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Thursday, 9 April 2020

Football? What football?

Musings suggests re-opening the football season
but with on-pitch social distancing behind closed doors.
 The JimmyG2 Column.
Trust you are all well, staying safe, keeping your distance; and washing your hands in hot soapy water, constantly.

Plenty of football talk but no actual football. Plenty of speculation, rumour and guesswork but it's not really a substitute for the real thing, now is it. Anyway Musings not wishing to lose out will add its two pennyworth.

Apologies in advance as I have lent my computer to Grandson Luke on lockdown here in Spain for his school assignments and can't find the 'Chellspeck' on this old one of Mrs. JimmyG2's. Our normally high grammatical standards will suffer as a result.

Jimmy Greaves in hospital.
 Not Coronavirus related as far as we know but he has never really recovered from the severe stroke nearly 5 years ago. Thoughts and best wishes Jim who inspired my love of Spurs and to whom this Blog is dedicated.

Jose and players break Coronavirus bounds to train
Variously reported and pictured. Jose and N'domebele on Hadley Common joined by Sanchez and Sessegnon possibly accidently and another coach. No doubt reasons, explanations and excuses will be forthcoming as well as apologies and club fines but the optics are awful.

God knows Tanguy needs some extra training but even the Special One doesn't get a pass on this one.

Furloughing of Club staff.
Complicated in all sorts of ways but Liverpool have already reversed their decision to do so and Spurs should do the same. No doubt a case can be made and the move justified but again it's not a good look for the 8th. largest club in the World by revenue.

Real Madrid, my other team, football and basketball players and coaches have volunteered a 20% cut to protect the non playing staff's jobs and wages. Southampton have defeered their wages for the same reason. Way to go Spurs

Harry Kane: Will he go or will he stay?
An open question at the moment. But when Ian Wright advises him to stay one has to question whether that's a bluff or a double bluff.

He has said that he won't stay fo the sake of it whatever that means. To me he is our talisman and poster boy for the Pochettino era and if he leaves there will be heart shaped hole in recent Spurs history and the whole 'Grow your Own'  'Build it don't buy it' era.

Actual football
Well the last league left worldwide was in Belarus and I am amazed that Sky didn't snap up the rights to show it. Serious trick missed there guys.

Otherwise there's plenty of classic goals, classic matches, tournaments to feast on if you can't live without your football fix.

Personally I think they should freeze the league as it stands, award Liverpool the title and focus on next season. We'll be out of Europe, unless City are banned, but after the last 18 months it's no more than we deserve.

Relegation and promotion from the Championship? Fortunately it doesn't involve us and it's well above my pay grade. Oh well, 'Lets's call the whole thing off'. 2019/2020 never happened.Well it didn't for Spurs anyway.

Back in South Korea, (it's safer) where he will undergo Chemical Warfare training which will clearly come in handy on his return.

Serge Aurier.
Some good news amongst the gloom. He says he would like to return to PSG in the future. The future begins tomorrow Serge. Taxi for Monsieur Aurier s'il vou plait.

Plenty of the usual silly stuff about aces and foreign stars who are all just what we need. The Devil makes work for Idle Hands. We don't do transfers it's a mugs' game except to mock.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
All yours JimmyG1, Decent music too for a change. Gerry Mulligan possibly. Take it away Jim and Gerry.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

The Writing is on the Wall.

'Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay'.

The JimmyG2 Column.
Where to start? Spurs exited the Champions ' League  as expected at the hands of New Kids on the Block RB Leipzig formed when Harry Redknapp was our manager 10 years ago. An up and coming club which currently we are not.

Now we are Yesterday's Team under Jose who is increasingly looking like Yesterday's Man. An expensive 15 million per year gesture by Levy which so far has shown little sign of paying off, new manager bounce apart.

Ironically this was also the time, 2010, when Jose won his last Champions' League trophy with Inter Milan. But as we know: 'The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it'

Spurs fans you have been warned  Since 2014 Mourinho has failed to win any of his eight Champions' League knockout games. Not that it will effect us next season as we are unlikely to qualify

I fully expect United to finish off our hopes on Sunday under their young rookie manager. A defining week then: the end of an era which has crumbled rather quickly and disastrously from just 10 months ago.

