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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing.

I'll huff and I'll puff and make a tasty lamb stew
 for you all.

 The JimmyG2 Column

Where to begin with the latest NLD encounter? Perhaps, first off, a little humility needs to be shown. We, the fans, the players and the bloggers were more than a little arrogant about Arsenal before the game. Musings predicted a close game but was dismissive in tone. We sure had that rammed back down our throats.

The Cock crowed just a little too early and too loudly and was silenced by a withering blast from the Gunners. All credit to them and if this game revitalizes their Assault on Precinct Third Place we have only ourselves to blame.

Lennon was inexplicably left on the bench and was probably glad that he was; Bale was encouraged to play wherever he fancied and did so to no good effect; Parker made one late lunge too many and apologized before he trooped off; Van Der Vaart was clearly not match fit; Sandro was eager but undisciplined; Ekotto was playing a starring role in a game conducted entirely in his own head; Kranjcar surprisingly started and was less surprisingly substituted at half time; Ledley looked to be on his last leg.

All this and more makes this a difficult piece to write and a penance rather than a pleasure. Is this the beginning of the end of our hopes or was that last week at Stevenage? Will we look back and pinpoint Sagna's goal as the moment when we capitulated to the old enemy as our season turned to dust? Hopefully, and probably, not.

But the old Spurs still lurks amongst the hype. As the old Farmers' Almanac says of March, 'We came in like a lion and went out like a lamb'. Remember the pundits who even as they praised us warned that 'In the end Spurs will always let you down'. 

Ironically Parker our new steel core was sent off having spent the whole afternoon not quite getting there. He's going down the Palacios road. Brilliant start but eventually his limitations are becoming clearer.

Are we in fact a sheep in wolf's clothing? Despite the praise and adulation of the assembled pundits are we mere fools' gold that glitters to deceive. The latest NLD gives us pause for thought before we casually dismiss it and ignore whatever lessons can be learned.

We were two up away from home within thirty minutes. We assembled the well known ingredients for success: score early, get the second and bank the points.But the recipe came out half baked. Our goals both had an element of good fortune but even during this period Arsenal were playing well, and we allowed them play and paid the price. They might have been forgiven for letting their heads drop but they declined to do so.

A dire weekend all round. All our challengers for fourth won, except Liverpool who had a day off and picked up some silverware. No one will remember how lucky they were. History will merely record that their name is on the trophy. But everyone will remember this NLD scoreline and not just the Arsenal fans.

Even if we make third this game will linger a long time in the memory. Only Walker and Friedel emerge with any real credit. This is the he second time this season that our keeper has conceded five goals and been adjudged blameless.
The next three games against Man.Utd., Chelsea, and Everton are crucial and if we don't take points off Utd. and the Pensioners and beat Everton we could be looking at a very tight run in. Until now we were odds on favourites to make it but we are only an each way bet this morning. This was the sort of performance that might make Modric and Bale reconsider their options, although Gareth was as guilty as anyone else.

Can a single game make such a difference? We were inept, badly organised and lacking in effort in a fixture which means so much. We were two goals up and surrendered our advantage. If this game gives Arsenal hope by the same token it might plunge us into despair. They wanted this game more than us and they might want third more than we do too.

Perhaps our highly paid professionals will simply shrug and clear it from their minds. Bad day at the office, just a blip and all that. Not something the fans can easily do. David Bernstein was at the Stevenage game, let's hope he was at Wembley for the Carling Cup Final and not browsing for England Managers in the Library.

So, not quite the end to the weekend I had planned but I think we will still make third as after Chelsea the going gets easier.We will almost certainly go into the last eight games with a much narrower margin than is good for my health. Perhaps this will act as a wake up call. Coming third in a two horse race is just not good enough.

The Cockerel is dead: long live the Cockerel. If ever we needed a win against Man.Utd it will be at White Hart Lane on Sunday. We need to have a better attitude if anything good is to come of it.

Video Spot.
A reminder of happier days with the boy Gareth when he used terrorise right backs and stay on his feet even when clipped in the box. That was before he became a Jack of All Trades and the Master of None. Get them all sorted Harry before you go.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Modric Magic and Van der Vartistry : The North London Derby.

The Beautiful Lady without Pity 
That's 'La Belle Dame sans Merci' to you Arsene.

