmyG2 Column.
I mean it wasn't the real Barcelona; Messi only played half an hour; they'd already qualified top of the group; we needed PSV's help to get through, we left it until the last five minutes to score the equaliser and Liverpool is the main story.

But we made more passes and shaded them in possession, we had more shots and more shots on target; Dembele cost them 135 million; more than our whole team put together  and did you hear that Liverpool progressed?

Their keeper made several saves; ours didn't have to; Eriksen was clearly the most creative player on the pitch; apart from the goal we donated they didn't come close to scoring. Oh and Salah scored Liverpool's goal

'Mission Impossible' was achieved in style and we could and should have beaten Barcelona by two or three clear goals. Rose, Son and Eriksen all had good chances. Attention switches now, obviously, to Utd. Mourinho and Pogba.

We have made a habit of flying under the radar, unless of course the 'bottlers' or 'Spursy' epithets apply. I don't usually mind although it irks occasionally. Like when you draw with Barcelona, Barcelona! at the Camp Nou.

Only 8 teams have ever gone on to qualify for the knockout rounds of the Champions' League after gathering only 3 points from their first 3 fixtures. None by drawing with Barcelona at the Camp Nou.

Ah well let's just enjoy the performance. Kyle Walker Peters recovered from a very early catastrophic error and a yellow card in an inauspicious opening to his Champions' League debut. But he bore up well considering.

The hug and reassurance when he was substituted late on from Mauricio makes it unlikely that he will be punished too harshly. He is a lucky boy that thanks to PSV's draw with Inter Milan we went through.

Sissoko and Rose vied for MOM though Eriksen in the second half was exceptional. Let's hope that like some Spurs fans nobody in Spain noticed. Kane contributed his 16th goal or assist in his 16 CL appearances.

Dele was subdued but integral to the team effort. Lamela was crazy good in his brief appearance Llorente didn't touch the ball unlike Moura who scored and should have had another. The Belgians were unruffled.

Fans,players and Mauricio had a nail biting wait for the final result of the PSV/Milan match which was running a minute or so behind ours but all turned out to be well. Like us Milan had drawn.

What a  result. What a performance. We turned up, didn't bottle it, flew low under the radar and didn't crash. The euphoria may not last but let's enjoy while we can. New Spurs: only a little bit like the Old Spurs.

So no more 'bottlers'. An end to 'Spursiness' . What will they find to taunt us with next once the NWHL opens apart from Mauricio to Real Madrid or Man. Utd or anywhere but Spurs.

We may not progress any further let alone win the Champions' League but a point has been made and a reputation re-established.

Next up strugglers  Burnley. We couldn't could we? CL draw is on Monday and the games are to be played mid February. A very fitting opening perhaps for the new Stadium? Don't bet the farm on it.

 Bring it on.

Glenn Hoddle. 
Well enough to watch the game and joke about it too.

Glenn Hoddle (@GlennHoddle) tweeted at 9:21 am on Wed, Dec 12, 2018:
That just wasn’t good for my recovery! But a great performance well done boys , deserved to win 😎 COYS

Jimmy's Video Spot.

Speed and teamwork. 10 seconds from defense to Moura's goal. Harry Kane assists, drawing three men wide, from Lamela's fine run and pass.

Erik considers sliding Lucas through or is he just giving them the 'eyes'. Fine goal, well set up and crisply taken in the nick of time.

Possibly the most important 10 seconds of the season but watch this space.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Spurs up for free hit Barcelona game.

Bottlers? You bottle it, pour us a glass and we'll drink it .
The Jimmy G2 Column.
After 20 minutes I was having visions of the Spurs 'Bottlers' headlines especially when our re-united Belgian defenders revived their well worn 'After you Claude 'routine right from the start.

But it was all mind games and once we had composed ourselves and hadn't conceded we brushed off the cobwebs, turned up the volume and set about Leicester with increasing vigour and intent.

It is not psychologically easy playing last when all your immediate rivals have won, especially away from home against a team we've had problems with in the past. Eventually we made light work of it all.

We didn't bottle it; we held it up to the light, swirled it round, had a cautionary sniff and then took a good gulp and swallowed it down like true professionals.

Son's lightening strike on the stroke of half time was a thing of beauty and clinical wrong foot destructivity. It was a  just reward for our increasing control in a game that lacked consistent goal-mouth excitement.

