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Monday, 28 July 2014

Lloris and Lamela: a love affair.

From Hugo, your secret admirer.
The Greg Meyer Column. 

 Monday 28 July .. Michael Carrick Gets Much Older...33 Today.

 A Love Affair ... Lloris and Lamela.

 When Hugo met Marine and Erik met Sofia there was and still is love in the air. Another love affair involving a 20 year old Spurs fan and her football hero is also still aloft.
  Mind it came under serious threat on Sunday 29 December 2013, the day Spurs played Stoke at the Lane.That was also the last Premier game that our pub's football love interest and Argentine hero played.

 More on the Lloris love affair in a moment . Firstly to our exciting 22 year old forward be it wing or central.


 Our pub's love affair was born after watching those amazing skills on the now famous Roma Compilation You Tube clip. It continued and was confirmed after his extraordinary skills against Sheriff at the Lane.
 Alas after that with AVB ruling out an appearance against Newcastle it all went downhill from there culminating in a debilitating back injury. Why?

 Speaking from a well known pizza establishment in Notting Hill yesterday evening Franco Baldini was polite enought to share some thoughts with a renowned Spurs fan.
 The upshot was that he believes Lamela will have a great season and that last year "they" ruined him. Franco opined he was very young, shy,and in a new country. 
 Mishandled perhaps. Elaborating he said that he is surprised when Lamela does not score in games. He is that good.

 Good enough for Franco then good enough for our pub. Certainly has a logic about it, the aspect of not settling quickly etc. With a fellow Argentine now managing, new curtains in the house and he and Sofia still madly in love it bodes well.
 Not sure he is still doing the English lessons. Who cares. What matters is the timing could not be better given our pub's dilemma over ...

 Where Are The Goals To Come From.

 Soldado is a lovely bloke, nice touches, no pace, loyal and determined but unless it is a penalty the output thus far is hardly prolific. Harry Kane as per Soldado, ditto. So we are left with an actual enigma and some might say a coming enigma.

 If Adebayor is motivated, not always the case 2 seasons in a row, and the Lamela revival continues apace then no worries. Throw in a certain Christian Eriksen and the picture brightens.
 Hardly the riches of Chelsea but take heart, Arsenal still have Giroud plus 23 million midfielders.

 Yes weeks to go regards the window I hear you cry. A myriad of names linked. We'll see. I guess whilst scoring is vital we do seem to be looking better down back. Davies, Vertonghen signing on for 5 years, and perhaps a fit Kaboul.
 Not all doom and gloom and of course back further we have one of the world's best goalkeepers. Captain of France and a great heartthrob for a football mad, make that Spurs mad, impressionable 20 year female fan of the suave and handsome Gallic goalie. Still a fan despite of and indeed because of that memorable Sunday in December.

 Hugo vs Stoke Sunday 29 December 2013.

 As we board the train at Orpington ( little do I realise the importance of the London-Orpington leg ), part way through the journey to the Lane, I casually mention that Hugo is very happily married to the lovely Marine and they are blessed with the 2 young daughters Anna-Rose and Giuliana.
 Completely undeterred, water off a duck's back, the 20 year old reminds me of our main mission today. Hugo features as front cover pin up boy on the Spurs Official programme.

 We walk to the ground from White Hart Station passing the usual program sellers. Don't worry I say, we'll get one inside the ground. The Official Spurs programme does not rate highly with me.
  Official club speak generally filled with sugar coated floss. Harsh perhaps, there for the irregular goer so as to acquaint himself with numbers and names on the pitch. Ah thank ghod for the irregular goer and especially those that ply the London-Orpington leg.

 Spurs romp home 3-0, Paulinho shows some real Samba and dare we think it , appears to be settling . Alas that thug, Charlie Adams, takes him out.  Out for 4 weeks thereafter. The jury too is still out on Paulinho.
 Our man Erik comes on in a cameo but the body language at the death does not bode well. He is in possession at the very end and kicks the ball away in very frustrated fashion. A portent of things to come.