 You didn't think that we were going to leave you with your card unmarked for the NLD did you? Greg and I are agreed on a win by a single goal, I'm leaning towards 2-1 Spurs. Are we up for it? We are so far up we've banged our heads on the ceiling. Our hour and a half plus injury time has come; our season has arrived; our decade is just about to dawn.
It could all come to a head tomorrow. An almost full squad against an ailing hound that is begging to be put down. Not with cruelty but quickly despatched, a necessary mercy killing. 13 points clear of our once hated rivals. Do we still need to hate this pale shadow 'alone and palely loitering'?
A win almost puts us clear in third even if Chelsea beat Bolton, which is not a forgone concusion. With Spurs starring as the beautiful lady and Arsene 'so haggard and so woe-begone' as the bewitched Knight. This script was written way back in 1820. Come on you Spurs, please do it for me, Greg and Johnny Keates.
The Greg Meyer Column
 Saturday 25 Febuary 2012.
The Curse Of The Returning Striker ... The North London Derby.
"C'Mon in Joe." The cockney drawl unmistakeable. Harry Redknapp's office at Chigwell Lodge is far removed from the palatial surrounds at Chez Sandbanks, BH13 7PS.
Already there is Harry's co driver Kevin Bond. Friday afternoons are usually occupied by the wise and aged triumvirate discussing tactics. This time the tension and expectations are considerably higher than normal. Afterall it is the North London Derby. More than that if Spurs win at Emirates then the only one who will probably think Arsenal can catch Spurs is the Man in Charge of ridiculous quotes and team morale. Wojciech Szczesny.
The Arsenal goalkeeper is no longer winking with the same assurance he showed after the first derby at the Lane this season. His latest gaffe meant he apologised for calling Aaron Ramsey a "rapist". Some Spurs wag thought it merely a case of mistaken identity. Robin and Aaron do look alike to some.
Back to that tactical discussion and seems Spurs have an almost full strength team for Sunday. No Gallas ( shame for the Arsenal fans in particular), no Huddlestone (who), and no appearance of our Pub favourite Sandro. Still there are at least six reasons why Spurs should triumph again.
Modric Magic , Van Der Vartistry, and A Togolese Witch Doctor.
Just three factors that Arsene Wenger has to counter. Surely Adebayour can concoct some black wizardry on his return to old haunts. No doubt the jolly ribald and goodnatured encouragement from the Arsenal fans will help. Didn't worry him at the Lane earlier this season.
Seems a little unfair to Arsenal and indeed very unSpurslike for us to have almost everyone fit.
Three More Reasons.
The pace of Bale as well as Lennon comes on top of the speed of Walker. A steady keeper to whom clown antics seem an anathema means King and Kaboul can concentrate on Arsenal's most potent threat. Not Andrey, no he's off to Russia. Robin Van Persie a quality and deadly striker.
If all that's not enough then the man with the most famous haircut at Spurs should tip the balance. Not Benny but little Scotty Parker. Playing football straight out of the fifties, his tonsorial elegance is a perfect match.
A match much discussed and discussed again this week ...
At A Kent Pub.
Mini heat wave here this week. Hit 15 degrees on Wednesday. Not quite beer garden time yet. That will be around the time of the Euros tournament. Ah Harry Redknapp time. Perhaps but the groundswell at our Pub leans towards him still no certainty for England after that.
The importance of winning, of finishing at least third means the retention next year of Modric, Bale etc. Of Harry, who knows. Which brings up back to that North London Derby. At least we will be spared the curse of Howard Webb. Mike Dean unloved by Arsenal fans will be officiating.
Spurs by a goal and that goal of third very much almost nailed on.
Cheers ... haven't heard much from little Jack Wilshere this week ... hope it stays that way ...  Greg Meyer        coys.
Video spot:
And just in case we should happen to go behind on Sunday here's a reminder of what can happen if you believe. Complete with water bottle incident.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Parker missing in action.

He's still out there somewhere

The JimmyG2 Column

 We had plenty of things to blame but the best you can say is that we didn't lose. A horrible fixture, on a horrible pitch and frankly a horrible performance. With little creative input in midfield we struggled to hold onto the ball and to play football as we have come to understand it. It was football Jim, but not as we know it.

We started with 3 centre-backs firstly to thwart the Stevenage aerial attack but mainly because we could. We had another in reserve (King) and one in the recovery position(Gallas). We eyed the pitch as if it was a minefield, especially Dawson whose answer was to revert to type and play the ball long in the general direction of Saha and Defoe. The cares of captaincy seem to sap his confidence.

Kaboul at least had the ability to bring the ball out of defence but held on to it for too long as usual. He was more effective when Harry rejigged things after an hour and he could thrust his way down the right wing. Kranjcar brought some much needed creativity and Lennon did more in 10 minutes than most others did in 90.

The rest was pedestrian and they brought us down to their bargain basement level. They did the only thing they could in the absence of any real quality: worked hard, closed us down, roughed us up, and weren't too ambitious. Wilson and Freeman were the pick of the Stevenage players and all their the defenders were what is termed ' resolute'.

We didn't look like losing but winning would have been an injustice. Parker, further forward than his comfort zone usually allows or than he has ever been since he arrived was struck by friendly fire from a Saha shot on the line and the goal was correctly ruled offside. He patrolled the no-man's land  like a man after a gas attack The chance was set up by Rose our best attacking player on the day.

A Bale shot narrowly diverted by ex Spur Day in goal was our only other moment of genuine excitement. Walker just failed to convert another Rose cross but chances were few and far between.(See Highlights) Bale found Rose on a few occasions with good cross field balls but his pace and strength were ineffective amongst the crowd of bodies in the central areas.

In defence Nelsen looked a bit one -paced but solid otherwise and Cudicini spilled the only shot on target which had to be hacked clear. The midfield went missing, AWOL or lost in action. We were without  Van Der Vaart or Modric to pull the strings and neither Parker nor Livermore could locate any strings to pull. Consequently we had no agents operating behind the lines and few intelligence despatches to guide us.

 However a third clean sheet in four games preserved the draw, allows us to regroup and live to fight another day. We will no doubt win the replay easily on a level playing field on 7th March but no-one can begrudge Stevenage their day out.

 If we can win it we have a home tie against Bolton before the semi's on neutral ground. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger so they say and we had better hope it's true.

Meanwhile in another part of the battlefield.
Gallasand Huddlestone are long term injuries.
King, Modric, Van Der Vaart, Sandro, Adebayor, and Ekotto were unavailable for the Stevenage game and all or some could be doubtful for the NLD. But we sincerely hope not. Especially Adebayor and Modric.

Rumour Round-up (Known as ITK on some sites)

Boy wonder Hazard.
Lille's hot-shot super Taarabt is still said to be interested in signing for Spurs( or Arsenal or Chelsea or Man.Utd.) It looks like he's not staying at Lille anyway. And if you think that's what passes for ITK then  it's ITK.

Leandro: Remy:
Still being linked with us in all the usual ITK predictions for the summer. Bids made and rejected but both still on the wanted list. Two or three signings of this calibre could be Harry's price for staying. And that's common sense not ITK.

Doesn't want to go to Chelsea; it's Man.Utd now according to 'friends'. Makes much more sense if he's interested in playing in the Champions' League. Although he could just stay where he is. 'Modric to stay at Spurs' Mmmm good headline that.

