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Monday, 13 September 2021

Thats a No No Nuno !


Top floor: Going down to 6th or lower at the moment.

.The JimmyG2 Column.


And it was all going so well. Back down to earth not with a bang but a whimper. However we didn't get carried away when we went top of the league with three wins and no goals conceded, well not completely, so we won't totally despair at this loss to Crystal Palace.

But the manner of our losing gives cause for concern. We were pretty abject although we have plenty of reasons which border on excuses but in the main the wounds were self-inflected. Tanganga's exuberance got the better of him and on the hour was sent off for a second yellow.

Even so  it was another 15 minutes before Davies conceded a penalty for a sloppy handball and Zaha converted to set the rout on its way. Nuno Offered no excuses after the game but did little during it to change its course other than gap plugging- (See Video)

Most Spurs fans were surprised that Bryan Gill did not get an opportunity to run at Palace or even that wild card Ndombele was not given the opportunity to erase the blot on his copy book. Nuno  opted to defend a one goal deficit which was a novel approach.

Dier was injured early on  retrieving a poor throw-out by Lloris who was a bit off key throughout the game with his distribution and he should at least have saved the third goal. I assume he was unsighted for the second.

With  Lo Celso, Sanchez and Romero banished to Croatia for defiance of Covid regulations and Son and Bergwijn injured on International duty Nuno's options were limited and he chose only to try to remedy the contingencies of the game .( Rodon for Dier: Davies for Winks)

 Emerson had a proper baptism of fire at right back and eventually lost the battle with Zaha but he showed some promise and determination, initially.

The midfield of Hojbjerg, Winks and Skipp showed little creativity and spent much of the match fire-fighting. Neither full back could add any attacking options down the flanks. Moura generated some hope and excitement at the start but it fizzled out. Harry was either sulking or seriously out of form or condition.

So an increasingly rampant Palace for whom Callagher was lively. If he'd had last week's shooting boots on it might have been a lot worse. He scored twice in the draw with West Ham, but he was at least inventive..

We were curiously subdued and played without any intent. Harry was isolated and we had few chances and only one shot on target in the whole game. Nuno sent his players out five minutes early for the second half. “The perspective was to improve,” he admitted. “But it didn’t happen.”

How worried should we be? Down now to 6th. which is more like our proper level. The successful return of Ronaldo and the triumph of Emma Raducano in the US Open may distract the critics for a while and give Nuno time to refocus, reassess and get more players back to the squad.

We had the critics worried there for a moment but normality is restored at least temporarily.

But the squad is unbalanced with a plethora of  right-backs, left backs and defenders and still no proper back-up or support for HK. Ndombele  and Lo Celso would supply some creativity to the midfield which is looking more than a little dour.

If the suggested plugging into the Spurs DNA is to come about Nuno needs to be quicker to re-jig and re-organise the team under stress. Crossing your fingers and looking skywards is not gonna cut it. Ndombele, Gill and Scarlett could have replaced Skipp, Winks or Moura or even Dele or Kane when Tanganga lost his head on the hour.

His options were limited by the various catastrophes that beset us but doing nothing is not an option. Like Southgate this week doing little or nothing only made things worse. We had three different centre back pairings during the game (Tanganga/ Dier: Rodon/ Tangangs and Rodon/ Davies which is clearly not ideal.

But we need to to cope better with adversity although they didn't score until the 76th minute with some effective blocks by Dele and Rodon in front of Lloris but it was all getting a little desperate. New Palace boy Edouard on for the last 8 minutes scored twice which was not in the script at all.

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong: a penalty. a sending off, an early injury and a depleted squad. It's early days of course so just moderately worried I suppose but Nuno needs to take charge and quickly. The test of a manager is when things are not going well.

 No more Mr Nice Guy especially with no definite news of Son or Dier's injuries. If Everton neat Burnley on tonight we'll be back down in 7th. a position with which we are already familiar.

Next up two London derbies against Chelsea and Arsenal with the European Conference fixture against Rennes sprinkled between. So no time to lick our wounds. Nuno needs to apply something invigorating to the scars of the Palace game rather then TLC.

Final thoughts. Oliver Skipp (20) is very much a Hojbjerg clone and the two should not start together. He's OOOOwn and I naturally incline towards him but he has been seriously over-hyped. Give him a little space and time to develop. 

 Aparecido Leite de Souza Junior (22) Emerson Royal to you and me looks like a good signing strong and willing although he struggled against Zaha as most do.