 Forgot to try for a programme within the ground but no worries plenty left on the street. Sold out is the continuing cry. Oh well let's just pop into the Mega store. Oops no go. The little mega store. Sold Out. How many impressionable 20 year old female fans does Hugo have?

 Training back into London and I assure an increasingly distraught 20 year old that we'll be able to get one online. No I don't believe it either. So all aboard the London-Orpington leg.
 Ten minutes into a very quiet journey, what can I say, the football ghods raise their avuncular heads. Spotted on the other side of our carriage two 50'ish gentleman in deep conversation about a certain Spurs vs Stoke game. 
 And yes poking out of a jacket top of one of the said gentleman, a certain grinning Gallic goalkeeper.

 Why don't you just pop over and ask whether they might be interested in selling it I say. Me the one who caused this mess now saying you go. Unfair yes. Still the pull of Gallic hero worship proves irresistable.
  Our 20 year old politely enquires as to whether the two gents went to the Lane.

 Turns out one is a Millwall season ticket holder but his mate is an irregular Spurs attendee. The subject of the programme is raised. Delighted. Here you take. No way will we accept payment.

 A very, very happy member of the Hugo Lloris Appreciation Society gleefully accepts the heaven sent offer. See there is a football ghod. The programme still sits in pride of place upon a lounge room mantlepiece.

 The  recent news that the said Monsieur Suave is with us for another 5 years means it will probably have a companion very soon. Yes and this time the first programme seller out of the blocks will find a very willing buyer.

 Here At A Kent Pub.

 Summer despite the lack of Spurs does have its upside. Sunday sessions in the Beergarden dreaming of glories to come, accompanied perhaps fueled by fine English ale are a happy affair.

 Our pub like the new man, like his philosophy, like the fact that the players like him. No major losses, some useful ins, and indeed with Hugo Lloris and Erik Lamela it means our love affair with Tottenham Hotspur is looking good.

Cheers ... being greedy 2 more in would be nice ... Greg Meyer.    coys.
Jimmy's Video Spot: 
Would the 2 more be Schneiderlin and Rodriguez Greg? Just a whisper.
Here's the highlights of the Tour just ended. Nice pair from Erik, Soldado amongst the assists and a penalty of course. Kane set up Holtby for the pick of the goals and Holtby returned the favour. Townsend scored a winning scorcher, and Azza's wasn't bad.


We were without our World Cup 'stars' but the opposition was second rate at best.
But the flag was shown in the land of milk and money.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Replacements only policy at Spurs.

'E' is for England.
What about a couple of these Mr. Levy?
The Jimmy G2 Column.
Well it's come round again. That magical moment when the lads return; pre-season is imminent; TV fixtures are out; the cockerel's had a lick of paint and the new manager is leafing through his Panini collection with Levy on fast dial. 

 As I speak no-one has actually left though some are being shown the door and as yet no-one's come in.  Daws is gambling that he called it right last season by refusing to go. In the event he became a key player by default. De fault of injuries mainly.

I lived in Hull for several years and it's not that bad Michael. Honest. Bit part player at Spurs or key man at Hull. Tough decision but it's worth a punt staying with us.

At Musings we like the boy for his spirit, loyalty, attitude and many other things that make a club and a player other than pure football ability. Not the best certainly but it's a close run thing between him and Vertonghen in my view. And Jan may be seduced elsewhere in any case.

Amazing how the surly Belgian gets such rave reviews and Smiler Dawson is barely given the time of day by most fans. Both are pretty slow and gave a similar number of goals away through errors but I know who I'd like to be roped to half way up Everest.

Perhaps Poch. could do with a bit of willingness and stability in the squad. Replacements only would be my advice to the new manager. There's plenty of valuable stuff down the back of the sofa, last years signings for a start.

Rumours are rife of course but we at the Musings have put Newsnow on 'ignore' and trust only declarations, with quotes from the horse's mouth. Sandro to Napoli; Eriksen to Utd; Siggy to Palace (fee agreed apparently) Paulinho to somebody or other in Italy.