Won't turn down the England job because he hasn't been offered it yet. Strong money on him accepting it at the end of the season and Stuart Pearce or A.N.Other to stay in place until then. Daniel Levy rumoured to be threatening Harry with 'muchas wonga' to stay on at Spurs.

Ron Henry:
The Stevenage right back's Grandad. Made 247 appearances for Spurs at left back and played in the 1960/61 Double team. Now 77. He has been involved with the Spurs under 18 side. Keeps homing pigeons.
The sort of information that might just come up in 'Trivial Pursuit'.

Free Ad. 
There is an excellent round up of ITK predictions in the last two windows on the  'We are Tottenham' fansite.
You win some : you lose some.

Video Spot.
4 minutes of Highlights from the game. Which means you don't have to sit through the other 86.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Dear Harry....Love Sandra.

You can just make out Harry and Sandra to the right of the Marina
  Greg in the pub, Harry and Sandra in Dubai, Tottenham at Stevenage, what a wierd and wonderful life we all live at The Musings. Greg's postal connections have again allowed us to eavesdrop on the behind the scenes goings on at Club Spurs. Greg's still dreaming of winning the title if not the Double, worth a fiver at 66/1 you might think. Go on Mr. Meyer put you money where your pint tankard goes. And I don't mean on a hook behind the bar. I can't see it myself but let the youngsters dream.
The Greg Meyer Column
Friday 17 Febuary 2012... If Paris Married Michael Would They Produce Edna ...Birthdays All Today.
 A Cockney Connundrum ... Is There Life After Spurs For Harry.
 As Harry and Sandra Redknapp jet in after canapes and cocktails in Dubai courtesy of Daniel Levy thoughts turn to the not so exotic delights of Stevenage away in the Cup.
'Ah for the poolside climes of seven star Dubai', say our Kent pub regulars. More like if the ice outside melts here, rather than when in a poolside beverage where the Redknapps have been enjoying a well deserved break. Rumour mongers have suggested the trip was to help Harry gather some thoughts about his future.  Daniel apparently said, 'Just pop out to Dubai and run around a bit'
To that end it was no great surprise when the following missive arrived in our Pub mailbox. The postman's brother by the way is a famous EPL player of Spurs previously. Lovely postman too.
Perhaps thoughts that might appear in a football managers wife's diary as they set off to Dubai.

                                                                                                                                    Redknapp Downs
                                                                                                                                    Sandbanks Peninsula
 BH13 7PS.
 Dear Harry,

I know just lately our time has not been our own. Kelsey has gone out of his way to explain some of it. As well I have the great support from Rosie back from his Monaco adventures. Mark and Louise have been just triffic as I know Jamie has been up in the big smoke with you.
Thank goodness Kelsey sorted out that nasty Mr. Black QC.
After such a happy ending and all that England stuff I set to thinking about where perhaps Sandra and Harry might go from here.
Retirement to dog walking on the beaches here is out of the question, even for two 64 year olds. So the connundrum ( sorry about the big words ... Kelsey just trying to be helpful) is: Spurs or England?
Surely the easy way out is a sinecure (Kelsey again). Lots of money, lots of free time, no getting up early and driving Kevin up to London. Joe is not getting any younger either. Mrs Joe thinks a little more time at home with the roses would be great for him. His interest in Italian wine collecting would probably grow with that extra time.
Of course your talent spotting and player purchases ( nothing like "wheeler dealing" ) would be history. No need to mix nearly as much with players like little Luka, that smiling Emmanuel, Van and Sylvie, young Gareth, Oyster Benny,Younes or even the new boy Louis. Not an England player amongst them.
No, look on the bright side. Lots of time with little Scotty , Frank, and his friend John. Mind not sure if John is still going. Darren will look forward to a few heading tips no doubt. Is that where I fit i?  Peter playing gives me a chance to catch up with Abbey and their little one.
Of course, without being too me, I think that WAGS idea has a triffic ring to it.
                                                                                                 Wives All Going for Spurs. Oops....Come On England.
 With that in mind then what do you leave behind?
Only the most scintillating football team in the Premier.
Only the glamour, excitment and thrills of the Champions League 2012-13. After last time the Spurs might even win it.
Only a very big chance at the biggest prize in English football. Perhaps a little wheeler dealing ( my words) in the summer might mean Spurs win it next year. Hang on if they win it this year what an earth do you do. Defend the Championship.
Keep Ade, keep little Moddle, Gareth, the rest plus not much else means look out everyone next year.
Look I realise it's how you say ... a home banker ... England ... or is it.
                   Just a few thoughts dear,
                                                         Love Sandra, Jamie, Louise, and Mark.
                                                         Best Wishes Kevin and Joe.
                                                         Grammar and legals , JKF QC.
Perhaps but whatever comes keeps our thoughts and the beer keep flowing ...
At A Kent Pub.
Our next three matches in the season , define our season. Probably a bit simplistic says our lawyer but if we gather sufficient points against Arsenal, Man U and Everton, then title hopes lookout.
Before that the matter of a hoped for Cup run continuation. Wembley looms perchance.
Before we go you guessed it. Paris Hilton is 31 today, Michael Jordan 49 and Dame Edna Everage( Barry Humphries in another life) 78 years young.
 Cheers ... no bananas at Stevenage thank you .. Greg Meyer.   coys.
Harry was good enough to send us some snaps of his visit to Dubai. Louise added the sound track and altogether not a bad result I think you will agree. He could always use the Sandbanks pile as a deposit on an apartment over there when he finally retires.
Thanks Harry.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Tottenham put pressure on Harry.

  Goal train? Sorry Jimmy I thought you said
'Newcastle coal train'

Editorial by JimmyG2

What fools I have to work with. ( Memo: advertise for a new picture editor.) Welcome to this Celebratory Edition designed for you to cut out and keep. What a week. I'm almost speechless after Saturday's performance which is not the best condition in which to write a blog. But it's never stopped me before.