Tanganga. needs to curb his enthusiasm a little. The initial foul on Zaha was wild and to tempt the referee within minutes before he had put his cards away was just silly. 

Spurs (4-3-3):- Lloris (Capt.); Emerson, Dier (sub Rodon, 12), Tanganga, Reguilon; Hojbjerg, Skipp, Winks (sub Davies, 60); Lucas Moura, Kane, Dele

Subs not used:- Gollini; Doherty, Omole; Gil, Ndombele, Markanday; Scarlett

Booked:- Tanganga (foul on Zaha), Lucas Moura (Dissent)

Sent off:- Tanganga, 58 (second yellow for foul on Ayew)

Next Up:

 European Conference League Group stage. Away to Rennes this Thursday 16th. September at. 5.45 pm.

Premier League. Home to Chelsea on Sunday 19th. September at 4.30 pm. 

Jimmy's Video Sp0t.

Last word to Nuno in the post match Press Conference. Congratulations for winning the Curse of the Manager of the Month award.

Monday, 30 August 2021

Spurs Have To Soft Pedal on Results.


 They are just resting their eyes.


The JimmyG2 Column 


 This latest turn of events needs to be handled very carefully. The slightest hint of premature celebration, a smidgen of top of the table exuberance or an echo of gloating at the fate of others will alert the attention of the Football Gods, hitherto clearly distracted by the return of Ronaldo to United.

So 'just the facts Ma'am' as Joe Friday used to say in Dragnet in another age. After 3 games we have a 100% record without conceding a goal the, first time we have achieved this double whammy and are top of the English Premiership League, 2 points clear of the chasing pack, 

The first time too since  Arthur Rowe in 1949 won his first three league fixtures. At the other end of the table our N.London rivals are not doing so well. Just the facts Ma'am. Oh and Harry Kane returned to the day job and put in a full shift.

But it was Son on his 200th. appearance that scored the only goal of the game with a curving free kick that crept into the corner following hesitancy by Watford keeper Bachmann. Spurs were rarely put under pressure after the first sticky 10 minutes but the game was too slow paced to generate much excitement.

It seems churlish to criticise but Nuno's substitutions were parsimonious and belated as usual. Gill for Son with 2 minutes to go was mere time-wasting and the boy should have been on 20 minutes before. Lo Celso too could have replaced one of the midfield three on the hour to give more zip.

I know, I know we won so what's the beef? But there will be tougher games and quite soon after the break and we need to integrate peripheral figures more firmly.  Kane was adding little up front but even then might have scored, Dele too but on the whole he was ponderous.

1-0 is not my favourite score-line as it can so easily go wrong but obviously 'enough is sufficient' as my Granny used to say, especially when the dreaded words are uttered on commentary ''  A win here and Spurs will go top of the table'. Thank you, the Gods are only resting their eyes..

Sanchez played well though under little pressure and Dier seems to have found his niche as the covering centre-back. I was disappointed with the full backs, Tanganga is better when under pressure, given time and space  he flounders a little.

Reguilón got into the game eventually but Bergwijn did little to justify replacing Moura though Moura did nothing much himself to challenge Nuno's judgement when he replaced him on 68 minutes. Dele who almost scored arriving late into the box was a little slow thinking throughout.

Bachmann atoned for his error in conceding the goal with two fine saves, one from a deflected Hojbjerg free kick and another from Kane in a goalmouth melee late on. But our defence stood firm and Skipp under Hojbjerg's wing continues to prosper.

Neither Son nor Harry did much but Sonny still has the knack of scoring goals. Our 3rd. 1-0 victory sounds like José country but it's not. We press harder and higher and don't sit on a narrow lead and so far generally we are fitter and last the pace better than our opponents.

We won on all the statistics, goals, shots, shots on target, possession, corners and probably the half-time raffle.

Nuno stresses hard work and organisation in his post match interview. Kind words for Moussa Sissoko who he has just sold for peanuts. (see Video) but at Moussa finally got on the NWHL pitch. 

We all know it won't last but its a good start to build on before the 'You know whos stir themselves. The football is improving, the results are brilliant and as you know a journey of 38 matches starts with 3 wins.

Transfer News. Mostly nonsense and I have ignored it . We will soon know the truth so I'm just waiting now. Whatever happens it's been a good window.

 Next Up The International break 

Then Premier League: Away to Crystal Palace on Saturday 11th. September at 12 30pm.and then 2 more London derbies to follow. (Chelsea and Arsenal)

Europa Conference Group Phase; Away to Rennes on Thursday 16th. September at 5.45 pm.