You couldn't make it up except they probably just did. It's worse than tedious and kills all the excitement and anticipation of a new season. And there's another 6 weeks of this assuming they continue the nonsense of allowing transfers after the start of the season.

The World Cup passed without much incident as far as Spurs players were concerned. The highlights or lowlights if you prefer were the failure of referees to stop the targeting of Brazil's key player Neymar.

He was finally laid low with a broken bone in his back following one boisterous challenge too many. They said that they didn't want to spoil the spectacle by giving out too many yellow cards. Some false logic there if you ask me. I'd rather see the hackers out than the artists.

And the antics of Tim Krul in the penalty shoot-out against Costa Rica. If there isn't a rule against it there should be. Ungentlemanly conduct? Breach of human rights? Defiance of the Geneva Convention? There must be something.

But then I think that batsmen should walk if they know they're out. So what do I know about the modern world.  But that is exactly why I am and have always been a Tottenham fan.

Germany won it again, but I expect you know that. Deservedly on balance as a collection of individuals and as a team. I followed Argentina, honest Mauricio, after England and Spain went out 

Messi is a very fine player and on balance I'd probably have him at Spurs, but player of the tournament I think not. Neymar was the man for me, a true creative. He had to be stopped and eventually was I'm afraid.

 The beautiful game still exists somewhere in the Spurs DNA., whatever the evidence to the contrary. Which is one reason why I will be sad to see the departure of Siggy, if he goes. A player and a gentleman in the true Spurs mould.

Cultured but perhaps just a little fragile for the current turmoil of life. Bit like me really.

From that England squad I'd certainly take Cahill. The rest are too old, too fat, too obnoxious or just too plain overhyped and expensive.Yes that's you Mr. Rooney.

Jimmy's Video Spot:
Some top quality here as another contender for the no.10 spot spends most of his time on the left wing. We like the boy and if he goes this is a fitting  farewell. Eight minutes is a stretch only achieved by showing everything three times.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

No news is good news for Spurs

 Firstly, are you or have you ever been an Argentinian?
 Secondly, can you play football?
Actually scrub the second question. Welcome to Spurs.
The JimmyG2 Column.
No news is good news. So the good news is there ain't much news. We've sold Livermore to Hull for £6 million which is confirmed and good news in a way if you believe he would never have made it at Spurs  which in my heart of hearts I do.

Decent home grown boy, another O'Hara,, honest but in the final analysis not quite able to take us where we would like to be. With more game time both might have made it. But there's no time for might in these headlong days. It's now or never as the man said.

Dawson was another from the same stable of earnest endeavor whose been around the club for some time. He certainly rescued the Danish for us this season.  Circumstances gave him an extended run but I expect to hear of his departure any day.

With the Defoe money we seem to be accumulating a tidy left back and striker fund. But that's speculation not news friends. Some people especially journalists don't know the difference.

Here on Musings we prefer the facts ma'am, just the facts, despite our title.

But so far no major departures of signings have been announced. Although with the tardiness of the Official Site the whole squad might have already been flogged off and none of us would be any the wiser.

Livermore had been made a Freeman of the City of Hull and run for Mayor before the OS gave any confirmation of his sale. More a site of Archeological Interest than an up to the minute reporting agency.

I'm expecting to walk up the High St. and see a spanking new stadium glinting in the N21 sunshine before any official news leaks out. New Stadium, sunshine whatever are you on Jimmy?  Close season, time to dream.

At the World Cup I note that no Spurs players made the final cut for the England team so share none of the blame for Roy's Boys doing even worse than predicted. Which in the light of the pundit's predictions was quite difficult.

We gave hints of what might have been and could well be in the future against Italy once Gerrard and Rooney shuffle off this mortal footballing coil. Wayne managed a goal at last in his 10th World Cup appearance.

But we fell predictably to defensive lapses which that man Suarez exploited in some style. Roy will be kept on for the European Championship to blood the next generation and then be replaced by some famous foreigner.

Unless of course the papers bay at the moon for an Englishman again. Harry has already missed that bus and Hoddle doesn't have a  return ticket. Who else is there in the 'safe hands, reliable, boring, doomed experienced Hodgson mode?