Who writes Harry's scripts? They should be up for at least a B.A.F.T.A. if not an OSCAR. This potentially difficult week culminating in an allegedly tricky game fizzled out with an acquittal; a five goal win, and Harry acclaimed as England manager by everyman and his bulldog. In the papers this morning he's even picking his team: recalling Scholes, appointing Gerrard as captain and no doubt much more to come.

No doubt the FA will go through the charade of drawing up a short list and interviewing candidates but if they don't at least ask Harry to take the job David Bernstein will be hanged in public at Wembley and his body parts displayed at the four corners of the stadium.

Special Report by our Football Correspondent, (Jimmy)
If Newcastle had won this game they would have gone fourth just 5 points behind us. That would probably have made the title race beyond our reach and with Arsenal, Chelsea and Newcastle poised the pressure could see us wilting. Pressure? What pressure? We pulverised them though they contributed mightily to their own downfall.

Without key midfielders, Tiote and Canbaye, they took us on with a bold 442 featuring the hitherto impressive Demba Ba and his Senegale teammate 'wonder goal' Cisse. Ah the Romance of it. Clearly too much for Pardew to resist. He revealed his buccaneering side and to an extent his naivety.

Spurs fans will appreciate his boldness, it is after all the way in which most of us would encourage our own manager to go, even if it doesn't come off. 'Audere est Facere' after all.

But Spurs were so up for this their feet hardly seemed to touch the ground. Those who thought the possibility of Harry leaving might depress the team or the fans were proved to be mistaken on both counts. Everything that seemed a gamble on Harry's part over the past three windows: Friedel, Gallas, Parker, Saha, Nelsen, Van Der Vaart and Adebayor, have not just been shrewd, they have had the touch of genius.

And I questioned every one of them except Van the Man on grounds of age or temperament or both. Playing Saha and Adabeyor and leaving Defoe on the bench worked like a charm. Adabeyor was galvanised into providing four goal assists in half an hour in his best performance for Spurs by far. He then added one for himself for the first time in eight games.

Saha scored as many in 20 minutes as he has in 20 games this season. Defoe came on and looked fresh and lively. Striker problem duly solved. Adebayor's smiling face provoked potentially positive thoughts for next season. There was not a poor performance in the whole team.

Adebayor will get the plaudits but Modric was magnificent, dancing, probing and prompting throughout the game. Pardew was magnanimous in defeat. 'The best team we have played this season....We were thumped'. He could hardly have said anything else after the way we blew them away. Goals: Ekotto 4 mins. Saha 6; 20. Kranjcar 34: Adebayor 64.

I am resigned to losing Harry and the wires hum with suggestions about Modric too. Neither owe us anything and our only fair response is ' Goodbye and thank you very much'. Why Modric would want to leave at this moment, apart from money, is a mystery to me. Mmm money! He won't find such love any where else.

Medical and Psychology Correspondent (Jimmy)
Harry is a different case and I can see that the lure of becoming England manager for someone from his background and upbringing might well overcome the entirely rational case of staying and taking Spurs to new heights. Boy from the other side of the tracks buys railway. He won't find such love after the honeymoon period either.The performance against Newcastle will certainly put some pressure on Harry to stay.

But should Harry be making this decision after five years of stress resulting from the false charges of tax evasion? Should he be placed in such an invidious situation in the very week that he might well be suffering from a double dose of PTS. Not just Post Traumatic Stress in Harry's case but Pleasing Tottenham Supporters syndrome too..He was certainly unusually animated on Saturday.

Cultural Affairs Correspondent (Jimmy)
On 'Match of the Day' Hanson and Shearer said that Harry was not just the man for the England job but the 'only' man for the job. There is an unstoppable tide of sentiment pulling Harry towards the pinnacle of his trade and it would take a far less emotional man that Harry to resist it.

Astrology Correspondent (Jimmy)
In the meantime there are honours to be won and we face an apparently robust Stevenage team away in the FA. Cup next Sunday. I expect to see Defoe, Van Der Vaart and Lennon start and Kranjcar to retain his place. Dawson and Nelsen could play in the centre of the back four. Perhaps Sandro will be available to give Parker a rest. The youngsters will be given a day off for this kind of stern test away from home.

There is also the little matter of completing Champions' League qualification. We have been in third place for 15 games and are ten points ahead of our nearest rivals, Arsenal and Chelsea and no signs of us blinking yet, with 13 games to go. 

Given our lead over our rivals I wouldn't take third if offered right now because although I think we will actually finish in third, we still have a chance do better. I don't believe that Arsenal or Chelsea will catch us.. And in the next few weeks we have it in our own hands to make sure as we play them both .

The Double is still on. I must check the odds. The chant 'Pardew for England' at 5-0 had a happy ironic note and the fans let Harry know as they had throughout the game precisely what their wishes were. WHL was a 'cauldron of noise' according to sources and Harry more excited from the start than I have ever seen him.(See Medical Corespondent's note)

JimmyG2 Question of the week. When did we last have a + 24 Goal Difference?

Staffing notice. You may have noticed that all our members of staff are called Jimmy. This has been forced on us, dependent as we are on charitable contributions, by the astronomical cost of hiring our Legal Affairs Correspondent Mr. Greg Meyer. His champagne bill alone would buy us a half decent striker. But Jim is doing his best and is not always wrong.

Video Spot:  From our Media Correspondent (Jimmy)
Welcome back Nico Kranjcar with this compilation of great goals at Portsmouth, Spurs and for Croatia. No wonder Luka loves him. Make hay Nico while you have the chance. Van Der Vaart and Sandro will be returning to fitness shortly.

Friday, 10 February 2012

How Harry got off: A Juror speaks.

