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Monday, 28 April 2008

Modric to Spurs-oh and we played another game too

It was just before half time,I couldn't get an internet thread and was listening to the match on Radio London,an irritating experience in itself,when I realised I coudnt really care less.Now this is a very unusual situation for me.They went ahead through a poor Dawson 50yd bullet ball which comes off about once in five attempts ,then he failed to cut out the near post ball,Cerny dives over it and we are one down.But I don't care,I shrug instead of howling and walking round the garden to cool off and five minutes later we are on level terms.The match is easy to summarise:total domination;at least six good chances;more corners;more shots in a ratio of ten to one;unmissable chance for Berbatov right at the end,which he misses and its another 1-1 draw.

But nobody cares including me.Ive joined the players in thinking its been all over for some weeks.All those posts about pride,keeping faith with the fans,earning their money,finishing top half all gone to waste.All those postings on the about needing to put in a good performance in the next game by various players;Poyet and Ramos disappointment and pledges to show more spirit next time out,all hot air.

And so its on to next season and the signing of Modric.This will keep me going until pre-season starts.A top quality,young international in a position we desperately need.Signed under the noses of at least three of the top four(and Newcastle)without any fuss,just the announcement,brilliant.I dont buy all that "Keegan livid" paper talk but its still brilliant.His names been on a post-it note on Avram's fridge since Xmas, must have been obscured by Fergy's xmas card.

Perhaps that's why I couldnt take the game against Bolton seriously.This is a real statement of intent by the board who are going to back Ramos in the only way that matters,financially and with players who are top class,and oven ready.Not ones to bank or put in the freezer for later,but ready and able to perform now!Whether he is a replacement for Berbatov(or Keane,its him that always gets subbed for Bent unless we go three up front)or a bait to keep Berbatov Ive no idea.But thankyou Commoli and Levy for backing the man again.They did it for Jol and then lost their nerve but this could be the beginning of the real deal for Spurs.And he came because of Ramos,although he'd be a fool to say "I came to Spurs but I cant stand that Spanish git in charge".The wage deal would be interesting because he could probably have doubled what we are paying him at Man City,Chelsea,Newcastle or Man U.

But there you see whats happened Ive got enthusiastic again.This can only lead to heartache next week.Perhaps I'll go to Tesco's with the missis and give Reading a miss.But Modric is playing on my mind.Is this the end for Jenas?I don't think so,or Zokora?No they are both first on the team sheet for Ramos.Where will he play?Centre mid-field,or left side in place of Malbranque.Possibly.In the hole in place of Keane or or as replacement for Berbatov?You know I think I'll have to listen to the Reading game and watch the highlights if I cant get a thread,while I puzzle all this out.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Groundhog day

Its a nightmare,its an episode of Star Trek ,were caught in a time loop,we cant stop taking the lead,playing half an hour of decent football and then in true sporting spirit letting the other side have a go.Our away record is pathetic and the number of points conceded after taking the lead would be hilarious if it was happening to some other team.I repent now in taking so much pleasure in the misfortunes at Newcastle after the return of the Messiah.It was mean spirited and I sincerely am sorry,honest.

Will it be different against Bolton.Probably not because we cant seem to apply pressure and play well consistently.Huddleston makes two brilliant passes;Jenas does a couple of enterprising runs,although Zokora seems to have passed on the knack of running fast and achieving nothing;Lennon dazzles briefly,and puts in a couple of good crosses and thats about it.Its not enough from quality players in a team hoping for better things.

Now we were a couple of regulars short and Wigan needed it more than we did.Add in a swirling wind and a bumpy pitch and you have plenty of excuses again.But the fact is we are a better team than Wigan and after demonstrating this to be true we almost give up.They should be on half wages as they rarely put in more than half a shift.

We have had in many ways a good season and with one or two additions we should have a team good enough to push on and achieve higher things but I dont think Ramos has an easy task ahead.The way were playing we will probably not beat either Bolton or Reading but play well against Liverpool and even win.

Im becoming a very Grumpy Old Man and I dont like it.Please Tottenham get it together for the last three games and give us a something to take into the summer and the inevitable rumours about Berbatov and all the world class players who wont be coming to us.Give us something to heighten the anticipation for the new season,although I will be as optimistic as usual,everything forgotten and more or less forgiven but its the summer Im dreading,no football and bad memories as well.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Not long to go now

Thank the Lord.We did it again,played quite well ,went ahead and then didnt turn up for the second half and could,and perhaps should,have lost the game.Whats going on,in truth we havnt a clue.Tactics on this occasion didnt help.You cant blame Ramos for Huddleston's poor performance but moving Lennon and Jenas when they were playing well seems strange.Bringing Bent on so late in the game is what Martin Jol used to do to Defoe.They dont have time to get into the game.Of course if Bent had got the winner all would have been forgiven and Ramos would be once again the tactical genius.But he didnt.

The team seem to demonstrate that they can do it and then switch off and dont bother.Why should they?Well pride,to keep faith with the fans,to generate impetus into the pre-season,to excite and interest both team and fans for the coming season,to justify the absurd salaries that they earn.I could go on but think you get the general idea.