Spurs (4-3-3):- Lloris (Capt.); Tanganga, Sanchez, Dier, Reguilon; Hojbjerg, Skipp, Dele; Son (sub Gil, 88), Kane, Bergwijn (Sub Lucas Moura, 68)

Subs not used:- Gollini; Doherty, Romero, Davies, Sessegnon; Winks, Lo Celso

Booked:- Kane (foul on Sarr), Dele (foul on Sarr), Skipp (foul on Sarr) I think that's called targetted tackling

Jimmy's Video Spot 

Nuno keeps it tight and polite and stresses hard work and organisation. He advises us not to take any notice of the current league position.That's what I've been telling 'em Guvner.


Friday, 27 August 2021

A Star Is Born.


Nuno welcomes Harry back


The JimmyG2 Column.


Confession up front, I eavesdropped on this one too which was frustrating to say the least. A much better commentary this time with Clive Allen's brother Bradley up front at the Match Centre  on the Official Site.(Via Radio London I think)

But having watched various highlights I can confidently state that with Harry's help we  battered them, won easily and might have scored more. Bryan Giill,  Sesssegnon, Son, Bergwijn and Harry all might have scored. Romero, best defender in Italy last year impressed but will need cover.

Harry was the main man, Bryan Gill who looks like the love child of George Harrison and Luka Modric, stole the show and put a foot firmly on the road to legendom. Sessegnon gave signs that he might almost be ready and a fine tackle by Winks and an incisive pass to Gill set up Harry for his first within 10 minutes.

I don't know who writes Spurs scripts but this was exactly the tonic we needed after last week. Captain Kane survived  his own Mutiny, announces he's staying (for this Summer anyway), scores twice in the first half hour and is seemingly generally accepted back into the Tottenham fold.

A word here for Nuno Esperito Santos clearly backed in the shadows by Levy who has behaved with dignity throughout the Kane Saga. He made no false moves and his and our reward is to see Harry back. 

Harry and his brother, Charlie have behaved badly and for some fans a nasty taste remains. It reminds me of the scene in 'On the Waterfront' with Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando. ''You're my brother Charlie, you should have looked after me. I could have been a Contender''

Lo Celso turned up in style and was central to Harry's 2nd and made it 3-0 with a cunning free kick. Son and Dele made appearances, though I'm not sure why and Nuno might have given Dane Scarlett  or even Dilan Markanday a taste.

But no complaints, we did what we had to do and set about it with vigour and fulfilled this week what I understood Nuno's game plan to be; on the front foot, moving the ball quickly to players in the same colour shirt. Davies cast a fatherly eye on the youngsters ahead and was not troubled.

Nor were Dier and Doherty though Gollini gave us a couple of moments of anxiety and Doherty didn't make the most of his opportunities. Winks and Lo Ceslo had the centre of the pitch tied up and Gill and Sessegnon combined well  on the break.

Harry might never have been away in body or spirit. He might recover his love for Tottenham if he keeps on scoring, You already have much better things more than trophies Harry.

Spurs (4-4-2):- Gollini; Doherty, Romero, Dier, Davies; Lo Celso, Winks, Gil (sub Bergwijn, 73), Sessegnon (sub Hojbjerg, 63); Lucas Moura (sub Dele, 84), Kane (Capt.) (sub Son, 72)

Subs not used: Austin; Reguilon, Sanchez; Skipp, John, Markanday; Scarlett

Booked:- Romero (foul on Jorge Silva), Gil (foul) Romero's was an error by the ref. (Spurs Odyysey)

Europa Conference draw.

 We are in Group G and have been drawn against French side Rennes, Vitesse from the Netherlands and Slovenian team Mura. Not quite the Group of death but not to be trifled with. The short travel distances are a bonus in a packed season.

Breaking News. Sissoko to Watford for 10 million. Good luck we could drop him off on Sunday.

Next Up.

Premier League: This Sunday 29th August Home to Watford at 2pm.

After the International break. Away to Crystal Palace on Saturday 11th. September at 12.30pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.

Most of the key moments and no distracting commentary. Just the music which some may find equally distracting. A star is born, another re-born and several others new and old turn up fit and willing

Monday, 23 August 2021

Where's Harry

Is he at City or still down the Lane.
That damned elusive Harry Kane.
The JimmyG2 Column
Is it too soon to take stock do you think? Two games, two wins, two clean sheets, into the top four, Arsenal in the relegation zone, Harry Kane seemingly back in the fold, for one day, only as they say, anyway, and a performance that José would be proud of.