Dele increasingly took centre stage. His usual though sometimes exaggerated confidence was allied to calm control. His reward was a back post diving header engineered by Son which sealed a deserved victory.

Few alarms or excursions and all this without talisman Kane and chief architect Eriksen until the later stages. Why they came on at all I have no idea, the other boys were managing quite well all on their own.

I was surprised that Llorente didn't start or at least come on as a sub when Harry appeared. But Son, Dele and company stepped up when Harry was injured last season so Mauricio had this well under control.

Clearly Mauricio was contending with injuries and the looming Champions' league away fixture against Barcelona on Tuesday. His claim to be able only now to focus on this was understandably a little economic with 'la verite'

It was clearly on his mind with the team selection for the Leicester game. Harry Kane 'rested' shock horror. Actually the Barcelona game is a free shot, a bonus, a side dish, a taster, irrelevant to the main course and we will go for it.

In the meantime we remain the top London team despite Chelsea beating the alleged runaway Champions elect which tightens it all up at the top of the Premiership. Not a foregone conclusion just  yet.

Not that the media seemed to have noticed. All the fuss was about everything but Spurs. Liverpool top, Arsenal's unbeaten run; Chelsea's win and even Man.Utd not losing all made the headlines. Spurs march quietly on.

*Our best Premiership start continues and with winnable games ahead it could well get better. Son's goal was his third in four games and Dele's his 50th for Spurs. He joins Son (52) and Harry Kane (117) at this milestone

*Stats courtesy of the BBC.

Harry Winks played a full game again but is not yet back to his pre-injury form of last year but the signs are good. Eric Dier flitted competently between midfield and back four and Hugo was there when required.

The full backs were adequate. It was good to see Kyle Walker Peters get some minutes and with both Trippier and now Aurier injured he might just start against the Big B. Or possibly not.

Messi played and scored twice against locals Espanyol, Mauricio's old team, on Saturday so obviously he wasn't being rested for Spurs. Mauricio, Deli, Son and the boys will want to put on a good show on Tuesday.

A Harry hat-trick will double his transfer fee. (see clickbait nonsense)

James Maddison.
An interesting one. Clearly talented and has the 'vision' thing. Harry Reknapp passed on signing him in 2015 for less than half a million from Coventry to QPR. But then he tried to sell Bale for 3 million to Bournemouth.

Leicester paid 20 million for him from Norwich. At 22  he could benefit from the Pochettino touch but that boat seems to have sailed. He wouldn't have been an automatic first choice at Spurs at the moment.

Clickbait nonsense. 
Harry Kane to Barcelona for 200 million widely reported. 

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Oh go on then, all the highlights. Apart from the goals not much to write home about. But at this stage that's how we like it.

Harry's 'what's a bench?' face is a delight. Came on for a pre-Barcelona warm up I assume.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

We're on our Way From Wembley.

Sky to launch new spectator sport channel to rival football.
The JimmyG2 Column. 
I've a mind to make this week's video the one of a spellbound audience watching paint dry. Spurs played out an unenthralling midweek encounter in front of Spur's lowest Wembley crowd of 33,000 thousand.

Southampton were the victims in this non- drama in front of their newly appointed manager but they did not really set out to impress the poor man though the money will be a great compensation for him.

More appropriately they demonstrated their defensive frailties so that at least he knows his first priorities. Nobody tracked Harry Kane's run to the near post in the first ten minutes for the first or closed down Moura for the second.

The right hand channel had been a Freeway all night for Trippier  and it was Harry Kane who used it to set up Son for a deserved third goal. Toby had found Kieran frequently with unerring accuracy. The Sinners ignored the danger.

Memo to former RB Leipzig boss Ralph Hasenhuttl who has been appointed Southampton manager on a two-and-a-half-year deal; sort out the defensive marking especially at left back. Free advice for nothing

At 3-0 on 55 minutes Spurs closed up, put the blinds down, cashed up, switched on the fax machine and preserved their energies for the weekend. This allowed Southampton to play a bit. They found Lloris and the woodwork in uncompromising form.

It's never a good sign when your keeper is MOM but we invited them to play and they did, but Hugo was glad of the practise. Harry Kane scored and assisted but otherwise played well within himself as they say.