All suggestions are welcome.

Elsewhere none of our lads bar Hugo have impressed. Paulinho carried on disappointingly where he left off at Spurs; most of our Belgian contingent were dropped for the second game. Tactical ? Not if you saw their first game. Hugo has more than a fair chance of lifting the silverware.

So there you have it: a cunning blend of Musings fact, opinion, hearsay, invention and downright nonsense to get us through to the pre-season apres Brazil football. By then there might be some real news to report, maybe not all good however.

We are being linked with anyone who knew, played with or for Poch or any man and one or two women who has a trace of  Argentinian blood in their veins. Such is life. If and when real news surfaces then we'll be back and probably even before.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
That's our boy. Can't catch or keep his shirt on either. Enjoy him while you can, he could be the first one out the door if he can find his shirt. Oh well another tidy sum for the left back, striker and centre half fund. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pochettino exclusive.

Another scoop for Musings cub reporter.
 The Jimmy G2 Column.
  We don't always take the credit for the odd occurrences that occur in the daily life of Spurs. But in this case we fully intend to blow the 'It woz the Musings wot done it' trumpet loud and clear.

Within seconds, well minutes, bordering on hours of our attempt to move the Levy mountain to the  Mohammet signing of Mauricio Pochinetto the deed was done. On reading our piece on 'Waiting for Levy' the man took the hint, swallowed the bait and signed the new manager.

Now don't get us wrong, Maurice was not necessarily our preferred candidate but the writing was on the wall some time ago. Available, cheap, probably more malleable than Benitez or Frank de Boer and in the 'interesting' category.

How will he do? Nobody knows. He did well at Southampton, though some think that with the squad he had he should have done better than eighth. But which of the seven teams above him should he have overtaken?

His brief was probably a top half finish which he comfortably achieved. Spurs have a better squad, a more star spangled history, and a greater level of expectation from fans and Levy alike. Win something and/or finish in the top four  most likely.

Can he do it? We think so but might need another year to fully bed in the previous signing, inspire Lamela and integrate the inevitable new, new signings. This will depend on who leaves but hopefully another striker, a centre half  and a left back.

Will he get the time?  Yes especially after last years sackings. Two in a year  Mr. Chairman you are really spoiling us. A little stability now would help settle the nerves. But I've said that before.

Some say we are not far off the average for new managers/ head coaches over time. You have to do a little creative accounting to achieve this. Discount Pleaty, twice, he was only a caretaker; ignore Tim Sherwood everyone knew he was temporary, end of season break clause or not.

It's the modern football way apparently. But it still disrupts the players and fans alike: new manager; new priorities; new tactics, new backroom staff; new training routines; new favorites; new signings,; new menus. The modern footballer should be used to all this of course.

Some fans crave change and the attendant excitement. ITK on new signings is avidly followed and rumours chased  until they drop dead like exhausted foxes  pursued by hounds. And don't bother explaining the anti hunting laws these are metaphorical animals.

This transfer window might just be different: most of the magnificent seven are likely to stay; Michael Dawson is keen too.; Brad has been given a new contract;  Mauricio has a five year stretch and appointed well before the World Cup fanfares and riots really begin.

It might just be a dull summer boys. Stability has broken out all over N.17. Football Journos throw themselves from the top of the Wembley Arch after receiving their P45's.  ITK's found in mass burial pit on site of Spurs new stadium. We live in hope.

This is Tottenham; it ain't gonna happen. Even now the Mail is suggesting that Soldado is to be used as makeweight in a £14 million Moreno deal. That's Alberto Moreno who is going to Liverpool. Something to do with the Champions' League I suppose.

Lazy journalists are busy putting 2 and 2 together and making 22. All manner of Argentinians are being linked with us. The latest is 34 yr.old Cambiasso to supplant the Brazilian International Sandro who is ten years younger. No mention of Messi so far. Don't look away just yet.