 Visits to be offered as an optional extra
 on the Stadium Tour.

We are privileged to be afforded the inside story by Mr. Meyer of the trial of Harry Redknapp. Without Harry's acquittal then there would be no  'Harry for England' furore. 'Not Guilty' and the rest is History. This is a preferable 'Inside Story' than the other one that Greg could be writing. God Bless you Mr. Kelsey-Fry; you've earn't that fag.

The Greg Meyer Column

Friday 10 Febuary 2012.
An Away Win At Southwark ... What a Team ... What A Bench ... Goings On In The Jury Room.
The pre-game warm up was almost as fascinating as the game itself. However unlike your normal pre match hitout full of jocular player banter the manoeuverings at Southwark County Court were deadly serious.
The HMRC team captained by John Black QC was challenged from the kick off by "Super Silk" John Kelsey-Fry QC. The prosecution case was based around News of the World interviews clandestinely conducted by reporter Rob Beasley. The defence claimed that in framing his questions to Mr. Redknapp reporter Beasley was relying on information previously sourced from HMRC or the police.
Entrapment seemed an apt description. Kelsey-Fry submitted it was "repugnant to all basic instincts of fairness in the criminal justice process." Team Redknapp attempted to have the evidence ruled inadmissible. Those submissions were made before the referee, Judge Leonard, in a voire dire. All in the absence of the jury.
However the referee saw no foul play and allowed the evidence to be led. Mind in his summing up he did comment on the distaste the jury may feel regards News of the World's methods.
With those wise words and other judicial exhortations ringing in their ears the eight men and four women jurors retired to the jury room on the afternoon of day twelve. They retired in complete ignorance that but less than 4 months earlier a similar little earnest band of 12 jurors had been in exactly the same position.
On October 20, 2011 after under 3 hours of deliberation a unanimous verdict of not guilty was returned in the tax evasion case involving Peter Storrie and Milan Mandaric. That result had been suppressed by Court order until the conclusion of the trial of Mandaric and Redknapp. Portsmouth FC and tax again were central elements.
Our pub wonder whether the same suppression order might have been made if Storrie and Mandaric had been convicted.
The outpourings of indignation and outrage by Team Redknapp after the verdict has an air of plausibility. Five years in the making. Two trials and two unanimous acquittals.No lengthy deliberation required in either. Indeed in Storries trial it seems the jury went to lunch before coming back with the verdict. That was to extend matters a little so as to not completely embarrass the prosecution.
A trial built upon a reporter from that erstwhile bastion of journalistic morals. Well now a defunct bastion. Beasley told the jury a lot of his information came from an unnamed source after eight thousand readies had been passed over. He proudly confided to the jurors his interviewing technique included "kidology" and "journalistic licence". No wonder John Kelsey- Fry QC had a field day in cross examination.
John Black QC for the home team described the Beasley interview as " the most compelling and important evidence in this case." With ammunition of that calibre then it was no wonder the case collapsed. Indeed how it ever got to kick off is amazing.
Henry James Redknapp made constant proud reference to his cockney heritage. Our pub cannot but ponder on the parrallels with another proud cockney wheeler dealer.
 The Case of the Unknown Jury Foreman ... Surely Arthur Daley Was Not On Arry's Jury ... An Insider Speaks.
Purely comedic pub ramblings and conjecture of course. If you are not familiar with the famous Minder episode where Uncle Arthur demonstrates skills of persuasion in the jury room that leave even our own "Kelsey" in the shade then check out the link below.                              
Our lawyer opines that Arthur's mercurial debating skills were probably not needed in the jury room. Then again some of HMRC vs Redknapp sprang straight from an episode on Minder. Rosie the beloved bulldog. A man destined to manage England self confessed as being possessed of the comprehension skills of a two year old. Mind the last manager did not have english comprehension as a strong point. Good in foreign languages of course.
No we prefer to lay the praise where its due...
                              John Kelsey-Fry QC , Counsel Extraordinaire. 

 He's the Man. Well worth a second look.
If you have to ask the fee you can't afford him.
Lawyer to the stars and probably with an ex client tonight celebrating her 44th birthday. Sharon Stone no less.
Certainly many a glass been raised in his honour this week ...
At A Kent Pub.
Surely the late show at the Lane this Saturday will be a celebration of relief, of unbridled joy, of Spurs style and three more points. You can bet the fans will be singing a certain managers name. You can bet he will smile and wave back.
Be a shame if Newcastle spoil the party. We should have some quality returning. They have some out including,Tiote (Afrikan Cup), Cabaye (suspended) and Best and Taylor injured.
United play Liverpool, Chelsea are away to Everton and Sunderland host Arsenal. Potential there to make some ground if we run out winners.
Cheers ... if we can beat the might of HMRC then surely our momentum will do for Newcastle ... Greg Meyer.  coys.
Video spot.
Another East End boy made good. Political correctness? What political Correctness?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Harry odds on but not a certainty.

Harry odds on but read this before you bet.

The JimmyG2 Column

 Today we welcome our Founder Muser JimmyG2 to the spare room to reflect on the ongoing Capello, Redknapp, England Manager, farrago.

Good  afternoon Jimmy and thanks for coming in at such short notice.

Entirely my pleasure. I was just sexing some chickens but they can wait.

(Editor: I think we'll leave that bit out Jim it might give people the wrong idea.)

Ok Jim let's get down to business.
Was the verdict on Harry and the resignation of Capello on the same day a pure coincidence?

Well I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist but it looks very suspicious at first sight. However it would have been far beyond the organisational skills of the FA to co-ordinate such a sequence of events.

Will the FA. keep to their expressed intention of only considering English candidates?

Well they backtracked from that pledge almost as soon as they made it. And you know what Sam Goldwyn said about verbal contracts. 'Not worth the paper they are printed on'. Hiddink and Mourinho could be shortlisted.