No time to reminisce; the rebuild starts tomorrow or shortly thereafter. We need several players but it will be spread over at least two windows. Plenty of names in the hat, we might get a couple,if any at all.

If we can get one or two and bed in the young players bought last Summer, sell one or two and reduce the sick list we might just be good to go. At this stage under Mourinho I am not quite sure where.

Liverpool financed their re-build by selling Coutinho. We could do the same by selling two from Dele, Kane, or Son, and throw in Moura, Winks and N'dombele. Drastic I know and  a definite end to the project but needs must.

Or we could muddle on as we are. Defensive solidarity was once Jose's forte but we have only kept 3 clean sheets in the 26 matches since he replaced Pochettino. Of Premiership clubs only Villa have conceded more goals than Spurs (42/ 38) in all competitions.

There are plenty more stats which raise questions but you get the drift. If Jose is trying to prove a point about the need for investment and change we get it. Whether Levy will get it or stick to the  original terms of engagement remains to be seen.

“All the players on the Leipzig bench would play at this moment in my team.” said Jose after the game. His drift is pretty clear, insulting as it is to the squad. But then that's Jose's way.

As for the game we turned up occasionally but were overwhelmed by a talented team that knew what they were doing. We shared possession as they relaxed in the second half but we at no stage put them under sustained pressure.

We didn't use all our subs, Skipp and Troy didn't get a look in but when looking for a goal we swapped Aurier for Malachi Fagin-Walcott a 17 year  Academy youth defender. If only I thought it was serious and not just a 'bare-bones' gesture.

Lloris should have done better with the first two goals; Dele and Lo Celso showed some effort and class; Tanganga and Sessengnon were disappointing though better in the second half. Plenty of effort all round but never in it.

This looks a tired and demoralised squad and Mourinho isn't exactly helping with his comments. But despite being on his best behaviour we knew what we were getting.

Julian Nagelsmann (32) Leipzig's manager was 16 when Jose won his first CL trophy with Porto in 2004. He was the youngest ever Bundesliga manager at Hoffenheim. Perhaps youth, enthusiasm and a plan challenges age and experience.

Jose suffered his heaviest Champions' League aggregate defeat on Tuesday and the first 6 game winless run of his almost 1000 game management career. The writing is perhaps on the wall.

Nothing will become clear until next season and perhaps not even then. but the signs are not good. Jose appears to me to be an expensive misfit at Spurs but I hope I'm wrong.

Should we have kept Mauricio and invested in the squad? No I think that bus had sailed. I loved the Project and his tenure. Will Mourinho  succeed given time and money? I don't think he will get enough of either.

Next Up.
Home to Manchester Utd. this Sunday 16th.March at 4:30 pm.
That's it folks only one thing to concentrate on now.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Cheer up. Nothing lasts for ever. All Dele's yesterdays. Form is temporary:class is permanent .

Love this boy and couldn't let the 50 goal milestone go. Sharp, inventive and incisive  and can be again.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

New Signings: Jekyll and Hyde at Spurs

 You go first on Tuesday Dr. Jekyll or we're doomed.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Spurs continue their ramble through the classics of English Literature with a look at the Robert Louis Stevenson 19th. century horror show, 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'. Both appeared yesterday as they increasingly do these days.

Under Mauricio for a few years we lived the 'Midsummer Nights Dream', generally as Spurs fans 'As we liked it', some of own, doing it differently, closing down, high energy until of course Eriksen downed tools and it all ended in tears.

'Loves labour was Lost' and we entered the time of the 'Comedy of Errors' under the Special One. He's done OK but the football is dire and we are being offered distractions and excuses on an industrial scale.

Once again tactics and team selection wasted the first half where Mr. Hyde the evil one was clearly in control. Jose received much praise at half time when changes to the personnel and formation put right the initial errors that he himself had made.

Over to you Dr.Jekyll and with more energy and Lo Celso leading the charge we made a pretty good fist of almost winning it which is an improvement and a vital halt to our downhill slide. Jose has never lost four in a row let alone five.

Ndombele caught an earful after the game and he and Skipp who had carried the midfield burden almost on his own were replaced by Moura and Lo Celso in a much improved second half performance. Lets hope that Oliver doesn't become scapegoat of the month.