Well perhaps you're right, it's a bit early to draw too many conclusions. Let's leave it for a  week or six hovering between suicide watch and euphoria until the transfer window bangs shut and the fate of Harry Kane is signed, sealed and delivered

Nuno thanked him for helping us beat Wolves. A little bit of Portuguese 'blarney', I think. Nuno's 'Come back Harry all is forgiven' moment. Bergwijn was much improved, Moura slipped back into bad habits. Both he and Son could have been replaced earlier

Anyway this was game set up to be intense: first game at Molyneux for 18 months, in front of a full stadium, returning Manager, Harry on the bench, 100% record to protect.They dominated possession 60% and had 25 shots, mainly wayward, to our 8.

Perhaps Nuno's own tension over his return transmitted itself to the team or to his handling of the fixture but this was not what we were promised in the brochure. Or perhaps Wolves pressure itself dictated the play.

Like last week pressure was focussed on Japhet by switching Traore to the left. It didn't work last week with Sterling and Grealish and it didn't quite work this week either but it was a close run thing. Traore lost out in a one with Hugo following a Dier error.

Son, Bergwijn, Dier and Kane were all denied in the second half by Sa in the Wolves goal so it was not as one-sided as some reports claimed.and Wolves deserved more or less what they got. They created some decent chances and then wasted them.

Dele was brought down by Sa as he took an incisive ball by Reguilón into the 6yd. area. He made no effort to avoid the collision but why should he. The tackle was rash. He got up to calmly send the keeper the wrong way. 10 minutes and the only goal of the game was registered.

Incidently this was Dele's first Premier League goal since March 2020. Dele working hard from deeper was my MOM. 

Tanganga stuck to his task against the dangerous Traore and their private match was not quite a score draw. A real baptism of fire for the boy. Sanchez and Skipp took a little time to adjust to the pressure but Dier and Hoijbeg settled quickly and played well. 

Reguilón made several perceptive  interceptions and Hugo on his record breaking 300th. appearance was always in the right place at the right time. So an 80 minutes that José would have been proud of but this was in some ways a special occasion and I hope to see a little more front foot play.

It will be interesting to see how many of the team that played against Wolves play on Thursday. 

Spurs team-sheet: This was the same starting eleven as City (From Spurs Odyssey)

Spurs (4-3-3):- Lloris (Capt.); Tanganga, Sanchez, Dier, Reguilon; Hojbjerg, Skipp, Dele; Lucas Moura (sub Lo Celso, 67), Son (sub Kane, 72), Bergwijn (sub Winks, 90+1)

Subs not used:- Gollini; Doherty, Davies, Sessegnon; Gil; Scarlett

Booked:- Tanganga (foul on Marcal), Skipp (foul on Traore), Hojbjerg (foul on Fabio Silva), Kane (Time wasting)

Next Up

Europa Conference: Second leg v Pacos Ferreira at home on Thursday 26th. August at

Premier League; Home to Watford on Sunday29th. August at 2pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot

And here's the Wolves view on events. Not a lot different from ours. Welcome back the real Dele (and to Harry Kane)  Successful team effort to keep the Wolves from the door.

Friday, 20 August 2021

Nuno Gambles and Loses

  There's the Second Leg next week.


The JimmyG2 Column 


Nuno has bought himself plenty of time by the way he has handled himself and the pre-season preparations. But he'll use up a little of it to overcome last night's performance in Portugal. Although a 1-0 loss in the first leg is not a disaster for various reasons.

This competition was clearly the least of our targets and if we should go out few tears will be shed.  After all the prize for winning it is a free entry to the Europa proper which we could achieve by a less arduous route. Although there is the trophy to consider.

The manner of our departure is a different matter and although some youth were included. Dane Scarlett and Nile John were starters  the core of the team was  experienced. Winks, Davies, Doherty, Lo Celso, but all had nightmare evenings and Romero looked more rusty than my old bike.

Sessengnon a sort of in-betweener grew into the game and Bryan Gill was the pick of the bunch. Clarke made a difference but we hardly set foot in their area and had precisely zero shots on target even though we dominated possession (64%).

They were a tough crew bordering on rough and approaching dirty but they made their only clear chance count with a telling through ball and a composed finish. Gollini was left exposed and could do little to prevent the goal but his handling throughout was sound.

Now I must confess I couldn't watch the game so I won't be too dogmatic I listened to the commentary on the Spurs site which was dreadful as usual, they don't seem to teach commentating at school any more. I've watched various highlights, so you don't have to,.