Although the popular press and their readers are all baying for an English candidate and are unwilling to let go once they've got their teeth into something. In fact Bernstein has just cofirmed that foreign managers will be considered. 'Best man for the job' and all that.

Well Capello and Erikkson were pretty abject failures weren't they?

Apparently not;  See table.


Win %

Fabio Capello
Steve McClaren
Sven-Goran Erikkson
Kevin Keegan
Glenn Hoddle
Terry Venables

Courtesy of the BBC

You might add Hoddle to that shortlist looking at that. David Bernstein says that Capello was expensive but not a mistake when asked whether he was an 'expensive mistake'

Will the job be offered to Harry?

Unless he rules himself out beforehand almost definitely yes There's certainly not an awful lot of English candidates out there. Basically Harry and Roy Hodgson, and Roy's CV looks a bit bleak lately. The others are all too young with limited Premiership or International experience. Alan Pardew has already ruled himself out, not that he was ever in.

Will Harry take the job if offered?

That's a definate maybe.
He's on record as saying it is the ultimate prize and yet it would not appeal to him because it rules out day to day contact with players. He might get bored. But it would give him more time with Sandra, the dogs and his business affairs. In that case make that a 'yes'

What would Harry's first England side look like?

Button, Walker, Dawson, King, Rose,Bentley, Parker (capt.) Livermore, Lennon , Defoe, Lancaster.

I said 'England' Jim .

I know, I heard you.

Harry has just said that he hasn't thought about the England job and is concentrating on Tottenham Hotspurs (eek!)

Very wise since he has had a tax evasion case hanging over him for the past five years. Not that anyone believes him. Except the jury in the tax case of course.

Will Spurs let him go?

At a price, but I can't see Daniel Levy standing in his way and enforcing his contract as he did with Modric. It would not make for a happy relationship and Harry could always buy himself out in any case. Daniel might be already focused on wider horizons.

When will he go if he goes?

An England caretaker will come in until the end of the season, perhaps Harry on a part time basis or Stuart Pearce who has already been confirmed  in charge for the Holland friendly game at the end of this month. Then, after Tottenham get third, happy smiles and handshakes all round and 'Harry Redknapp, England Manager' the story begins.

Who replaces him at Spurs?

Moyes solid but dull; Mourinho successful but exotic, perhaps too exotic for Daniel and he won't like or even accept the financial limitations. Anyone on the shortlist who doesn't get the England job including Hiddink. Younger managers will be ruled out because of our new elite status.

Will we miss him?

For about three weeks if we make a good start to next season. He will be fondly remembered by all Spurs fans as the one that took us back to new dizzy heights but any competent manager should be able to build on what he has done.
The squad will be same; the Champions' League will attract more marquee signings than a Boy Scout Convention; there's a new Stadium on its way; rumours of a new pay structure for the squad.
Put it this way, they wouldn't be able to get all the applicants in here unless we take out that old sofa and move the desk onto the other side.

Are you going to put a bet on?

Not at those prices. I don't have any friends called Milan or Mandaric.

Last word to Jamie Redknap, Jimmy.
'It's my dad's ambition to manage England but he might stay at Spurs.'

I think that sums it all up pretty well.

Exciting times Jim and I'll let you get back to the chickens.

I thought we edited that bit out.

Video spot.
An FA instruction video for managers on how to conduct an inspirational  half time team talk.
Harry take note. Capello's poor English may have prevented him from reaching this standard.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Harry and the Cat

 There's never a Bulldog handy when you need one.
All on the beach in Monaco I expect.

The JimmyG2 Column

And MOM ( Mammal of the Match) goes to …..the cat. Good movement, ran the channel well, certainly had an eye for goal, and flummoxed Friedel twice in the space of 20 seconds which is more than Liverpool did. Kevin Bond is clearly asking Dalgleish if he was thinking of bringing him on for Carroll.

The other big feature of the match from Spurs point of view was the absentees: Defoe, Lennon, Kaboul, Sandro and particularly on the field Van Der Vaart. Off the field Harry was stuck in the departure lounge at London Airport while they tried and failed to fix his plane.

Bondy did the honours in a relaxed manner and carried out Harry's instructions, 'Come back with a point, or don't come back at all.' Job done and we keep Liverpool at bay and keep pace with the two teams closest to us after their exciting draw on Sunday.

'Exciting' is not a word to be applied to the game which is why so much attention is being paid to peripheral matters. 'Harry and the Cat', which sounds more like a childrens' classic than a match review. There's never a bulldog handy when you need one.

We defended in a manner unthinkable of the Spurs of old with the absence of Kaboul hardly noticed because of the performance of King and Dawson who plays better when he doesn't try to do too much. Bellamy who can be a handful and a nuisance was well handled by Walker but his attacking sorties were less successful. A lot of people would settle for that.

In midfield Livermore did not look out of place amongst aquality squad and Parker once he settled had a tremendous game. His impetuous tackles produced two dangerous free kicks early on which were fortunately wasted. In the second half he auditioned for the 'Iron Man' and got the part on first reading.

Modric prompted and probed and without him we would have been seriously short of invention and guile. Friedel was again in the right place at the right time showed bravery and even came out for a couple of crosses. Van Der Vaart was missed in the final third and as the link player with Modric. Adebayor was much too isolated. 

I would have liked to see Kranjcar closer to him but Nico played well and his superb through ball to Bale five minutes from time should have bagged all three points. But by then Gareth was seriously over excited and upset at his treatment and instead of chipping the ball or, or taking it round Reina he hit it straight at him in the time honoured tradition of Defoe and Keane.

Not that we deserved the three points and Carroll and Suarez ,when he took time off from assaulting our Scotty, had good chances to win it. The final ten minutes were more exciting than the previous eighty, apart from the cat of course. But Kevin, Joe and Clive had read and eaten their secret instructions and returned to base with their mission accomplished. We didn't lose.