Lo Celso took the game by the scruff of the neck and quickly made an impact. Thank God somebody did or the tone of this blog would have been totally different. More 'Andromeda Strain' than 'Candide''.

Lloris gifted them their goal, spilling Rodriguez shot after the ball was poorly cleared and Mee gifted us a penalty clipping Lamela just inside the area from a fine through ball by Lo Celso.

Dele dispatched cleanly and calmly for his 50th league goal for Spurs. Only Harry Kane reached this milestone at a younger age.( Dele at 23yrs 331 days: Harry at 23years 44 days)

It was all square and stayed that way. It's a bit of a comedown when a draw at Burnley draws sighs of relief  from the Spurs fans. But Burnley are on a seven game unbeaten run and it was at Turf Moor.

Burnley usually win when ahead at half time but in this game of two halves, Tale of Two Cities whatever you will Spurs found enough energy to make a comeback which is a very a welcome sign.,

They need to do the same on Tuesday in the Champions' League or the season is over as far as Silverware and  Honours are concerned.

Dier was effective again both at centre half and midfield and the game certainly heated up in the second half with 26 fouls and 8 bookings overall. However not counting the penalty we only managed two shots on target in the whole game

Lamela, Dele and Bergwijn were disappointing as Erik often is when he starts but then everyone was until the second half. Lloris gifted them the goal but made some good stops in the end and handled cleanly after his mistake.

I could see no way ahead at half time but was pleased and relieved by our second half performance, even Moura's direct running caused them problems. Dele always plays better when he has someone to play with.

Perhaps Dr Jekyll could be persuaded to front up every first half from now on, and perhaps stay on for the second.

Next Up.
Champions League this Tuesday 10th March at 8 pm.

Premier League: This Sunday 15th. March home to Manchester Utd. at 4:30 pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Like Spurs a fine cast and all the drama/ melodrama you can take.

Thursday, 5 March 2020


Think I might self-isolate from Spurs
until the Mourinhovirus passes.
The JimmyG2 Column.
Another stunner to go into our growing collection of worst ever performances. Look out for the video around Xmas time entitled 'Mourinho, he's a winner but unfortunately not at Spurs.

Where to start? Our 4th defeat in a row, three of them at our spanking new Stadium. I was told by our tour guide that it was meant to intimidate the visitors and inspire our players. Seems to be working in reverse.

Only 2 clean sheets in our last 13 games at home for our coach famous for his ability to organise  teams to defend. We go ahead, concede the lead and then come out all guns blazing for 10 minutes once again.

And what do they practise on the training ground? Vorm who hasn't played for over a year dropped two straightforward catches, the second at the feet of Drmc who scored the equaliser with ten minutes to go.

Clearly catching shooting and passing are redundant skills these days. Running up blind alleys and  shooting when a team-mate is better placed are top of the agenda. For managers fitting square pegs in round holes is key.

You may have seen me, a silent grim figure on the High St with my hand-written placard 'Oliver and Troy: the forgotten men'. Well my heart skipped a beat when I saw that Ollie was starting and Troy got a decent run out because of extra time.

Neither disgraced us. Skipp had a 90% pass rate, mainly safe in a ticking over kind of mode and both ran about a bit, positively. Captain for the day Jan scored and made some effective runs.

Lo Celso was, once again, the standout player but had little support. Lamela on his 28th. birthday was lively but missed his penalty, hitting the bar, when we were one up after Dier scored our first and Vorm saved theirs.

Advantage Spurs but it all went down-hill from there. Krul who had his homework written on his water bottle saved from Parrott and Fernandes and Lamela missed. End of silverware hopes unless you are still counting on the Champions' League.

 Taking notes into an exam. Is that a thing these days?

Some were more dreadful than others. The enterprising Aurier had five opportunities to cross effectively in the first half hour and spurned them all. Bergwijn spluttered briefly and was then substituted and Moura explored the aforementioned blind alleys.

Dele was increasingly frustrated but did little to help his or our cause. Dier did better at Centre Back but after the game completely lost it and will be banned for the rest of the season. At least that will make the headlines for a while and deflect from our performance.

His younger brother was harangued at the end of the game and/or Fernandes was racially abused after missing the penalty which would have kept us in the game. The truth will out no doubt but he will be another long term absentee.

