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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

American warning to Spurs on Naming Rights.

How about 'Arthur Daley's Lock-up
 at New White Hart Lane?'
The Greg Meyer Column.
 Tuesday  28 July 2015 … Our English Pin Up Turns 22 Today.

A Postcard From Colorado.

This column is brought to you from sunny downtown Denver where it is a balmy 28 degrees Celsius. Our chosen watering hole happens to be the Three Lions Pub billed as a British Football pub. On tap a variety of Fullers products and others besides. Currently a glass of Fullers London Pride in hand.

 A big Monday night by Spurs supporters from all over went down fantastically . Tonight Ledley King and Brad Friedel turn up at the Blake Tavern. A body could become alcoholic with all these important meetings.

 Whilst here there has been no shortage of well meant football advice from our American cousins. As well they have passed on some not so football advice when touring the US.

Survival Tips in the USA.

America. The land of the free , home of the free, as well it seems free licence to pop round to your local takeaway gun shop, free to then attend church in Carolina , the cinema in Louisiana , perhaps just a school.

You name it and there is some chance you might be caught in the crossfire. So thank you to our new found friends for passing on a few of the necessary etiquette.

Tip One.
Don’t ever wind your window down if stopped by a police officer, Texas Ranger and the like. Converse by universal sign  language. Hold up your English passport. A little like at sea. Don’t leave the sinking boat until the very last.

Tip Two.
Always check your Hire care documentation to ensure the car is fitted with bullet proof window all round.

Tip Three.
 Following on from two always ensure the latest in tamper free automatic door/window locking is fitted and in working condition.

Tip Four.
Always make sure that the indicators are working and religiously follow correct operation thereof. I mean this is not like downtown Madrid. There the operation of indicators by the locals is largely banned or at best totally ignored.

A friend relocated from our pub has advised the reason. Seems most cars are only fitted with “ the basics “… no indicators. Perhaps the local customs mean it is unnecessary.

Unfortunately if you follow the same practice in America , particularly in Waller County Texas , then it can have tragic results. The jury of public opinion is still out on the Sandra Bland death.

 At first blush it seems Officer Brian Encinia was acting way above the conduct of a calm rational traffic cop. The investigation there continues. It leaves you shaking your head.

So be alert, try and avoid accepting any invites to swimming pool parties. Don’t turn up the radio too loud, especially if your name is Bernard.

America one of my favourite tourist destinations but as to living there … hmm. Of course how could you live anywhere but match day travel distance from White Hart Lane.

MLS All-Star v Tottenham Hotspur.

To be played at the curiously named Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. Not so curious when you learn Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc is a huge conglomerate featuring in the Fortune 500 in America.

For the All-Star the likes of Kaka, Gerrard, David Villa and our own (not Harry) Robbie Keane are to feature. Last year they did Bayern Munich. Should be a reasonable test .

Spurs have taken a strong squad apart from only the local hero up front. Hopefully Bobby and Ade will be gone by the time the boys get back to the Lane.

Our first glimpse of Tripper, Wimmer and Toby unpronounceable. The partnership between Verts and Toby will be carefully watched for signs of repairing the leaky boat that was last year. Of course just round the corner Real Madrid etc in Germany. All mouth watering stuff  here …

At A Denver Pub.

As mentioned earlier a goodly selection of ales and good grub too. These trips away are hard work.

You might remember last column we talked of the power of the envelope in football. Seems Louis Van Gaal  tries a similar ploy. This time its not envelopes but the suggestion of a “surprise signing”. Hints for Cristiano Ronaldo perhaps. Not likely says our publican.

Guess at our pub we are just jealous. After all a forward signing for Spurs this window would be a real surprise.

Cheers … signed sealed and delivered for some time … our birthday boy Harry Edward Kane    Greg Meyer.     coys.
 Jimmy's Video Spot.
Another Musings tip for the season ahead. Dele Alli. Has the skill and mentality to do it.
Let's hope he gets the chance. He's in the squad for the trip to the USA. Usual You Tube warnings. The new Lamela. Let's hope not.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sharks take Brendan Rogers.

 Come on in the water's lovely.

The Greg Meyer Column.

July 10  2015 … The Day Bradman Scored 309 … Don’t they Need Him Now.