Charlie Austin eventually scored an offside goal which the sympathetic officials let go and at the death it was 3-1. Lloris and Mauricio might have rued the absence of a clean sheet but the rest of the boys frankly didn't seem to give a damn.

Other results, unlike last weekend, went our way and Chelsea play Man.City on Saturday. Back in third clear of Arsenal and Chelsea who lost to Wolves and a clear and widening gap to Everton in 6th. Europa at least looks nailed on.

Lowlight was the recurrence of a lingering groin strain picked up on England duty to Trippier. Highlight was the brief cameo appearance of Oliver Skipp who made an enterprising forward run. Watch out Winksy he's right behind you.

My dream of an all Academy squad is taking shape nicely. So climb aboard the Academy Bandwagon. Go on you know you want to. Think of the savings. I know DL already has. I had a dream.....

Son was unlucky after enterprising play to hit the post. Harry Winks played a full game and was busy but a little haphazard. Toby was magisterial and kept an eye on young Foyth. Son was the pick of the attack.

 Do we count Danny Rose as one of our own? I suppose not but he is now one of Senior Pros and has been with us almost all of his career after leaving the Leeds Academy in 2007 before they did a 'Leeds' without ever playing for them.

He gallops about like a racehorse put out to pasture but has more upside than Davies and keeps the opposition and the Spurs fans guessing. Only injuries have prevented him nailing down the left back berth.

He echoed the views of fans about Wembley saying it didn't seem like an honour any more to play there. Like other unofficial predictions he suggested that the move to NWHL could come in February and solve all these problems. Not just the fans then.

So against Southampton we spent the first half splashing the paint about and the second mainly watching it dry. Not quite what the fans had hoped for but 3 goals and 3 points will have to suffice. 

Some people are just never satisfied.

Next up Leicester who are not the team they were if they ever were. Three points please on the December treadmill boys. If it has to be a paint drying fest, so be it.

With half a dozen out, hamstrings, groins, knees and ankles it could be the first dozen fit enough to get themselves onto the pitch. Vardy is out for them. We'll see.

Stadium Opening. Not just DannyRose but a mountain of rumour suggests February. 

Clickbait drivel.
Mauricio to replace Jose for 40 million. You couldn't make it up.Oh wait.

Jimmy's Video Spot. 
There's an 8hr. video of the Empire State Building by Andy Warhol and a 10 hr one of paint drying. Don't ask. I think it's known as 'edgy'
But you've suffered enough lately so here's young Oliver Skipp against Inter Milan. Finds space, passes quickly, often positively. The first of Spurs Millennials to make it.

Let's not get carried away but he could be a contender Charlie. (My all time favourite movie scene)


Monday, 3 December 2018

Credit Call After Tottenham's Lost Weekend.

Bad Day at the Office
What Office?
The JimmyG2 Column.
Talk about 'The Lost Weekend'*, and we haven't even got alcoholism as a defence though we played like inebriated fools at times. Nobody from Manager to the most junior playing member covered themselves in glory.

And with all the top five except us winning we drop to fifth though still in touch with the top four. Out- thought, out- fought all over the pitch and on the touchline too, we were poor in every department.

Foyth committed the cardinal sin of giving away a goal to Arsenal and the loss is hard to bear. But let's not make him the scapegoat  for managerial, team selection and performance failures.

Of all the back four he is the most defendable, neither full back contributed much defensively or going forward and what Jan Vertonghen our most experienced outfield player was thinking I have no idea.

The glaring omission of Toby in this most emotionally testing of ties is beside the point here. But if Juan was considered mature enough to take part why then was Harry Winks left out from the starting line up?

That nothing was done to shore things up at 2-2 or even at 2-1 up is down to Mauricio and follows a trend of overdue substitutions and unsuitable starting elevens. Like Juan he usually gets away with it but not on this occasion.

That we staged a comeback after going down early to a moment of madness is to our credit but how we got to half time ahead is a little baffling. The second half which we lost 3-0 was all downhill.

A resurgent Arsenal this season throwing off the turgid shackles of the later Wenger years was too much for our somewhat moribund approach. But after paying so well twice last week it was an undoubted shock to the system.

Eriksen and Dele tried but were largely given little space; Son, as he often does, shot when he should have passed but at least bought a penalty and was lively. Lamela was big miss in this type of game.