Pochettino has stated that Lamela and Lloris are going nowhere. Well not until Dan Levy says so anyway. But that won't stop the rumours. Seems to have a bit of an attitude that Pochinetto, which we like. Facing down the press and feigning lack of English was a good start.

I like the look and sound of the man, he has some good credentials on and off the pitch. Let's pray that his epitaph will be something positive about his achievements at Spurs and not that his foul on Michael Owen led to the penalty in a 1-0 defeat of Argentina.

Jimmy's Video spot:
We are wary of coaches that think they've still got it on the pitch even if it's a tennis court. But we like his commitment and enthusiasm. You should have let him win Mauricio. He would be much more likely to sign for us surely. Or is he cleverer than we think.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Still Waiting for Levy

What time is Daniel due?
I think Godot's bringing him.
The JimmyG2 Column.
.A Spaniard, a Dutchman and an Argentinian called in 'The Cockerel' on Tottenham High Rd. in response to a Head Chef Required notice pinned to the door.. Stop me if you've already heard it.

The Spaniard has  had many years of successful employment in some of the top establishments throughout Europe. But his habit of constantly rearranging the furniture has clearly annoyed both staff and management alike.

 His prickly temperament has led to a number of confrontations with owners and rivals and he has led a somewhat nomadic career from his early days in Spain, then to England, Italy, England again and currently Italy once more.

His academic and practical qualifications are impressive but his staying power is somewhat limited. In a 20 year career he has had 10 different jobs. Actually this may well make him suitable for the 'The Cockerel' whose high staff turnover is legendary.

His preference for allocating staff separate areas to cover rather than to personally take care of selected clientele  has also been a bone of contention. His somewhat negative and defensive attitude to running the business which smacks of recent failed managers at 'The Cockerel may' also count against him.

The Dutchman, from a well known family within the trade has had a more sparkling, widespread and successful career at a practical level than his Spanish companion but his senior management experience has been much more limited.

 Although it must be said that 'Club Ajax' where he has worked for the best part of five years  has a good reputation as a training and recruitment ground and will look impressive on his CV.

His recent decision to turn down an opportunity of a position in the North West may endear him to the High Road locals.  His fledgling managerial career has been crowned already with many honours but he does not have the width and depth of experience of at least one other candidate.

The Argentinian, has the advantage of the Dutchman in that he has recent experience in the type of  premier establishment for which currently he seeks preferment. He is younger and taller than his rivals.(Wikipedia)

He has had practical work experience in Europe and at the highest levels but again his managerial experience is limited. His preference for promoting junior colleagues may find favour amongst the regulars at 'The Cockerel' as will his more aggressive approach to customer satisfaction.

An inability to speak English has not been seen as an impediment to the careers of at least two recent employees and should not be a major stumbling block in this case.

So mine host Daniel Levy has much to ponder before appointing his 5th manager in 7 years. Experience and success against good pedigree, youth and style.

He runs a tight spreadsheet our Daniel but staff selection has not proved to be his strong suit. Whoever he chooses 'The Cockerel will survive and continue to serve its regulars

But the fare has been a little stodgy of late and there is now promise of a new and exciting chef and a more exotic menu.

 Musings has already nailed its colours to the Pochettino mast on the sound basis of hunch and ITK hints from 'The Grapevine'. But that was weeks ago. We're still waiting Mr. Levy.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Just a nudge Mr. Levy. A compilation of the best and 'sexiest' Argentinian players. We have a soft spot for Argentinians at 'The Cockerel' and I don't mean the beer garden where the sewer collapsed. Not necessarily at Head Chef level though. By the way Mauricio did not make the final cut.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Lamela's back again.

Breakfast's on the table Erik.
Your favorite. The one with the Cockerel on.  
The Greg Meyer Column.
 FA Cup Saturday 2014.

Erik Lamela's Breakfast.

The best selling breakfast cereal in Argentina is Kelloggs. Coincidentally it is likewise in the U.K. So should be no trouble for Erik to acclimatise to early mornings here in North London. Settling has apparently been a real problem. If its not the wrong curtains for the new house, then a change of managers doesn't help.
 Lo and behold an ever present injury becomes a full blown back injury. Specialists here and in Italy called to the case.