They make the game even more disjointed than it probably was but this was a poor performance by a squad lacking in game time and it showed. None of the Senior players stood up to be counted and poor Dane Scarlett was completely ignored despite running around like a dog on the beach.

It is worrying that there is such a huge gap between the 1st. and 2nd. squads and perhaps a more judicious mixture would have helped us take at least a draw back to NWHL next week if we have any intention to progress. But Nuno was adamant that the priority was the game against Wolves on Sunday.

But the same Thursday/ Sunday dilemma over team selection applies to the replay. Unless beating Wolves is a higher priority than Watford for personal reasons. If we go out a valuable platform for youth and fringe players is lost.

Nuno admitted that momentum and the feel-good factor have been lost after City but that is partly down to him that many of the Senior players lacked commitment and desire. He will survive. Lose to Wolves and all bets are off so early in the season.

Nuno's summary '' Let’s analyse the match, because there were things we did well, but many things that we didn’t do so well.” You can say that again but let's hope you don't have to.

Next Up

Premier League. Away to Wolves on Sunday 22nd August at 2pm

Europa Conference League: Second leg v Pacos Ferreira at Home on Thursday 26th. August at 7.45. pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.

Edited by a butcher's apprentice, but the longest I could find with an English commentary for those like me who couldn't get  a live stream. Poor refereeing from the start (see the early foul on Bryan Gill). Disjointed all over the pitch.

Starting 11 and substitutions (3-4-3):

- 22 Gollini; 38 Carter-Vickers (sub 48 Paskotsi, 87), 4 Romero, 33 Davies (Capt.); 2 Doherty, 18 Lo Celso, 8 Winks,19 Sessegnon (sub 56 Bennett, 81); 43 John (sub 47 Clarke, 46), 44 Scarlett, 11 Gil

Subs not used:- 40 Austin; 42White, 50 Cesay, 53 Lyons-Foster; 51 Matthew Craig, 52 Michael Craig,55 Mundle

Booked:- Davies (foul on Helder Ferreira – arm raised), Gil (foul on Matchoi) (From Spurs Odyssey)

Monday, 16 August 2021

Today Is Not The Day

 Nuno Expects that every man will do his duty

..The Jimmy G2 Column.


Today is not the day for long term speculation but is reserved for short term jubilation. Today is not the day for morbid introspection but for joyful appreciation. Today is not the day for analysis of Harry Kane's future but for the celebration of a famous victory.

For 20 minutes we were unsettled and City had 3 clear chances which they failed to take and our worst fears loomed large but the team hunkered down: Dier and Sanchez stood up, Tanganga and Moura stood out: Skipp found his feet: Dele worked his socks off and Son once again engineered a decisive strike.

On another day, well you know how that goes, but this is not the day to ponder things which didn't happen and to celebrate the things that did.

Today is not the day to assess our chances of top four or Nuno's long term future or the incomings and outgoings of the squad but to assert that this is what we have and where we are today and tomorrow is another day. I'm pleased to the point of pride.

Today is not the day to delve too deeply into individual performances but to say congratulations to the squad, the Manager, the fans and everyone at THFC including Harry. I suspect that part of the team's grit and resolve was to say 'this ones for you Harry'.

This was a different game plan from last season. A goal up we went for the throat when we could and but for a glaring Bergwijn miss it would have paid double dividends. But this not the day to disparage our own or to compare Portuguese Management philosophies.

Nuno suits Spurs: José did not. This is not the day for deep tactical analysis. Not for the first time Spurs defeated the Champions and the Champions elect and put the doom-sayers to flight. Enjoy the moment, bask in the sunlit uplands while you can.

This is not the day to ponder when or whether we will see Winks or Sissoko or Rodon or even Harry himself again but to applaud the squad and its spirit. Or to wonder what might have happened had De Bryne been fit enough to start.

It's not the day to ask whether these boys can do it on a wet Thursday in whichever Euro backwater the Conference League takes us.

'The Harry Kane team', hardly Mr. Guardiola, as you should know better than anyone. but this is not the day. 

There will be other days when realities have to be faced but today is not the day. 

Next Up:

 Europa Conference League. Away to Pacos de Ferreira (Portugal) on Thursday 19th August at

Premier League. Away to Wolves on Sunday 22nd. August at 2pm.

Jimmy's Video Spot.

Japhet Tanganga

 Hackney boy, 22, Man of the Moment. Another one of our own. Has represented England at every level so far. Another MOM performance against City yesterday. Speaks well and knows where he is going. Sorry Galatasary.