Of course everything will depend on the first few games next season and for that we have to wait.In the meantime to be honest we dont have a clue whether Ramos knows what he is doing or just hopefully playing about and hoping that it all works out.Given his record it probably will,but I liked Martin Jol as well and look where that ended up.But M.J. won most of his last games at the end of last season and played some entertaining football and so far Ramos hasnt really got a lot more of this squad than Jol did.And he has Hutton and Woodgate playing well to bolster the defence.Im not trying to renew the Jol,Ramos debate.I think that Ramos is a better manager and that after the stupidity of the approach to Ramos and the poor start change was inevitable and probably for the good.

There is much debate on Spurs forums about new players and wholesale clearouts but much of this is media generated and therefor largely ignorable.I hope that there are not big changes as this will mean another season of bedding in for manager and players.Lennon,Zokora,Jenas,Dawson and Huddleston should be retained,they are young enough or talented enough to be coached to the next level.King,Woodgate,Bale Hutton,Berbatov and Keane should be the core of the team.We need three or four experienced players:a goalkeeper, a creative leftsided midfielder,and another forward,two if Berbatov leaves.I would keep Chimbonda as he can play reasonably well across the back four,and we need a genuine left winger.Of the main squad I am not a fan of Malbranque,he lacks the speed and guile,and has poor shooting and crossing abilities.I pay tribute to his work rate and acknowledge that he has played out of position but in the final analysis he aint good enough.

This blog has an end of season feel,but that is generated by the atmosphere created by the performances of the team since the Carling Cup final,and the fact that is nearly the end of the season after all.Wigan away on Saturday and a good win will change nearly everything but somehow I dont think the lads will bother.Again

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Still on Holiday

Drove thirty miles into the middle of Madrid to one of the many Irish "Sports" bars because I was sure the Blackburn Tottenham match was on;so sure I didnt bother to check it on the web.Anyway watched half the Chelsea game and got back just in time to be too late to catch any of the Spurs game.

Pleased to see that Zokora got a good write up Im sure theres a quality player in there somewhere.Dont agree with Gus Poyet that a good performance cancels out a bad one.Apparently from the reports we had an excellent half hour ,failed to capitalise by getting the game won,scored a good goal,which I caught on the highlights and ran out with one point away from home to a team allegedly in for a UEFA cup place.Nothing can erase the memory of the Newcastle game,not even if we had got the three points against Blackburn but we did play better from the bits I have seen and the reports.Jenas another of my essentials for next season made a welcome return.

Did manage to get a ticket for the Madrid/Sevilla game and was impressed with Capel though hes no world beater,and Kanoute played well.He must be a possible replacement for Berbatov if we dont keep him.I see the papers have gone from "I would be flattered by interest from Inter Milan to "Berbatov seeks move to Inter Milan" Theres a lot more of this to come believe me.

Hope to catch the Middlesborough game on the internet as this one is certainly not on TV although the Liverpool/Arsenal was.Billed in Spain as the Fernando v Cesc match.Cracking game which should have wrapped upby Arsenal in the first half hour if they shot more often and didnt try to walk the ball in.Fernando showed them how and I think Liverpool deserved it in the end.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Where are we now?

The good news is I'm on holiday and missed the first half of the Newcastle game.The bad news is I got a good internet link for the second half.What was that all about?

Where in the fairground that is the Spurs perfomance park are we after that dire effort,against Newcastle and at home.
Is it the Big Dipper?No we went on that at the start of the season.?
Is it the Carousel?You know up and down and round and round in circles getting nowhere.We seem to have spent a lot of time on that this season.
Is it the swings and roudabouts?The win some,lose some, end up where you were when you started if your lucky.
Is it the Helter Skelter?Hopes raised high,some excitement and then back to the bottom again.
No its the popular Switchback,plenty of excitement,thrills and spills but not really worth the money in the end.

I could go on but you get the drift,and more to the point is the man in charge the great illusionist Senor Ramisto,all smoke and mirrors,rabbits from hats,silk scarves from sows ears,or is he the real deal, the alchemist who can make pure gold from the base metal that is Tottenham of the last few years.

We showed spirit and skill against Chelsea(can we play you every week?) and had some of the luck that was going,both our headed goals could have been ruled out for climbing on other occasions.We were competent and organised against a somewhat understrength Portsmouth and Ramos got lucky with his substitutions.Not the fact that he made the substitutions but that they both scored.Im not arguing against the benefits of having a lucky manager just that Lady Luck is a fickle mistress who can soon depart us for another.Against Newcastle we experimented in formation and personnel and it didnt work,not because the manager was wrong to try things out at this point in a dead end season but because the team didnt bother to play for the manager.They obviously dont believe that they are playing for their places..a worrying response.I dont buy the 'bad day at the office' excuse though I have used it myself after some dreadful games
.We have a Big Match mentality and this year it won us the Carling Cup and produced better performances in the league against the top four,but in a thirty eight game season this is a recipe for at worst disaster and at best mid table mediocraty and Ramos has big job on his hands to address it and our appalling away record.