We all remember his cameo against Stoke at the Lane and the body language (universal) as he walked off. Not played since.

However perhaps matters generally, apart from breakfast cuisine are settling. We have it from the top of the breakfast table at White Hart Lane.

 "He's back."
Speaking at a Q&A with the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust earlier this week Daniel Levy confirmed that our Argentinian wunderkid is back in light training after a complex back injury.

We know he's been doing unofficial light training, walking the dog on the park near his home. So this is really ramping it up.  Cannot have gone unnoticed by our Erik that the disbelieving Mr. Sherwood has also been jogged on by Mr. Levy. Certainly no Lamela fan. More good news .
He even took time out from his recuperation schedule to turn out on the pitch at White Hart Lane. His lap of honour was enthusiastically cheered by our pub going gamers before our end of season celebrations ...

At A Kent Pub.

No regrets here that Tim Sherwood's 6 month contract expired. Certainly his realisation that the break clause was an odds on certainty to be invoked explains some of his cavalier comments on a weekly basis to the press.
Some definitely had a ring of honesty but egos like Vertonghen and our pubs player of the year Hugo Lloris need to be carefully managed. In Hugo's case not so much ego but Gallic concern about a train crash waiting to happen if Tim Deadwood stayed at the wheel.

So off we go on another hunt which seemingly how many times Mr. Levy does it (and its 9 in 13 years or something) he does not seem to get much better at it.

Our lawyer and mine host plonk for Benitez. Understandable from our publican. Hospitality industry. No wonder he is sympatico with the Spanish Waiter.
Still with the way its trending for our soon to be Argentinian superstar Erik then perhaps Mauricio Pochettino originally hailing from downtown Murphy in Argentina will be a nice fit.
 No language barrier between him and Erik.

Although if Daniel Levy has his way then Mauricio will need to speak English pitchside with the press discussing the ongoing Spurs success.

Before settling down to a pint or two over a delicious pub gourmet lunch a word on the FA Cup final. Hull. However unlikely and our mob are planning on watching only up until Arsenal score the first goal.

Cheers ... it would be grand if an ex favourite son of our pub, Tom Huddleston, was on the winning side today ... Greg Meyer.     coys.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Here's four minutes of magic from the boy himself. This was last year at Roma. He's definitely got it. We need a coach now who can release it.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Here we go again.

Earwigo again*
 The JimmyG2 Column.
And so as the final whistle blows and the good ship Hotspur sinks below the Champions' League placings we bid farewell to Season 2013/14. It's definitely farewell to Tim and probably Hugo and Jan too.

Possibly Paulinho, Soldado,Sandro and Ade as well but we will have to wait for further news on all that until after the World Cup. To coin a phrase it's been a funny old season from the exit of Bale and the splurging of the money far and wide, to the sacking of AVB and the appointment of Timothy Alan Sherwood.

On the brighter side it's apparently hello to Mauricio Pochettino. (to be confirmed shortly  I'm reliably informed)  Well fairly reliably. He speaks English better than Harry and Tim but not well enough to do without an interpreter.

Some will complain that it's not on for the manager not to deal with the press personally and directly but I say good on ya fella. The press are 90% snakes and we owe them nothing. Best avoided by whatever means possible.

The sacking of AVB was hasty and surely contributed to the failure to settle of almost all our new shiny signings. Of the seven only Eriksen and from time to time Paulinho have made any effective contribution Lamela and Soldado never really got started.

Whether AVB would have improved on his points record and the style of football is a question to which there is no meaningful answer. In my optimistic way I would like to think so. Tim did better in terms of points per game and we scored more goals.

We finished sixth, one place up from where Tim started and he promoted Bentaleb for a time and Kane to the starting squad. Pritchard and Veljkovic made appearances late in the season. So plenty of positives including the resuscitation of Adebayor.

But the die was cast on his appointment with the end of season get out clause which Levy couldn't wait to evoke. He was set up to fail and duly failed by some measure or other known only to our esteemed Chairman. Top Four or bust presumably.