So what's the narrative? I don't like Mourinho and didn't want him anywhere near Spurs. But he's been appointed and will be with us until at least the end of next season unless he runs out of excuses.

He won't be backed to the hilt but changes, incoming and outgoing will occur. He's too negative for Spurs, we defend too deep even at home to the bottom of the league club but that's not going to change very much.

His comments about Troy Parrott suggest to me that the mask is slipping and that the ugly Mourinho will gradually emerge but for the moment he is on his bestish behaviour defending and falsely praising the players even when it is not deserved.

Our Silverware inferiority complex and our pursuit of winning something has led us up this Mourinho dead end and we will have to live with it now.

Basically we are a mess but it's not all Jose's fault and we will have to put up with things for quite a while.  Silverware and Champions' League I think not, until the season after next by which time some of us will be dead.

Next Up.
Premiership: Away to Burnley this Saturday 7th. March at 5:30 pm.

Champions' League: Away to RB Leipzig on Tuesday 10th. March at 8 pm. Second leg.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The Good, the Bad, and the downright Ugly. Some nice moments by Fernandez, Lo Celso and Dele when we were on the front foot but we gave them too much space.

Even so it was a poor goalkeeping mistake that let them back in. Otherwise the defence was fairly sound. But Norwich were a team that had never won after going behind on 15 previous occasions.

If they go down I wouldn't mind signing young Cantwell who's only 22 and Premiership hardened. or Krul (31) for that matter. Cantwell would have to get a haircut obviously.

Monday, 2 March 2020

Spurs Plans Changed.

I'm sure it twitched
The JimmyG2 Column. 
Final burial proceedings for this season have been halted at least temporarily as signs of life were exhibited at home to Wolves. Although a relapse occurred later immediate burial was not advised.

In the first half Lo Celso, Bergwijn, Dele, Winks and Moura played as if they knew each other. With Aurier in positive mode too both assisting and scoring we played some lively football and went ahead twice.

But Wolves are a robust outfit with pace and skill and were not at all fazed by going behind on the stroke of half time. Defensive errors by Dier and Tanganga conceded the first equaliser and by the second half we had run out of ideas.

We had no answer to the skill and pace of Jotta who had a hand in all three goals and who scored his 6th. goal in his last 3 games in the last 10 days. We were eventually overwhelmed by goals from Jotta and Jiminez.

Vertonghen and Toby on the bench could only look on with resignation. Dele had a chance to make it 3-1 before they equalised for the second time with a fine run but, unmarked, put his header wide. In the second half we didn't have a shot on target.

We were lucky to beat them away and perhaps a little unfortunate to lose at home. However we slip down to 7th. behind both Utd. and Wolves and toying with 8th. as Sheffield Utd. are level on points with a game in hand.

Our third loss in a row for the first time since last May and only the fourth time in his career that Jose has done the same. Unstoppable force meets immoveable object syndrome. Spurs might just be a step too far for him.

Tanganga who is young and inexperienced had a bad afternoon. He was involved in all three goals but not in a good way. A miss-kick for the first; bullied by Traore for the second and sat on his backside by Jiminez for the third.

But every member of the defence has a mistake in them and he will learn and improve. Aurier though well beaten for the first by Jota at least had a positive influence on the game at the other end with an assist and a goal.

We were without Son, Kane, Lamela, Sissoko and Lloris with a groin strain but bringing on striker Troy Parrott in extra time was a lame joke at best. The boy is either a striker or he is not and on the bench for a reason.

Not a game perhaps that many Spurs fans expected to win even when we went ahead, twice. Wolves have retrieved an impressive 35 points from losing positions, six more than any other team. But we were on the front foot for a time.

Mourinho has been beaten by former players twice in eight days so perhaps he has found his spiritual home at last but that wasn't how it was supposed to be when he was appointed.

Lo Celso once again impressed; Dele would have been a High Road Hero had he scored; Serge was a positive force, going forward anyway; the attack and Winks had a good first half and the corpse definitely twitched.

Were I not a Spurs supporter I would have enjoyed the game with plenty of skill and effort on display not all of it from Wolves.

I think that this season has gone and the Europa Cup is our best hope and then a reset for next season when there will be no excuses for Jose and the current crop of new signings and perhaps at least one more.

Next Up.
FA Cup: Norwich at home this Wednesday 4th. March at 7:45 pm. Our best hope for that elusive silverware.

