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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Spurs Plans Taking Shape.

Right let's rake through this lot.
The JimmyG2 Column.
OK it's that *Haruspication* moment, the examination of the entrails, to reveal the past present and future. We lost the Final in somewhat bizarre fashion even for Spurs but as we got there in similar style we can't really complain.

20 seconds in and we conceded a penalty that changed the game plan for both sides. 20 seconds! It certainly hit Moussa's hand but deliberate? Probably not. I've seen 'em not given especially in the opening minute.

We could and should have equalised before they scored their second as we pressed later, or better still equalised before they scored as Danny Blanchflower once advised.

Alison was the busier keeper and Moura, Dele, Eriksen and Son might all have evened it up. But History records that we didn't.

Overall it was a poor game with misplaced passes and lack of control by both teams. They abandoned their pressing game and fast breaks for a much more defensive posture with long balls down the flanks their main weapon.

We were challenged to come out and play and though we came out we didn't successfully play. There were some nice moments especially as the second half progressed but we never quite got the ball under control and final passes were often poor.

The entrails reveal the answers to the  key questions of the day: should Harry Kane have started? Probably not or should have been subbed for Moura much sooner. Not that it was ever a topic for debate. We all knew he would  and he did his best but contributed only sporadically.

Was it a penalty? Taking everything into account it probably was and we would have been incandescent if it was the other way round and not given. Thank you entrails.

Son threatened at times but didn't deliver; Dele was largely peripheral and cut a dejected figure out on the wide left. Eriksen beavered away increasingly but failed to ruffle the Liverpool back four with much  incisivicity.

Harry Winks justified his selection and unless feeling the strain I have no idea why he was subbed. Consistently sharp, positive and as effective as any other. I made him the Spurs MOM.

Congratulations to Kopp and Liverpool and perhaps we can lose one: win one next year as Liverpool did. They almost chased City down for the title. On the day they didn't deserve to win but overall it's a fitting end to their season.

As Harry Winks said: 'Spurs could learn from Liverpool’s experiences when they bounced back so well to win the Champions League having lost last year’s final against Real Madrid in Kiev'.

On my end of 'term' Bucket List a Champions' League Final appearance, didn't even feature. We are well ahead of the curve and if Pochettino stays, which I feel sure he will,the next five years could be just as exciting as the last.

So what do the entrails reveal of the present and future? Firstly that we should  'Keep calm and carry on'. Despite all the dire predictions, the present policy of favouring youth and our own and building a cohesive squad has paid dividends.

To abandon this now would be an unnecessary knee jerk. Never change Horses, Managers, and Projects in midstream as the age old sages warn. Buy 'em young and train 'em up the Mauricio and Tottenham way.

Hugo agrees: 'we now cannot throw everything in the bin after a Champions League final defeat'

Splurging the money resulting from the famed Annual Bonfire of the Dead Wood is not a viable option.. Firstly this annual event always gets rained on. The fire barely lit splutters and dies.

Remember this lot? The result of the last splurge with the Bale money.

 Remember this lot?
The Magnificent Seven

Paulinho,  £17m (Corinthians), Christian Eriksen (Ajax £11.5m), Roberto Soldado (Valencia £26m), Nacer Chadli (FC Twente £6m), Etienne Capoue (Toulouse £8.6m), Vlad Chiriches (Steaua Bucharest £8.5m) and Erik Lamela (Roma £30m).

All but two have moved on and to be fair some have made a success elsewhere. (Paulinho and Capoue certainly).

A cool 100 million, though we did get Christian who might well be worth what we paid for the whole job lot, and after 6 years of faithful service too. Lamela almost justified his record money signing but injuries have severely restricted his career and value.

So the Magnificent One and a Half then. New players sometimes take time to settle especially if new to the Premiership. Moura and Sissoko have taken a couple of years to come good. So keeping calm is (are) my watchword(s).

My plan. Pay the money and keep Eriksen and Toby; buy all or some of the talented youngsters around: Wan Bassaka, Sessegnon, Brookes, Maddison, Tielemans, make your own list. Sell two or three peripherals (Trippier, Davies,Aurier, Dier make another list of your own) to offset the cost.

A wholesale clear-out and buy in would be detrimental to the close knit club solidarity and trust which has served us well and an insult to the achievements and advances already made.

Stadium receipts and Champions' League money will further offset the costs. Maintain our current plans and of course the Main Man. Spend thriftily not because we risk destabilizing the club financially but because wild spending will destabilize the squad.

It's all in the entrails I tell you. *Consult your witch doctor*.

At The Match.
How was it for you?
We lost, Brothers and Sisters, and I was there. Not a great game, the early penalty was decisive, neither team played well but we had more chances, shots and possession.

I had a good seat with a face value of 450 Euros which normally you would pay a 100 Euros for. What a rip-off: not that I paid. Pre-match 'entertainment' was naff in the extreme though the 'firework, light show was good.

A hell of a lot of fuss involving dozens of assistants for a ten minute pre match display. Better to have let the fans have their head, voices and enthusiasm. Many had paid through the nose to get there and deserved better.

Not overly-impressed by the Stadium, very much concrete on concrete but good visibility all round. Easy access except the police kept several thousand of us penned up in the heat awaiting ticket and security checks.

Fan behavior in and around the stadium, Madrid and the Irish Rover pretty good; only one incident confirmed of 'unprovoked' police brutality and only one eye witness report of injury to an old Liverpool guy who fell down the stairs at the Irish Rover and had to be persuaded to go to hospital for stitches.

Pleased to be there for the occasion if not for the actual game and the result. Daughter Liz (Irish Rover) send greetings and thanks to all who booked or turned up there. ' Still can't sing, but well behaved as usual'. All are welcome back.

Time wasting by Liverpool from almost the start was a poor show by the CL winners. Not what I expected from them or anyone at this level. Only about an hour actually played. Street wise possibly but the referee should have taken action.

God these grapes are sour.

Jimmy's Video Spot.
Mauricio:Talented, honest, straight, calm, handsome, multilingual and supportive even in defeat. Much to admire A performance of dignity by the Manager although his face tells the story of the pain.

Key words: calm, reflect and bet clever as they say, build, we are in a different place. Please stay Mauricio you are the cornerstone of everything we have achieved and hope to achieve.

I have supported the Project whole-heartedly and spoken for many minutes on this topic without hesitation, repetition or deviation, well maybe not the middle one..