Sharks Take Brendan Rodgers.

The man affectionately dubbed “Sharkface “ by Spurs fans is certainly at high risk. Sharks are circling presently just out of range. However the man who has overseen the spending of the Suarez money knows all about the physics of survival.

After all this is the man who famously brandished those envelopes in the Liverpool documentary “ Being Liverpool”. An old ploy previously used by Sir Alex Ferguson amongst others. The envelopes contained names of those Rodgers predicted would not last at Liverpool.

 If Andre Villas- Boas had done the same trick then we know who would have been in the first envelope. Yes you Andre. More about those envelopes later.

After all this is the man who famously proclaimed … “ Liverpool will not do a Tottenham.” various media 30 July 2014.  Spurs received 86 million pounds for Bale and the magnificent seven signings thereafter have been far from overwhelming. Liverpool received 75 million for Suarez.

In came Lovren (20 m), Markovic (20m) , Moreno(12m)  ,  Origi,  Llana ( 25m) , Lambert (4m)  and Emre Can (10 m ). Oh and finally  Mario Balotelli for 16 million. Hmm. Again the magnificent seven plus one have not not been overwhelming successes.

 On respected calculations they have blown 104 million. Indeed even with their enormous spend Liverpool finished behind Spurs last season.

However undaunted Liverpool have continued spending this year. In comes James Milner, the Brazilian Firmino ( 22m) , Clyne, Ings and Bogdan. No worries about the fair play rules yet apparently. Perhaps the pending departure of Raheem Sterling will help balance the books.

Back to those sharks then. After the decline of last season then if results go against him early then the bookies have him a firm favourite for the sack. Liverpool just like Spurs have found it nigh on impossible to replace a superstar.

Despite his boastful protestations on 30 July last year Coach Rodgers is walking an ever narrowing plank. All good news from a Spurs perspective. If Liverpool continue to implode then a now Gerrardless Pool is a positive.

So What About Those Envelopes Then …

First out of the white missives so dramatically brandished by our Brendan was someone uncomfortably close to home. Mrs Susan Rodgers and her partner of some 24 years parted ways. Liverpool fans were a little cheeky with headlines such as  “Has Rodgers been rodgering someone behind Mrs Rodgers back”. Never surely.

Envelopes two and three contained dismissal notices for his 2 long and faithful lieutenants Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh. Perhaps the newly arrived Gary McAlistair may settle matters a little.

 The final envelope remains unopened. Surely the said envelope should be locked away in a time capsule, never to be opened . Yes those bookies might be right.

The name Brendan Rogers is odds on to appear next if he stumbles early. Perhaps those sharks are not so dumb after all. Meanwhile …

At A Kent Pub.

                           Located in the leafy glades of Kent ,  a meeting place for those who enjoy and sometimes suffer the daily exploits of the world’s greatest football club … biased … never.

Toby (However you say it )  is a potentially great signing. At least the risk potential is somewhat lessened having shown his considerable wares in the Premier last season.

 Our lawyer here does like his abilities on the ball and whilst he is booked in for Centre Back, his versatility in defensive midfield is a possibility to say the least.

 Looks great on his You Tube CV. But then so did a certain Argentinian winger.

Certainly a positive so far that we are actually disposing of deadwood. Surely our old mate Tim at Villa can take Andros. Then you never know we may just be able to sign an effective and pacey forward. The second coming of Harry Kane is not guaranteed.

Hardly spending like “Sharkface”, there’s that affectionate moniker again, but still time and of course the other big, big news was all about our new digs. Certainly warms the “cockerals of one’s heart”, news like that.

Cheers … perhaps we are a big club with a new shiny big stadium on the way … Greg Meyer.      coys.

Jimmy's Video Spot: Toby Alderweireld.

Pleaty is sure gonna have fun with this one. Ajax Friends Re-united  which is not a bad kind of get together. Premiership ready International. Another Belgian, the new Brazil apparently. What's not to like?

Right age, right height (26 and 6' 2") Can play Centre Half and right back and could also fill in at defensive mid by the looks of this.

This You Tube video comes with the usual warnings. My Scottish Granny got a trial at Rangers on the strength of hers. She was 64 at the time.