 Targeted by double ganging up with Sterling and 100 million Grealish didn't go according to plan.

Monday, 9 August 2021

Hojberg Downplays Pre-Season Success


Best Moment of Pre-season.
The Jimmy G2 Column

Well that was a mainly satisfying pre-season. Unbeaten and kept it local, held onto our air-miles vouchers for another day. I don't need to remind you that the last time we swept all before us in pre-season we had to call in the Harry Redknapp Cavalry after 8 games with 2 points on the board.

So this was successful enough but not so dramatically so that the Football Gods and pundits were put on high alert. Many positives; players signed, players successfully back,  youth bloodied and old players temporarily re-habilitated apart from Harry and Tanguy.

Against Arsenal Sonny scored the winner late on, nothing new there, after fine work by Lo Celso and Tanganga who both bullied and out-thought the Arsenal defence. Sanchez played well too and both he and Japhet could profitably stay as more than just squad fillers.

Sanchez nurturing his inner Toby Alderweireld played some nice balls over the top with a touch of backspin to hold the ball up. Dier did nothing wrong which is to damn him with faint praise but it makes a nice change.

I've got him and Bergwijn down in my playbook as 'for sale' along with Sissoko who graced the bench but didn't actually get on the pitch. I think Nuno is trying to tell him something.

Prime Dele would have scored both his efforts that hit the post and we would have won the tournament. (FFS Dele) But he has grabbed his extended selection under Ryan and Nuno with at least one hand and looks like a starter. Skipp almost justified the hype.

Moura is back to his best form, Hojberg will be a rock this season he just oozes calm and control. Lo Celso could be a game -changer, Reguilón showed well. I was hoping that Jack Clarke would feature more but with arrival of Gill (pronounced Hill) his time this season may be limited.

I would be failing in my duty if I didn't address the Harry Kane  debacle. (Love that word) . Whatever happens now 'will he stay or will he go' as the Clash enquired as long ago as 1981which was at least 10 years before Harry was even born.

Whatever he does he has sunk his bridges with Spurs fans. Stay a club legend for all time or pick up a few pots on the coat-tails of City. He has given up the love, like Esau for a mess of pottage and may well regret it.

If he goes that is and he may not for all sorts of complicated financial and contractual reasons. Sold down the river by his nearest and dearest.

As for the game we were the better team and dominated for the first 20 minutes of each half. Arsenal were not all that and neither Hugo nor Pierre-luigi were much troubled nor the defence for that matter for most of the game.

The highlight of the game was the Spurs fans reception for Bukayo Saka and the after match interview by Hojberg  .  Footballer and fans rising to the occasion in style. (See Video) Class is permanent after all. Captaincy and goalkeeper sorted for the post Hugo/ Harry Kane era.

What does it mean for the season ahead? I have pencilled in a repeat of last year's 7th. New Manager, new players, young players all need to bed in and if we can repeat the form of pre-season (2 wins, 2 draws) in our first 4 games I will be more than happy. (8 from 4)

So gentle readers the future is bright but perhaps not straight away. Hojberg's verdict that Pre-Season wasn't bad perhaps lost something in translation. I would put it as 'quite good' but perhaps you had to be there.

Ins: Romero, Gollini and Bryan Gil (Pronounced Hill)

Outs. Lamela, Toby and Joe Hart which will do wonders for the average age of the squad. Estimates welcomed. I will be more than satisfied if we emulate our pre-season form in the first 4 games. (8 from 4)

Both 'so far' obviously the transfer window doesn't shut until until 31st. August. We will have played 3 games by then (City, Wolves and Watford). Now whose idea was that?

A word of praise for Spurs TV which got its act together splendidly for pre-season. My usual streaming service has been closed down after many years of quality, if illegal, service.

Switching over to DAZN available legally here in Spain. 'Musings' lives to fight another day- We'll see. At least it's cheap at 9.99 a month with a free month and a discount if you pay up in advance.

 Next Up. Premier League

Home to Man.City this Sunday 15th. August at 4.30 pm. I think the starting line-up will be much the same as the Arsenal one though rumours persist that Harry will be available.

Jimmy's Video Spot.

Another high spot Pierre-Emile Hojberg more Kirkengaard than yer average footballer in  the Arsenal after match interview. A new frontier for football interviews. Football, life, fans. Nailed on captain after Hugo. possibly sooner rather than later. Didn't say 'yeah definitely once'.

'Football is made for fans'.