Premier League: Burnley away this Saturday 7th. March at 5:30 pm.

Champions' League. Away to RB Leipzig next Tuesday 10th. March at 8pm.

An exciting 8 days ahead then. Maybe too exciting for those of a nervous disposition.

Cup Draw for the Quarter finals this Wednesday, March 9:50 on BBC1.

The Quarter-Final ties are scheduled for the weekend of Saturday, March 21st.

On the bright side at least we've reached 40 points

 ('This' means the next  and 'next' means the one after just for clarification)

Jimmy's Video Spot,
Short and sweet. No need to dwell. Good passing and interplay from Winks, Lo Celso, Dele and Aurier for the goals. Some messy defending for their goals especially the second equaliser.

Dele should have had two but still at least an alert Bergwijn was on the spot for the first.

Monday, 24 February 2020

A Price Well Worth Paying..

There's an open door boys.
Could be a trap!
The JimmyG2 Column.
We assumed that the price of success, apart from the 15 million per year price tag, would be some unexciting, defensive, bus-parking. pragmatic football but that it was a price well worth paying in our search for a trophy.

It now seems that it is the price of failure too. Faced with an inviting opportunity to overtake Chelsea we hesitated and shredded Jose's reputation for serial winning and tactical acumen almost at a stroke.

Open doors have always been an opportunity to be resisted at Spurs recently and even Jose couldn't push or lead us through this one.Against an off form Chelsea we didn't even seem to be trying.They raised their game and we did not

As against RB Leipzig last week we contrived to share the play but not the opportunities to win which tells you precisely where our possession played out. With or without Dele we didn't have the flair or skill to win the game.

That it was third choice ex-Arsenal Giroud who put us on the back foot within 15 minutes was salt into the mainly self inflicted wounds. Soon after half time the recalled Alonso made it 2-0 after a fine move and strike.

So Frank Lampard did the double over his mentor  and nobody can claim that they didn't deserve it. It could have been much worse as both the referee and VAR allowed Giovani Lo Celso to stay on the pitch after he stamped on Azpilicueta.

The Argentinian baby-faced assassin revealed his inner Lamela in a edgy performance which even VAR  admitted it got wrong. Lampard was rightly aggrieved not for the first time this week. He had more of a case this time.

Giovani has been relieving the Academy boys of their dinner money for some weeks ever since his outfit took over from Eric Dier's Protection Squad on the High Road.

Lamela induced a Rudiger own goal on full time to make the score appear respectable but we could have been a man down before the hour and at least another goal down before the end.

Spurs and Jose look as if the end of the season can't come too soon. All eyes are increasingly on pre-season, the return of key injury victims especially Son and Kane and the further integration of our recent signings.

But there are worrying signs. Ndombele is giving no clear indication that he will be up to the rigours of the Premiership any time soon; Toby looks older and slower every time I see him  and his Belgian colleague Jan looks completely gone.

Sanchez is giving us some hope and Tanganga too but Aurier is a perpetual wild card. Troy Parrott a designated International striker must have done something wrong in training not to get minutes in our current situation.

Jose's post match presser backed the boys to the hilt but in the light of our injuries stated clearly that the next 3 months are going to be very difficult. I agree and possibly disappointing too. Next season without European football or a trophy beckons.

This might not be such a bad thing. In the short term things could get worse. On his money he's not going to resign and we probably can't afford to sack him. He's got plenty of reasons/ excuses to parade.

And parade them he does. and will. In happier times I would have hailed the narrowness of the margin of defeat against both Chelsea and RB Leipzig and all the positives that Mourinho raises in his post match press conference.

All much to early I know for such speculation with a dozen games to go and still fighting on 3 fronts.  Things might look better at the end of March than at the beginning. I hope so but seriously doubt it.

But on a black weekend for our top four ambitions all our chasing rivals made progress: Arsenal, Utd, Wolves,Sheffield and Burnley. Below us 3 points covers five teams and we are a point behind Utd.

Next month we play three of our rivals (Wolves, Manchester Utd. and Burnley and the return leg of the CL tie.) We play Utd on the Ides of March (Sunday March 15th) You have been warned.