Perhaps not the way we like to see Spurs play but if we are to get to third then this was a pragmatic and  impressive performance. Of course if you think we might have as chance of winning the league you will be disappointed but I haven't thought that for a while. Whatever we achieve we will have worked for it rather than winning the lottery and the satisfaction will all be ours.

Saha, (shades of Alan Partridge), came on and gave us a little glimpse of his abilities especially in the air, and Adebayor didn't look too pleased. Perhaps he can see the writing on the wall. We can't afford Ade in the long run but it would have been interesting to see them both together but last night wasn't the occasion.

Against Newcastle, written off a little prematurely it seems for the Champions' League, might be an opportunity if Defoe or Van Der Vaart are still not fit. But this is one of the possible three pointers in the current cluster of matches and I would obviously like to see a return to the dazzling Spurs of the earlier part of the season. We didn't get to third by playing safe and there is no reason to start now especially at home.

Southwark Tuesday 14:00
Meanwhile we await events at Southwark. The jury have retired, had their lunch and are either now deliberating or having a nap. We can speculate amongst ourselves over the possibilities and implications for Spurs, England, Harry and Saint George. Not forgetting Mandaric, the Blowfelt of this case. It was probably his cat last night.

Southwark Tuesday 15:00
They don't necessarily hang together and the jury could find against Mandaric but not Harry. Or the other way round of course but my ITK (Greg) suggests the former is more likely and a distinct possibility, Harry being the 'poor man who fell amongst thieves'. Though 'poor man' is stretching the parable of the 'Good Samaritan' just a little.

Southwark 16:01
Nothing yet.

Jury back and being sent home for the night. To return at 10o/c tomorrow. Is the fact that they can't come to a conclusion in two hours a good or a bad sign. Who knows? They have to come to a unanimous decision either way on both Mandaric and Harry. Probably an Arsenal supporter holding up a 'Not Guilty' verdict.

Video Spot.
Three guesses for the video topic.Yep you got it in one. Never look a gift cat in the mouth |I always say. Too obvious says Greg but I didn't get where I am today by ignoring the obvious. I think King Kenny almost cracks a smile.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Man that may Wreck Spurs season

 Harry Redknapp stars as Paul Newman
in the remake of 'The Verdict'

The Greg Meyer Column

 Greg's back in court with Harry as we await the verdict that might seriously affect our future. Summing up on Monday and verdict on Tuesday wiith any luck. Then England and Spurs can do some serious forward planning. Mind you if there is an appeal it might drag on until the end of the season. 
On Monday night I would take a draw but they are more ambitious down at A Kent Pub and can see a win. Well here at the 'Musing's we are not always wrong which means that on this occasion Greg could be right.
Sunday 5 Febuary 2011 ... Seems Everyone Was Born  Today ... For Starters Cristiano Ronaldo Turns  Twenty Seven.


Football In The Court ... A Spurs Away Match.


Has Henry James Redknapp scored a spectacular own goal.

Better known as just 'Arry with an apologetic cockney accent ,seems things became very heated towards the end of a torrid encounter. HMRC vs Mandaric and Redknapp was well towards time on. Next by no means least the Defence summing up looms. Still before then Harry Redknapp was on the stand undergoing sustained cross examination by one John Black QC.

In response to fierce questioning over his telling News of The World reporter Beasley about the Peter Couch transfer ...

           Harry had told the reporter.. tape recordings produced to the Court...

   " The money was paid to me by Milan as a bonus for selling Peter Crouch."

         Harry told the Southwark Count Court ..

  " I lied to Mr Beasley. I wanted him to go away."

As Mr. Black puts it this is compelling evidence of Harry Redknapp's guilt.

A fascinating encounter and one unless you have been sitting in Court 6 at Southwark ,one hard to judge yourself.

 Still that's left to the 4 women and 8 men doing jury duty on Harry's case.

Our pub hope Harry has not scored a spectacular own goal. As well we remain entirely convinced in the qualities of defence Counsel John Kelsey-Fry QC. But what of the opposition ...


John Black QC for the Prosecution.

Certainly has the name for practising on the dark side. To us common folk that is the side of the Crown against the rest of us.

Called to silk in 1975 means he is a very experienced lawyer. As well his CV and critiques reveal him dealing in heavyweight criminal matters with varying degrees of success.

The good news says our pub is his thus far lack of spectacular successes in defending those not on the dark side. Quite unlike our James Bond representing Harry.

Mind despite the spectacular goal scoring ability of one John Kelsey-Fry QC he, the aptly named John Black QC, remains a redoubtable opponent. Probably, almost certainly why he got the job regards Harry.

News on his outdoor interests are hard to come by. A Surrey resident it seems. Otherwise whether he joins Harry and Mr. Kelsey-Fry in the sport of kings at Ascot and others is not readily availble. Hopefully he doesn't just stay at home and prepare law cases against allegedly clueless Football club managers who have no idea about investment , tax and that kind of thing.

Our pub initially thought that Mr. Mandaric, co-defendant, may have muddied the waters so as to blacken our Harry's name. But no seems to have been largely driven snow or as white as so far. The big concern here is has Harry's propensity for saying too much again led to an own goal. Much to talk about here ...


 At A Kent Pub.


Mine Host says there is life after Harry even if the verdict on Wednesday is not to our liking.

Talking of verdicts , Louis Suarez returns for our big game at Liverpool Monday night. Probably on the bench which is good news. A far more potent stirker than the ex Newcastle lump. The longer Louis is off the better for us.

Our lawyer reckons if we have Ade, Van, Ledley together with the normal crew, then an away win is realistic.Even without Defoe and Lennon surely if our 2012 Title propects( sounds great doesn't it) turn up with the right attitude then a win over Pool is likely.