Dier scored a near post header courtesy of the goalkeeper and Kane played wearily but takes a good penalty. Hugo didn't get as close to any of the four goals as he might have done particularly the last.

Sissoko needs time and space and Arsenal allowed little of both. They outflanked us on both sides and Torreiro who is only 22 and was bought for 26 million last July was outstanding. Some excellent South American scouting there by someone.

The banana thrown at Aubameyang was a disgraceful end to a shameful day. They have the culprit on film and he will be arrested, prosecuted and banned. Getting beaten was more than enough for one day.

Bad day at the office? The photocopier jammed, burst into flames and burnt the whole bloody building down. So yes a bad day at the office if you like. With a game every three days there is little time to pick over the ashes.

The gap between 5th and 6th, ourselves and Everton who went down to a freak Liverpool goal and Man.Utd who dew again is now eight points but even a draw here would have preserved our top four status.

Enough already. Congratulations to Arsenal and Emery who has swept through them like a forest fire. They were the better team on the day but after an 18 game unbeaten run we are still level on points.
Go figure.

We must be doing something right in the great scheme of things. We will have to forgive the boys even though we might not forget for many months, or even years or ever. Spurs still have credit in the fans' bank on which to call.

Next up Southampton who as I type have sacked their manager Mark Hughes after only 8 months. So polish up those 'new temporary manager bounce' excuses ready for Wednesday. A win will start to erase the Memories of Black Sunday.

* The Lost Weekend. 1945 Oscar winning film noir about a talented but alcoholic writer who is supposed to be staying sober over a weekend trip. It doesn't go to plan with almost disastrous results.

Jimmy's Video Spot.

Highlights? I don't think so.
Here's an hour of meditation and relaxing music and pictures for the build-up for the next game. Keep it by you in case we need it after Xmas.

Best with headphones. Blot out the real world. Enjoy.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Alien Abduction Assists Mission Impossible

 Take me to your Moussa Sissoko.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Don't blame me. It was Mauricio himself that started all this 'Mission Impossible' stuff. You know Mauricio Pochettino our manager: Tom Cruise but taller, better looking and with talents that Tom would die for.

And like the Film Series of the same name Spurs Impossible Mission Force is still active but this section of the thrilling story has an end date with a final rendezvous in Barcelona on the11th. December. Stay tuned.

Mauricio's reputation at improving players is well established but he cannot claim any credit for Spurs emerging star and last night's MOM Moussa Sissoko. That is not the Moussa Sissoko we bought.

That is an updated and improved Mark 2 replacement for the one captured by aliens about a month ago. Not even MoPo could do that. Even Newcastle fans initially delighted with the 30 million deal are claiming ''We wuz robbed''.

His surging run late in the game and astute lay-off to Dele was pure class. A phrase not usually associated with Moussa in his earlier Spurs career. He took responsibility and played well the whole game. Again.

We may not be able to overcome failures in the earlier rounds but this was another decent performance against a dogged rather than inspired defense minded Italian team hoping to catch us on the break.

We matched them tackle to tackle and foul for foul and put together some enterprising moves. Winks mostly played well and was unlucky not to score. Lamela was fortunate to escape a red with a two footed lunge.

But the match hinged on the late goal by Eriksen from a cute lay off by Dele after Sissoko's run. I am going to award Moussa an Honoury Assist for his part though Dele gets the official honours.

Aurier and Davies maintained their recent improvement; Vertonghen might never have been away;  Hugo was there when called upon; Harry Kane did more than just run 'araand' a bit; Lamela and Moura were off the pace.

The arrival of Son livened things up and then Cool Hand Eriksen proved the decisive factor in a game that seemed to be running out of time and space until The Moussa intervened.

Toby's lack of pace when left behind by Icardi forced him to make one of those nasty professionally unprofessional fouls and I am sad to see us joining them if we can't beat them. But that's a discussion for another day.

Barcelona having already qualified top of the group may not be too bothered in the final group game and we have a fighting chance as long as we actually fight.We have to match Inter's final game  result against PSV to qualify.

All eyes are now on the NLD on Sunday where anything can happen but you have to fancy our chances to go 6 points above Arsenal though strategically a draw would do. Apart from reputation, pride, momentum and bragging rights of course.