It was partly down to the same reason that Brian Clough and Harry never made the England job. Too gobby by half. Tim certainly lacked the experience and composure to manage a top class team but in a results business he made a good fist of getting the results in his own curious way.

Come back in ten years time Timothy and let's see where we all are. Meanwhile the next happy punter to try his luck is an Argentinian who played at international level and who did well enough at Southampton and who was well thought of in Spain at Espanyol.

Erik Lamela will be pleased anyway and might even get a game. Generally speaking we like Argentinians at Spurs but not necessarily at Managership level. I give him 18 months the average over the past 30 years and wish him well.

And here's a picture reminder of what he looked like.
( remember he'll be older now.)

If appointed, notice those weasily bloggers back covering words, he will be our third manager in a year; our fifth in seven years and our seventh in 10 years. You have been warned but no doubt the money will be a great compensation.

We went out with a hurrah against a poor Villa side and had it all wrapped up before half time. We scored in the first 15 minutes, just, for the first time this season and our lack of energy from the start of games has been a feature which inevitably gets the fans' nerves on edge. 

Pochettino favours a high pressure game with no sign of 442. This may help to get everybody's juices flowing. He also favours the introduction and promotion of youth, as indeed Tim did, and this will be a continuation of policies at Southampton who have produced several current stars including our Gareth.

Can we summarize the season in a word. Frankly no. Interesting is a good cop out word. Ultimately disappointing covers some of the ground though the sharper wits amongst you will have spotted that
that is two words. Moribund gives some its flavour; tedious too at times.

The sacking of AVB was the key moment. With no plan in place B Sherwood was an internal appointment who was cheap and available. It was cynical and sold not only the players short but the fans too. Progress at the club was virtually put on hold for the rest of the season.

Signing up to play under a young progressive thoughtful tactician is vastly different to being confronted by a rookie with attitude and a puzzling grasp of the essentials of team building and man management. He did his best certainly and only managed to upset about half the squad.

His treatment of Bentaleb is a case study. Surprisingly promoted from semi obscurity he established a role against some of the tougher opposition sides and was then ignored for the 'easier' games in the run in.

 Capoue got the cold shoulder, Soldado played well and was then dropped; Ade went off the boil but kept his place; Lennon went missing in many games but kept getting picked; Sandro was ignored even when fit until the last game. It's management Jim but not as we know it.

But he nearly pulled it off much to everyone's surprise including Dan Levy. Now we go again into the familiar world of Tottenham transition. Pochettino's early appointment would steady the ship but is hardly likely to give pause to any already determined to go or turn the heads of aspiring quality players.

Nor will it set the pulses of the fans racing though a solid case can be made. A sensible candidate but certainly not a world class name. But why would any self respecting manager  with a reputation to maintain want to come to us given Levy's impulsive trigger finger.

So there you have it, even for Spurs a dramatic season . Not far off success but once again we dig up the flower beds and replant. The estate will never mature and flourish under this kind of management.

To those that say 6th is about right given our spending budget I say what a boring bean counting world you must live in with Dan Levy for a neighbor. We need to be cleverer and more imaginative in every aspect of the game particularly recruitment and retention of players.

Perhaps some Argentinian flair on and off the field will do it. I hope so. There's that fatal four letter word again.

* Sorry about the old joke but my grandchildren thought it was 'ace'. I think that means it was good.

Jimmy's Gold Awards.
Best player..............Hugo despite a blip after a bang on the head. Formedablay.
Most improved........Kyle Naughton. Established as a squaddie if he wants it.
Least improved........Danny Rose. Bless him.
Most encouraging....Harry Kane. Touch and go whether he makes it big time. Like the boy.
Must keep...............Christian Eriksen. Make full use of him before he departs for Madrid
Most overated.........Jan 'the tortoise' Vertonghen (Smiler)
Most underated.......Michael (leave it me) Dawson.
Absent friends.........Erik and the other Kyle. Be like new signings.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
The King: Nothing more to say really. Another goodbye to mark the end of an eventful season.