True we have some ageing Rock Stars on stage at the moment but in mitigation I would point out that all our 6 recent signings are 23 or under and we have the 5th. youngest squad in the Premiership.

So time to buckle up, knuckle down and stay as positive as you can.

Next Up
Premier League: Home to Wolves next Sunday 1st. March at 2pm.

FA Cup: Home to Norwich on Wednesday 4th. March at 7.45 pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The Master of Deflection. It's all sort of true. If I was technically gifted enough I would have added a violin soundtrack.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Faint Heart and Fortune Favours... and all that.

Don't argue with The king, Jose
The JimmyG2 Column.
 I think our ongoing staffing problems showed up more than theirs. They were better than us and how we go into the next leg with a salvageable one goal deficit I have no idea.  Thanks Hugo.

I think Jose will have to abandon his defensive cautious mind-set for the replay because at home to Champions' League newcomers  in our magnificent new stadium caution didn't really cut it. We were more intimidated than they were.

In the end it nearly worked but Davies clumsy awkward challenge gave them a penalty opportunity which Werner gratefully accepted. We more or less shared possession and had as many shots on target as they did.

Funny things stats. In the absence of Eriksen, Dele ran further than anyone trying to close down and was angry when substituted, whether with himself, Jose, or  the recent inclement weather is unclear.

Jose later stirred the pot by saying we improved when Dele went off. Perhaps a diversionary tactic for his team selection or to rile him into better performance, who knows. But individual pressing doesn't work it has to be co-ordinated.

It wasn't and they calmly passed around us.They were quicker, slicker and better organised than us and had several dangerous players. Their alleged weakness in central defence was left largely untested.

Steven Bergwijn faded, Moura and Dele ran themselves silly but to little effect. Lloris and their profligacy saved us from a beating and Sanchez was our key defender. Winks again had a decent game especially in the second half.

Lo Celso was the stand out star for us and Fernandes made further strides. Lamela as always made a difference as we increasingly pressured them from the hour mark. Too little too late I'm afraid. If Ndombele ever gets match fit he will be the proverbial 'Beast'

We allowed them onto their front foot by default from the start and were a better team than most of us expected. It was not until they went into 'have and hold' mode did we increase the tempo, the press and concerted effort.

Aurier was pathetic throughout, wandering back and out of position mostly and unable to cross effectively when the opportunity arose. Tanganga and Sess would have given us more dynamism and greater reliabilty.

Davies was slow and clumsy as usual, even apart from the penalty and when turning back and passing to Toby did the 'flappy hands' gesture to denote the 'Don't blame me Guv there's no-one to pass to' even when Harry Winks made himself available.

Son and Harry Kane are out possibly for the season so something needs to be done. Faster pace, more effective pressing, playing for the whole 90 minutes and not just the last 20. Skipp, Parrott, Sess and Tanganga should be given more chances even if only to spread the load.

It wasn't a massacre though it might well have been. We could have been two down in 2 minutes.  If we cede the pitch to Chelsea on Saturday we might get rolled over and in the light of our problems I would prefer to watch a spirited Spurs go down with a fight.

A narrow loss is of no value in the Premiership and if N'dombele is only a half hour beast let it be from the start. He might even last the half 

Mourinho is getting his excuses in early bemoaning injuries,  unfitness and unreadiness but it's not the Spurs way. He has been blessed with potential gems in all five of our recent signings, Fernandes (edit), N'dombele, Sess, Bergwijn and especially Lo Celso.

And a newly returned Erik (yellow card) Lamela. If we get our shit together, use the squad and play positively we could make top four and even progress to the last eight of the Champions' League. Take the negative route and we could slide quietly into Nowheresville.

I know it's not the Mourinho way but special situations demand appropriate responses. Count your blessings Jose  and play them to the full. Faint heart and all that and Fortune Favours the Brave.

Decision Time: Now or Never. There are too many teams jostling for Top Four to hope that all results go our way until the end of the season. Bull, Horns Jose.

Up Next
Tottenham face London rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League on Saturday 22nd. February in the race for a top-four finish (12:30 GMT)

Jimmy Greaves.
Happy Birthday Jimmy G1 and Incidently JimmyG2. It's a funny old world Jim.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
From 1960 which was quite a good year for Spurs. Any excuse for a little bit of Elvis who had an excellent voice in spite of all the showbiz trappings.