Its the same for same for Barcelona, but at least Lionel might be given the night off. But do we want to face a weakened side just to qualify for the knockout stage?. Er.... that's a yes.

Jimmy's Video Spot

Monday, 26 November 2018

Tottenham Change To Transfer Policy.

Don't buy silly.
The JimmyG2 Column.
 I said last week after Everton (edit) had drawn with Chelsea that anything the Toffeemen( edit) could do, we could do better. Prophetic words friends, prophetic words because we did exactly that.

We subjected them to a 3-1 pasting, a score which hugely flattered them. It was our best sustained performance for some time, certainly for the current season.We have shone in isolated bursts but not for whole matches.

The hard press returned and we denied them space and time especially in midfield.We had competence in defense when required and both hard work and flair in attack. Everyone contributed.

Son, Dele and Christian Eriksen started together for the first time this season and it showed in the fluid movement. It would be unfair to pick out anyone in particular as this was a whole team performance from the start.

Players under recent criticism, Aurier, Davies, Dier and the recently rehabilitated Moussa Sissoko all stepped up and played important parts tactically and individually. We dominated in everything bar possession.

Giroud got a consolation late goal which blotted our copybook but we should have been at least half a dozen ahead by then. Our 3rd victory in four Premiership games against the poor old Pensioners. Don't gloat Jimmy it's not nice.

Generally though they were pretty poor, Hazard fizzled briefly and went out, Morata was offside more than he had shots, but we stopped them playing and Sarri complained they are starting too slowly. We didn't give them much option.

We were two up in a quarter of an hour and it should have been  more. Kane and Son missed the proverbial sitters later and Son could easily have had a hat-trick. His goal for us to go 3-0 up is a candidate for 'Goal of the Season'.(see video)

Dele found him with a ball down the right hand channel, he skinned Jorghino on the outside, stepped inside to bambooze Luiz and calmly found the right hand corner of the net.

David Luiz who always  has had a stinker in his locker duly produced it. He had a part in all three of our goals and has cost Chelsea 70 million over two spells. He stamped on Harry Kane to concede the free kick for our first.

He studiously evaded Harry Kane's shot from outside the area, deceiving himself and the keeper for the second and completely missed his tackle on Son for our third.

Jorginho another 50 million pound player was well schooled by Dele (5 million) who confronted him at every turn and still found space himself to flick an Eriksen  free kick into the net after 6 minutes for our first.

A headed goal from a set piece. That makes a pleasant change anyway. Foyth escaped another penalty against him for a doubtful tackle on Hazard. But Eden's reputation preceded him and the ref. wasn't buying.

I mention fees because of the current clamour among some Spurs fans for big money signings to prove that we are a 'big' club and to show our intent to win prizes. No need, I say, we are getting there without.

We are ahead of Chelsea and Man.Utd whose transfer spending over recent years nudges a Billion pounds. City are awash with dirty money. Build it, don't buy it and take a pride in the achievement.

And who cleans up the mess when Sugar Daddies dissolve? Abramovich is 'persona non grata' in the UK as the sources of his fortune are unclear. He is now an Israeli citizen and his ego trip with Chelsea could be ending.

I am more involved and content with the current Spurs squad and manager than I have been for over 50 years. Going 'cold turkey' on transfers in the Summer Transfer Window though was a shock too far for the system for some.

Me and Daniel love it but for different reasons. My transfer guide says. nobody older than 22 or for more than 20 million pounds. Promote our own where possible. Don't buy silly, buy savvy but only if you absolutely have to.

Like advertising 50% of the money spent on transfers is wasted but you don't know in advance which 50%. See Manchester United and Pogba and others. Though that's as much Mourinho's fault as the players who he hangs out to dry as usual.

So Chelsea unbeaten this season bite the dust. Next week just Inter Milan in the CL and the 'auld enemy' in the NLD. We are in fine fettle and good heart  for these after the weekend.

 Despite injuries Mauricio has plenty of ammunition available and shout to him for getting the team up and choosing the right tactics and personnel to humble the mighty and bring it all together.

Why we can't start like we did on  Saturday every game, press and blow the opposition away I don't know. I hope we start like this on Wednesday anyway.

Team selection midweek will highlight his priorities but I expect to see Winks, Lamela and Moura starting. Now up to third place and with exciting times ahead. It's a good time to be a Spurs fan but I've been saying that for some years.