Before we go those interesting birthdays. For the older brigade... Frank Muir, writer, 92 years ...David Sullivan, soft porn and football apparently, 63 years, maybe porn is not that bad for you although  owning West Ham is ...

Spurs have a big 4 weeks coming up ... we have not been this close to a title for a while ...Lets hope Monday night  turns out the start of an amazing Febuary.

By the by one last birthday. Charlotte Rampling, a very cool lady, birthday today ... her best known film ..
 'The  Verdict'


Cheers ... Good Luck Harry at Liverpool and Southwark ... Greg Meyer      coys.

Video spot.
Features Ryan Nelson doing some work with a cancer charity for kids in New Zealand. He will fit in well at Spurs who have stressed the importance in recent years of getting involved with the local community

Thursday, 2 February 2012

'You can't always get what you want'

'You can't always get what you want
.But if you try sometimes.. you get what you need.'

The JimmyG2 Column

 Harry has sought advice from Mick Jagger to soothe the ruffled feathers of Spurs fans pining for 'Marquee' signings. The words above proved prophetic when Gallas came in and more recently with the arrival of Friedel and Parker which made even this Spurs diehard eat his words.

On Tuesday a good night all round with a stroll in the park against bottom side Wigan which went more or less according to plan. Modric and Parker returned to form; Sandro put in a brief appearance; Bale ran riot and Cameron Lancaster, one of our young Academy boys, came on as substitute for the injured Adebayor towards the end. Kranjcar made a rare start and had some nice touches early on but ran out of steam after half time.

With Harry in court all day and the transfer window ending just after the match it must have been quite frenetic on the bridge of the Good Ship Hotspur. We went 2-0 up around half an hour just in time to settle the anxieties of the fans and might have been a couple up before that as Kaboul had one header well saved by Al Habsi and another kicked off the line, both from corners.

That should tell you how poor the Wigan defence was. Bale scored a beauty with a neat volley from a long diagonal pass into the six yard box by Luka who then scored himself after a fortunate rebound. The crowd was not content though as Spurs dropped off and moved the ball increasingly slowly. Benny found plenty of space but his final ball was poor and he was fortunate not to be sent off for a late challenge on Di Santo although it didn't look so bad in real time.

Kaboul and Ledley sauntered about with little to worry them and Ledley and Benny had quite a nice little passing game going between themselves throughout the game. Friedel was beaten by a shot that looped up over his head off Parker but they might easily have had another as we ran the clock down.

We didn't just take our foot off the pedal but unscrewed it and chucked it out of the window and nearly suffered the consequences. However it was clear that we could have found another gear, or even another accelerator, if we really had to. On the injury front Van Der Vaart and Walker who were substituted have both tweeted that they are fine but no news yet on Ade.

New boy Lancaster looked OK and was well received by the crowd. After the initial puzzled inquiries around the ground of  'Cameron who?' With a little more composure he might have scored as he followed up another save by Al Habsi from Bale but the angle was too narrow. At least he was on the spot to make the attempt.

Other results went our way again; Swansea almost beating Chelsea who scored a fortunate equaliser in injury time and City dropping 3 points at Everton. Anything can happen in the last 15 games and almost certainly will. We are 5 points off the leaders and 7 points ahead of Chelsea. As I write, Arsenal are failing to beat Bolton and go 12 points behind us, not that it matters of course.

The transfer window came and went with our usual hyperactivity on the last day. The big tent manufacturers were out of luck once again but we did get a flysheet and some new tent pegs as back up for our existing equipment. Let's hope it sees out the season.

Nothing exciting then, we hear you Mr Jagger, but some good housekeeping although the average age of the squad seems to be rising alarmingly. When does 'experienced' tip over into 'past it'. If we can get through to the end of the season in third we might start to attract the 'up and coming' rather than 'down and going'.

Our net spend was roughly zero which will delight the number jugglers in the back office.

Transfer stuff

Piennar has returned to Everton on loan to almost everyone's satisfaction and this might lead to more game time for Kranjcar and even Dos Santos who I believe is still with us; Saha (33) has come the other way to replace Pavlyuchenko who has returned to the land that understands him without an interpreter and Louis Lawrent Saha may or may not prove to be an upgrade. I know, ' He couldn't be worse'. We will see. Corluka virtually the last of our collection of spare right backs has gone on loan to Bayern Leverkusen.

Ryan Nelsen the 'experienced' New Zealand international (34) has come in from Blackburn for Bassong who has been loaned to Wolves. Both Saha and Nelson have had their injury problems and their best days are probably behind them. Gallas according to Harry is a long term injury so something needed to be done.

Away days in Southwark.
Harry has taken the stand and is certainly keeping them amused. Whether that will sway the jury I'm not too sure. Harry even tried the Al Pacino line from 'Taxi Driver' when he confronted a detective in court with' You lookin' at me?'
'The double act of Mandaric and Harry seem to be trying to confuse the jury with their conflicting stories and it might just work. Summing up is on Monday hopefully ending in time for Harry to get up to Anfield. Verdict possible on Tuesday.

I bet that there won't be as many laughs at John Terry's trial in July.

Cameron Lancaster (20) From the Official Site profiles.
Born in Camden and raised in Muswell Hill. His career has been affected by injury (2008) Joined Academy in 2009/10. Impressed in the development squad 2010/11. On loan at Daggenham and Redbridge 2011. And the rest, we hope, will be history.

Next up Liverpool  (Monday.)
Suarez is back if he can displace Caroll after the goal fest he's been on during his suspension. Liverpool are in good form at the moment and will want revenge for the drubbing we gave them at WHL. But if we want to finish third this is a game we mustn't and shouldn't lose. We might even win it but I'm backing a cautious 1-1

Video spot.
Some  quality goals from Saha in his younger days. If he can recapture some of this and keep fit then all that money will have been well spent.