Glenn Hoddle out of hospital and recuperating at home. GWS Glenn.

Stadium Opening date. Don't be silly

Edit: Sorry about that. Got me Cherries mixed up with me Caramellos.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
 Aurier breaks up the attack with an innovative tackle, Dele immediately sends Son away, and the rest is History. Less than a minute but top quality in every area of the pitch.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Spurs New Strategy: Sounds Like a Plan.

How many packets of these would it take to Mothball NWHL?
The JimmyG2 Column.
That's the 5th. consecutive 1-0  victory for Spurs over Crystal Palace. So why on earth would we be worried in the 90th. minute when Sorloth was foiled by Lloris. An out of form striker weighed down by the sheer weight of History and Statistics.

An in form player side-foots that late chance into the corner. But when your touch and confidence is low you blast it in hope and the keeper saves. In fact they had more shots on target than us (4-2) Thanks Hugo.

I get that sinking feeling when the commentator declares that 'so and so' hasn't scored since the end of the First World War. You just know he's going to score the Goal of The Season and the winner to boot.

Pochettino's gamble, putting Foyth straight back in the squad paid off handsomely when he scored the only goal of the game and his career, regained his confidence and his reputation. He may not of had too much choice in the light of injuries

 It could have all gone so wrong in the first ten minutes when the boy gave away a corner attempting a pass back back to Lloris. He shrugged it off and scored the winner. He's 'Juan of our own' as Jan Vertonghen tweeted. Nice.

Not sure what Mauricio said him in training during the week or to Sissoko either. Moussa played very well once again and seemed to thrive in atrocious conditions. I am delighted for him and for Spurs obviously.

These two contested MOM in the media and anyone who is not delighted for Sissoko is no true fan.
(See Video Spot.)

The top of the Premiership table looks like this with significant gaps starting to appear below the Top Four. Nobody apart from City looks convincing or consistent, including us at the moment.

Man City12...31...32


Man Utd12..-1...20

With our away record (7 wins out of 8 so far) Perhaps we should become the Tottenham Vagabonds  and play all our games away from home and mothball the Stadium in readiness for the next Olympics or World Cup..

Might take a lot of mothballs but it sounds like a plan. The Stadium might not be ready until then in any case. I'm joking, I'm joking. Lighten up people.

They were without Zaha without whom they haven't won in 12 games; puzzling why they turned up at all really. We lost Trippier early on with a groin strain, our 9th World Cup player to succumb to injury.

He won't get injured playing next week as he has withdrawn for the squad to play USA. It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good.

In the absence of Dier, and Erikson, both in recovery mode, Dele played deeper and made a decent fist of it. I prefer him further forward but need must. Winks, still being handled carefully didn't start and Aurier subbed reasonably well for Trippier.

Lamela who didn't play that well, went off with what the papers described as a 'horrific' head injury but he was on the team bus stitched up despite being ignored by Referee Moss until the blood flowed.

A bit of  slog under atrocious conditions. We didn't make many chances but Juan Foyth reacted quickly just after the hour mark when a Harry Kane header from a corner looped up and he headed it into the top of the net.

Seasoned Spurs supporters would file this one under another game we wouldn't have won not so long ago. It would seem that the leopard has indeed changed its spots and the zebra its stripes.

It's comforting going into an International and friendly break with a run of wins though I don't understand the concept of the UEFA Nations' League. It's a nonsense. Or of Wayne's inclusion in an unnecessary friendly against the USA mid-season.

All well above my pay-grade obviously. Next up Chelsea. Anything Everton can do, we can do better.

Stadium Opening.  Opinion hardening among some ITK'S that it will be next season. Not sure whether there is any basis in facts. Don't shoot the messenger.

Hot News:
'Mourinhos job hangs in the balance whilst Man.Utd consider Pochettino'  Don't panic it's only the Interweb thingy.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Glad to be able to post a tribute to Moussa Sissoko who as Mauricio says has turned his Spurs career around in the past few games.

Not all fans are convinced but then these are Spurs fans we are talking about. Some say he's better but that doesn't make him good. But he's doing a job at a critical time. Credit where it's due.

Greater awareness and better touch has been added to strength and pace. He has been recalled to the French squad this week. Congratulations.